Game #32 – Tulsa Shock vs San Antonio Silver Stars Game Preview + Recap

Riquna Williams of the WNBA's Tulsa Shock
Riquna Williams had a historical game with a WNBA record of 51 points as the Shock defeated the Silver Stars 98-65 in San Antonio at the AT&T Center. Photo courtesy of Elaine Thompson/AP

It’s been nearly a week since they last played, but as I have stated in my previous post, I just didn’t have time this week to write the preview or recap. Heck, I didn’t watch this game as I was out doing some errands on my Sunday afternoon. This is also known as a historical game in terms of context because Riquana Williams had 51 points for the Shock! 51!  51 points is pretty ridiculous and it’s been difficult to do since Lauren Jackson last had 47 points back in 2007.  In terms of this game however, both teams weren’t in the playoffs so they weren’t playing for much unless you count lottery odds for the 2014 draft. I didn’t write a preview for this game, so I have combined my preview, along with my recap + notes and observations.


The Stars need a win badly as they host the Tulsa Shock who face similar problems as the Silver Stars. The Stars have now dropped their 2nd game in a row as well as the playoffs and a win would avoid being the worst team in the Western Conference. The Stars are 7-8 at home and have a 2-1 lead in the 4 game series with the Shock. The Shock are also without Liz Cambage who has left the team for Australia as she suffered a knee injury in the game against Phoenix.


1.  Be balanced offensively – The Stars had 3 players in double figures and 2 players near to double digits. They will need to do more of the same if they want to win this game.

2. Defend – Defend against one of the most unpredictable offenses in the WNBA. One night, the Shock look like playoff ready, the next night they look like a rebuilding team, etc. It will be a challenge and the San Antonio Silver Stars have to be ready to handle whatever Shock offense shows up.

3. No X Factor – Make sure no one from the Shock who doesn’t play well, does. Make sure that the Shock’s only player that plays well is Glory Johnson. The Stars have to make sure that they are able to rebound, and defend against any of the Shock’s non All Star players.

The game will tip off at 3:30 pm local time, 4:30 pm EST and 1:30 pm PST. The game will be on LiveAccess.  Now, that my preview is done, my game recap is written below, along with video of Riquna Williams historical 51 point game.


The Silver Stars are on the wrong side of history as second year guard Riquana Williams goes off for 51 points and the Stars lose to become the worst team in the Western Conference. They also lose their third straight game and the Shock even the season series 2-2. The Stars also fell to 7-9 at home this season.

As you can tell, from the video, she was ON FIRE. There was absolutely nothing the Silver Stars could do, although the last 14 points came in garbage time as Tulsa had effectively won the game at that point. 16 of her points came in the first half and 20 points in the third quarter.


The WNBA finally has a 50+ point performance in the WNBA. This will go a long way as the players get better and better every year. It took 7 seasons before it happened, so it’s a rare sight to see. She also did this without OT, which is pretty impressive. It’s always great to see players achieving milestones that haven’t been done before. It’s also great that it happened in San Antonio because the San Antonio announcer (Andrew Monaco) has had a pretty extensive play by play career for  both the Stars and the Spurs of the NBA. The Stars also have a better LiveAccess feed as they fixed their technical problems that they had earlier in the season. It was also nice that it was in San Antonio because the crowd were genuine and really wanted for her to get to the 50 point milestone. San Antonio fans who were there were really classy because it’s rare when you see the opposing team fans cheering for you.

On the flip side, San Antonio just couldn’t defend well enough and it turned into a game in which San Antonio was leading for the most part and up until the 3rd quarter had a game. But then the Shock went a run and the Stars could not respond. This season it seems that San Antonio always has a bad quarter which leads to them losing the game.

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