Game #9 Phoenix Mercury vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Recap(Quick Hits)

Danielle Robinson’s 15 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds were not enough to secure the win

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Well, the winning didn’t continue as the Silver Stars fell to the Mercury by a final score of 83-77.

This game was the game of runs and as many basketball watchers, fans, analysts, reporters know, whoever scores the most baskets wins the game. The Silver Stars were hot early and got off to a 26  to 18 start. Then the Mercury got hot and outscored the Stars 25-7. The Silver Stars came back and outscored the Mercury 23 – 10 in the 3rd. And in the final quarter, the Mercury got the last run and were able to get a win on the road. 

The Silver Stars are now below .500 at home (2-3) while the Mercury improved a game over .500 on the road (3-2)

Brittney Griner was the player of the game. She was everywhere. Her first pro game in which she had an impact on the game and in the final score. She had a career high 26 points, 6 rebounds and 5 blocks. This was also a homecoming for Brittney as she was back in Texas for the first time since March.

Diana Taurasi was held in check and really, despite her near triple double wasn’t as effective

Danielle Robinson continues to be the Silver Stars best and most consistent player, even with veterans Jia and Shameka Christon. She was simply outstanding and the Silver Stars would be lost without her if she didn’t play this season

Nice to see a big crowd at the AT&T Center. Especially on ESPN2. And I’m glad it was a good game for basketball fans

This was the first of 5 match ups. The Silver Stars next game is on June 30th against the red hot Atlanta Dream (8-1). 

– BLOGGER’S NOTE – This is also my last post before I go on vacation. I shall be back July 2nd. Have a great week!

Game #9 Phoenix Mercury vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Day Preview

It’s game day for the Silver Stars as they take on the new and improved Phoenix Mercury.  The Silver Stars and Phoenix Mercury are coming off wins and the Silver Stars are one win behind the Mercury so this match up is important to the Silver Stars. This is also the 1st of 5 game series between both teams. This game will also be on national television(ESPN2) and it is the Silver Stars only appearance this season. This will be Phoenix 3rd national TV appearance.  The Silver Stars are .500 (2-2) at home this season, while the Mercury are also .500 (2-2) on the road so far this season.

The official game preview for tonight’s game.

The Phoenix Mercury’s beat writer Ben York discusses the keys to the game against the Silver Stars


1. Defending Diana Taurasi. Diana is averaging around 24.6 ppg this season, and last week she averaged nearly 30 points. While it might be difficult to stop Diana from scoring, the Silver Stars will need to make her work on getting her shots and making it difficult for her to get going. If the Silver Stars can stop her from doing just that, it increases their chances of winning the game.

2. The Silver Stars X Factor. The Silver Stars need someone other than Danielle Adams, Jia Perkins, Danielle Robinson, Shenise Johnson to step up. Last game, it was Delisha Milton Jones who had 15 points. The Stars will need more scoring from another player in order to keep pace with the Mercury

3. Get Brittney Griner in foul trouble. This might be a little easier said than done. Jayne Appel is listed day to day, and if she does play, her job has to be keeping Griner in check, as Brittney has rounded into form the last couple of games for the Mercury and will be eager to play well in front of her home town fans (I’m sure plenty of Baylor fans will be there as will as her parents)


PG – Danielle Robinson

SG – Jia Perkins

SF – Shameka Christon

PF – Delisha Milton Jones

C – Danielle Adams (Jayne Appel if she can play)


G – Brianna Gilbreath

G – Diana Taurasi

G / F – Dewanna Bonner

F – Candice Dupree

C – Brittney Griner

The game will be at the AT&T Center at 7 pm local time, 8 pm EST and 5 pm PST. It will be on ESPN2 and it will be blacked out on Live Access.

Game #8 – San Antonio Silver Stars vs New York Liberty Game Recap


Delisha Milton Jones was one of 4 double figure scorers for the Silver Stars in their one point victory

Photo courtesy of Nathaniel S. Butler (NBAE/Getty Images)

This game was nuts. There are no words to describe the game that was played. It was for the most part, a very boring afternoon affair until the OT period happened. And then, some how, some way the Silver Stars ended up with a win and left NJ for the last time.

The official game story is actually written very nicely and has some great post game quotes from both teams. Click here to read it.

The game story written by me is written below.


Newark (June 23, 2013)

The Silver Stars and the New York Liberty meet with both teams going in different directions. San Antonio was win less in their three road games and the Liberty were perfect at home in 4 games played at the Prudential Center. But, it was the San Antonio Silver Stars who came away victorious. The Silver Stars were still without Jayne Appel, who is listed as day to day.  The Silver Stars struck early and were up 15-4 before the New York Liberty came storming back and the Silver Stars were able to hang out in front and were ahead of the first quarter by seven points 25 – 18. In the second quarter,  the Silver Stars struggled offensively but the Liberty were not much better and the Silver Stars had a 2 point lead at half time 34-32. In the third quarter,  both teams still struggled but there was not much separation from either team as the Stars still stayed in front 49 – 48. In the fourth quarter, both teams were able to score but the Silver Stars were able to pull away with their biggest lead at 63- 55 before the New York Liberty came back thanks in part to Leilani Mitchell and Plenette Pierson. From there out, both teams exchanged the final dagger in the last 2 minutes, however neither were able to pull it out and the game went into overtime. The overtime period resulted in both teams making plays, but just like in the fourth quarter,  they couldn’t pull away. In the final 36 seconds, neither team took a timeout and Shenise Johnson  put the Silver Stars ahead for good as the Liberty couldn’t get the shot that they wanted, nor did any shot off their rebounds went in. The Silver Stars won the game by a final score of 78-77.  Danielle Robinson was the Silver Stars leading scorer with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. The Liberty were lead by Cappie Pondexter who finished with 21 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists.


– Danielle Robinson continues to play well in her third season. She has really progressed from her last two seasons and looks primed and ready to be the Silver Stars future point guard

– That was one heck of an OT period. I could barely understand it, as LiveAccess is 2-3 minutes behind the official box score, so I had to literally look at the box score to see what was happening, and then watch it on LiveAccess. That was brutal, especially in a game like this where you have no clue who will win the game.

– The Silver Stars, for the most part, defended Cappie well. Cappie missed some easy shots at the rim, but the Stars made sure to stay in front of her and made her take some bad shots. They also defended the last possession of the game as well as OT nicely and never gave Cappie much room to operate

– The Silver Stars couldn’t defend the interior  pick and roll as Plenette Pierson was able to make them pay.

– The Danielle Adams vs Kelsey Bone matchup was fun to watch. Neither really was able to make one another pay, such as Danielle would score, then Kelsey would score, or Danielle would get a TO, so would Kelsey etc.

– Despite shooting 38.5 from the field, 25% from three, and getting out rebounded the Silver Stars WON. They also shot 42% from the line. This is one of those wins, where you just don’t understand how they won, but still did.

Becky Hammon was quoted in the AP game recap in which she said still had about 10 more days to go before she could come back. Also, Becky was at the game

– Despite  being re inserted in the lineup, Shameka struggled again.

– It was nice to see Delisha Milton Jones being rewarded for working hard and trying her best to help Silver Stars win games with a stat line of 15 points and 5 rebounds.

– If Leilani Mitchell didn’t play this game, this game wouldn’t have been close. She was the one, along with Plennette who was able to either score, assist which made Cappie’s life a whole lot easier to score than to lead the offense.

– The Silver Stars improve to 3-5 on the season and their next game is on Tuesday against the Phoenix Mercury which will also be a nationally televised game. YAY for ESPN2. It’s also the Stars only appearance.

Game #8 – San Antonio Silver Stars vs New York Liberty Game Day Preview

It`s Silver Stars game day as they face one of three undefeated teams in the East, the New York Liberty. The Liberty are 4-0 at home this season, and the Silver Stars will try to end their win less road streak by a win this afternoon. This is the first of two meetings between the two teams. It is not clear if Jayne Appel will play, so the Silver Stars will have to try to get their first road win with those who are available.

The official game day preview courtesy of AP —

A fellow blogger`s take on Silver Stars game preview —

The Silver Stars will need contributions from everyone as they attempt to steal a road game. The Liberty are also looking for a third straight win despite being without one of their best players in Essence Carson. Cappie Pondexter`s scoring is down this season, but she is averaging around 3.5 assists a game. 

Here are the keys to the game 

1. Make Cappie just a scorer – If San Antonio can defend and make Plennette Pierson, Leilani Mitchell, Katie Smith, Kelsey Bone, etc into non factors, it will force Cappie into becoming just a scorer which will take out the other options that NY has. It will also make defending Cappie a little easier for the Silver Stars.

2. Defend the paint. New York has alot of post options to pass the ball inside too, and if SA wants to win the game, they need to take away paint points from the likes of Plenette, Kara and Kelsey

3. NO X Factor. The Silver Stars need to make sure that sure that a player on New York doesn`t get hot and impact the game. Last game, it was Noelle Quinn who struggled before and had 12 points and 6 rebounds.

Possible Starting Lineups for the Silver Stars

PG – Danielle Robinson

SG – Jia Perkins

SF – Shenise Johnson

PF – Delisha Milton Jones

C – Danielle Adams (if Jayne Appel can`t go)

Possible Starting Lineups for the New York Liberty

PG – Kamiko Williams

SG – Cappie Pondexter

G – Katie Smith

PF – Plennette Pierson

F(c) – Kata Braxton

 I haven`t watched much of the Liberty this season, but they struggled early in the season while they were getting used to one another. That is not the case anymore.

The game will be on MSG + and on LiveAccess. It will tip off shortly at 3 pm EST, 2 pm local time and 12 pm PST. 

This is also the last time that the Silver Stars will play in Newark, New Jersey as next season the Liberty head back to Madison Square Garden after a 4 season hiatus.

Becky Hammon MIGHT make the trip. This is not yet confirmed.


Game #7 – Seattle Storm vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Recap

Danielle Adams tries to score over Camille Little`s outstretched hands.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Clark Evans (NBAE & Getty Images)

The San Antonio Silver Stars lost again for the fourth time this season. This time it was against the visiting Seattle Storm. Jayne Appel was out for the second straight game and is listed day to day. 

The official game day recap with highlights, post game video and photos. Check it out.


San Antonio

June 21, 2013

The San Antonio Silver Stars came back from their road trip win less and were looking to do a complete turn around at home. After only failing to score 48 points in their last game, the Stars looked to make a change in their starting lineup. Shameka Christon who was struggling shooting from the field in the first six games came off the bench in favour of Shenise Johnson who was off to a hot start in her second season in the league. It worked in this game as Shameka Christon finished the game with a season high 19 points. The first quarter saw San Antonio trying to adjust to their new lineup and struggled while doing so which lead to Seattle having the lead. In the second quarter, the Silver Stars were able to adjust and kept the game close with Seattle having a 3 point lead at half time. In the third quarter, the Silver Stars got off to a hot start, and the Storm were able to match the Stars. It was see saw basketball until the late 4th quarter when the Storm were able to take a lead and held on to win the game 91-86. Tina Thompson, for the second straight game had 21 points and was 4-6 from long distance. Camille Little, who the San Antonio Silver Stars had no answer for was able to break free from defenders and finished with a game high 23 points and 10 rebounds. 

Tidbits from the game

– Jayne Appel`s defense was sorely missed as Camille Little was able to get into the paint and finish with layups and three point plays.

– Shameka Christon FINALLY broke through tonight with 19 points. She looked more aggressive and was 4-9 from three.

– Danielle Robinson was also efficient as she struggled in the last two games. Seattle couldn`t defend her and she finished with 20 points on 9-12 shooting

– After out rebounding Seattle in the first half, Seattle out rebounded the Stars in the second half 30 – 28.

– Two key reasons why the Silver Stars did not win the game. I listed Tina Thompson as one of the players to defend and the Silver Stars failed to do it which led to her scoring 21 points. Another reason why the Silver Stars did not win the game was the three point line. Seattle shot 67% from three (6-9) which was one of the big reasons why they won the game.

– The Silver Stars last grasp of possibly extending the game didn`t come as the Stars looked to cut the deficit down to 2. Trailing 88-84 late in the game, Shameka Christon was clearly fouled by Temeka Johnson on what was  a clear path foul. The referees didn`t notice and therefore the Storm were able to win the game.

– The Silver Stars are now 2-5 on the season (2-2 at home and 0-3 on the road) and their next game is on Sunday where they go on the road to face the New York Liberty.

– There was a good crowd at the AT&T Center. The arena looked pretty full and it was nice to see the Silver Stars get support from San Antonio


Game #7 – Seattle Storm vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Day Preview

The Silver Stars are back at again, as they face the visiting Seattle Storm tonight at the AT&T Center. The Silver Stars are 2-4 on the season and will look to rebound against a very tough loss against the Sparks. The Seattle Storm are 3-3 on the season and will look to continue their winning streak against the San Antonio Silver Stars. The Silver Stars are still without Sophia Young and Becky Hammon just as the Seattle Storm are without Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson. This is the first of 5 matchups with 4 match ups coming in August.

The AP’s official game day preview of tonight’s game.

Possible Starting Lineups for the Seattle Storm

PG – Temeka Johnson

SG – Tanisha Wright

G – Noelle Quinn

F – Camille Little 

F – Tina Thompson

Starting Lineups for the San Antonio Silver Stars

PG – Danielle Robinson

SG – Jia Perkins

SF – Shameka Christon

PF – Delisha Milton Jones

C – Jayne Appel – *update – if Jayne is out, then Danielle Adams will start

– Keys to the Game

1. SCORE – I know this may seem obvious but scoring hasn’t been easy for the Silver Stars as they rank 11th out of 12 teams in scoring (69.7 points per game). They especially need to score as they only managed to score 48 points during the last game.

2. Defend the three point line – In Seattle’s last game against the Washington Mystics, Tina Thompson and Camille Little together shot 57% from long distance (8-14) If the Silver Stars want to win this game, they need to defend and make life difficult for both of them as well as their shooters.

3. Defend Tina Thompson. Tina Thompson despite her age, is still putting up big numbers and this season is averaging 15 points and 5 rebounds a game. Last game, she had 30 points. The Stars will need to defend her and make it difficult for her to get going, therefore increasing their chances of winning the game.

This game will be interesting. I pick the Silver Stars to win this game but by an undisclosed amount simply because it’s difficult to tell what will happen in the game.

– Update – The Silver Stars have signed Chante Black

 This game will be on Fox Sports Southwest, NBA TV and on Live Access. Tip off is set for 7 pm local time, 8 pm EST and 5 pm PST.

THE VERY LATE – Game #6 Los Angeles Sparks vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Recap

*NOTE – I’ve been very busy the past couple of days, and I never got the chance to write the game recap as the game ended roughly around 12:30 am EST on Saturday night. This game was the second game of a 4 game series between both teams. The Silver Stars won the first game and the Sparks took revenge and blew out the Silver Stars by a final score of 84 – 48. It was ugly. VERY ugly. And so therefore, this recap will be VERY short and simple. 


Los Angeles – June 14, 2013

The San Antonio SIlver Stars came into Los Angeles having lost both road games on their three day road trip and were looking for redemption against a team who they had beaten previously before. The Sparks on the other hand, were also looking to play a lot tougher than they did the previous night before against the Phoenix Mercury. The game started off with LA starting hot before the Silver Stars came back and made it a game which ended the first quarter with LA up 3 18 – 15. The Sparks and Silver Stars battled in the second quarter also but LA was able to pull away and have a seven point lead at half time. In the third quarter, the Sparks were just too much for the Silver Stars as the Sparks were able to get easy baskets in transition and the Silver Stars had a difficult time scoring. The third quarter was what LA needed to pull out the win and eventually won by a final score of 84-48. In the third quarter, Candace Parker of the LA Sparks had more total points than the entire Silver Stars team. The Silver Stars also were down to 8 players as Jayne Appel was sidelined due to concussion symptoms and were keeping her out for precautionary measures. The Silver Stars next game is a home game against the Seattle Storm on Friday, June 21.


– The LA Sparks got contributions from Nneka, Kristi and Marissa Coleman and hence Candace Parker didn’t need to have a big game for the Sparks to win

– Alana Beard played after being out for several games due to a hamstring injury

– Shameka Christon continues to struggle and I will point this out until she is able to have a good game. Her contributions are NEEDED as the Stars try to get into the playoffs.

– Danielle Adams and Shenise Johnson were the only two double figure scorers for the Stars. 

– Danielle Robinson struggled for the second straight game as LA defended her quite well – She is the Silver Stars engine, the Stars won’t win games without her being the leading point guard

– That was UGLY. I hope I never have to watch a blowout of that extreme again this season.