Game #23 San Antonio Silver Stars vs Seattle Storm Game Day Recap

News Photo: Temeka Johnson of the Seattle Storm goes to…
Temeka Johnson drives to the basket against Jayne Appel. The Storm won 69-63 at Key Arena in Seattle

The San Antonio Silver Stars lose to the Seattle Storm and are now 2 games back from Seattle for fourth place in the Western Conference. The Silver Stars drop to 8-15 while Seattle improves to 10-12. Seattle is now .500 at home while the Silver Stars are 3-9 on the road.  Jia Perkins had 19 points for San Antonio. My game recap is below along with notes and observations from watching the game on Live Access.


SEATTLE – August 11th 2013

San Antonio had just won convincingly against the Seattle Storm on Friday and were looking to do the same on Sunday evening. However, Seattle had other plans.  From the beginning, Seattle was the aggressor and fought for rebounds and found ways to score in their transition game. Seattle was also able to get the ball to its main scorer in Tina Thompson and Camille Little were able to find ways to score and be effective in the first half. Tanisha Wright also got involved as well. Seattle led 41-26 at half time. In the third quarter, San Antonio started to pick up their defense and forced turnovers and missed shots by Seattle. They were never able to get close as Seattle was able to keep them at bay and led by 11 going into the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, Seattle started to get away from what worked for them in the first 3 quarters and San Antonio picked up the pace defensively and offensively. Jia Perkins was able to knock down some shots and Kayla Alexander had a great 5 minute stretch in the fourth quarter in which she had 5 points and 4 rebounds. She was able to keep the Stars within distance but Tina Thompson was able to score every single time the Storm needed a basket. Jia Perkins was able to bring the Stars to within 4, but Seattle scored again thanks to Tina Thompson who led Seattle with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Tanisha Wright finished with 16 points.  Seattle is now 2-1 in the series and 1-1 on this home stand with San Antonio. Seattle will play San Antonio soon and will be on another home and home stand but this time it will be in San Antonio. The Stars don’t play again until Aug 17th when Phoenix comes into town.


  • – That was a scrappy game. Neither team was able to establish themselves offensively and Seattle was able to win because of timely baskets from Tina Thompson who is the Storm’s MVP for this season. 
  • Danielle Adams struggled in this series. It might be because of the match ups and it’s pretty rare to see her struggle like she did. I do suspect that she’ll be back and ready to go when SASS plays Phoenix next.
  • Tina Thompson is awesome. No, really she’s awesome. Every single time Seattle needed her, she was there. In fact, in games that Seattle has won, Tina has been or usually near the high scorer for that game. I would nominate her for Storm’s MVP and one of the leaders in the MVP race. She’s also 8 rebounds shy from 3000 rebounds which is remarkable. I mean, 7000 + points and 3000 rebounds? Pretty special player and very remarkable.
  • Jayne Appel had her best game as a pro. This is the game in which Stars fans were expecting when Dan Hughes drafted her 5th in the 2010 draft class. She had 11 points, 16 rebounds, SIX blocked shots, 3 assists and defensively as usually was great. She’s getting better and better every year and San Antonio finally has their center to play alongside Sophia Young. She’s also in my most improved player candidates along with Karima Christmas of Indiana and Jantel Lavender of Los Angeles.
  • Neither team shot well but Seattle won in FT’s and rebounds. 
  • Danielle Adams now is 3 points shy of 1000 points while Cathrine Kraayeveld is 3 rebounds shy from 1000 rebounds.
  • Jia Perkins had 5 steals and is one of the top 5 leaders in steals this season while Danielle Robinson had 6 assists despite poor shooting from SASS. Danielle still leads the league with 7 assists.


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