Game #23 San Antonio Silver Stars vs Seattle Storm Game Day Preview

Guess whose back?  Yup I’m back after spending two lovely days celebrating family as well as Eid. I’m one lucky girl 🙂 In my absence, the Silver Stars have won their first game in Seattle quite easily which was surprising considering they haven’t won in Seattle for a while now. The second game starts tonight and the third game in the series is going to be pivotal for the Silver Stars if they want a shot of making the playoffs. It’s hard to believe that with a 8-14 record that the Stars are within a couple of games of making the playoffs. It goes to show how weak the West really is after LA and Minnesota.  The Silver Stars will try to win just its 3rd road game and it’s second game over Seattle. The Stars are 3-8 on the road this season while Seattle is 4-5 at home.


PG – Danielle Robinson

SG – Jia Perkins

SF – Shenise Johnson

F/C – Danielle Adams

C – Jayne Appel


PG – Temeka Johnson

SG – Tanisha Wright

F/G – Shekinna Stricklen

F – Camille Little

F – Tina Thompson


Catherine Kraayeveld needs 4 rebounds to reach the 1000 rebound mark. She would be the 69th player in league history to reach the milestone.

Danielle Adams needs 15 points tonight to reach the 1000 point mark. She would be the 158th player in league history to reach the milestone


1. Defend Tina Thompson – Tina Thompson is having a renaissance year this season with the Storm. Despite this being her last year Tina is playing well and is the Storm’s best offensive option. If the Stars can control Tina’s output like they did last game they will win their second game in Seattle.

2. NO X Factor – Eliminate another option – The Silver Stars need to make sure that no one from the bench has a great game or is able to play well. If the Stars do that they win the game.

3. Repeat, Repeat – Do the same thing that happened on Friday – The Silver Stars have to do everything they did on Friday and use it for tonight’s match up. It’s not going to be as easy as it was on Friday so they need to make sure they control the boards, defend the three and get to the FT line. Seattle will be desperate to play well so the Stars will need to match their intensity.

The game will be at 6 pm local time, 7 pm San Antonio time, and 9 pm Eastern time. The game will be on LiveAccess

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