Game #18 New York Liberty vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Preview

The Silver Stars are in action on kids camp day as they take on the New York Liberty. This is also the last game before they go on the All Star break. Danielle Robinson is headed for the All Star Game as is New York guard Cappie Pondexter.  Both teams are under .500 and both are coming in off wins. The Liberty stole a road win in Indiana on Tuesday while the Silver Stars were able to grab a home win against the Connecticut Sun last Saturday. This game could help both teams as New York is currently in a playoff race with Indiana for the fourth seed and San Antonio is trying to avoid being at the bottom of the Western Conference. This is also the second of a two game series between the two teams. San Antonio was able to escape with a road win in the first game with a 78-77 road win. The Silver Stars are currently 3-5 at home.

Projected Starting Lineup for the New York Liberty

G – Cappie Pondexter

G – Katie Smith

F – Plennette Pierson

F – Toni Young

C – Kara Braxton

Projected Starting Lineup for the San Antonio Silver Stars

G – Danielle Robinson

G – Jia Perkins

F – Shenise Johnson

F/C – Danielle Adams

C – Jayne Appel


1. Defend Cappie Pondexter. Cappie was big in New York’s  latest win and in order for the Silver Stars to end on a winning note, they will need Danielle Robinson, Jia Perkins, Shenise Johnson to defend her as best as possible. They will need to keep her out of the lane, and keep her from scoring at will. They will need to make it tough for her to score.

2. Post Presence – Despite not being an All Star, Plennette Pierson is still a tough post player. Danielle Adams and Jayne Appel will also have to keep her from the paint and force her to shoot where she isn’t comfortable. Kelsey Bone is also a promising young rookie post so the Silver Stars will need to keep her from making an impact on the game.

3. The Danielle Factor – Both Danielle Robinson and Danielle Adams will have to step up and be the leaders if the Silver Stars want to win the game. Danielle Robinson will need to be aggressive, push the tempo and look for her own scoring. Danielle Adams will need to continue scoring but she will have to do more of it in the paint area like she was able to do last game.

The Silver Stars game will be on LiveAccess and will be at 11:30 am local time. It is an early tip, so expect screaming kids and drink lots of coffee!

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