2023 WNBA Draft Version 1.0

aliyah boston of south carolina

Since releasing the 2021 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0, I’ve gotten to thinking about looking at future WNBA Mock Drafts just because there is is simply so much talent coming out these next few years. I released the 2022 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0 yesterday and now we move onto the year 2023.

These players are currently sophomores and have a year under their belt. There are many talented sophomores currently in college and some of them have started to play really well. Since they are just sophomores, they have a chance to keep growing and getting better.

I thought it would be fun to see right now just where certain players would be taken in a WNBA Draft. Obviously, since this draft will take place two years from now, we don’t know the draft order or what teams will be on the clock. Just like the 2022 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0, I plan on releasing an updated version next year so we can see which players fell or increased their stock. Since it is 2023, I will release another updated version in 2023 as well.

I will have the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft come out tomorrow and will conclude this fun WNBA Mock Draft exercise. I hope you enjoy these since the talent of these college players keep getting better every year.

2023 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0


  1. Aliyah Boston – South Carolina
  2. Haley Jones – Stanford
  3. Lavender Briggs – Florida
  4. Ashley Owusu – Maryland
  5. Diamond Miller – Maryland
  6. Nyara Sabally – Oregon
  7. Charisma Osborne – UCLA
  8. Francesca Belibi – Stanford
  9. Maddy Siegrist – Villanova
  10. Rickea Jackson – Mississippi State
  11. Elizabeth Kitley – Virginia Tech
  12. Jakia Brown-Turner – NC State


  1. Zia Cooke – South Carolina
  2. Dre’una Edwards – Kentucky
  3. Laeticia Amihere – South Carolina
  4. Samantha Brunelle – Notre Dame
  5. Ajha Blackwell – Missouri
  6. Taylor Jones – Oregon State
  7. Madison Greene – Ohio State
  8. Jordan Nixon – Texas A&M
  9. Jada Boyd – NC State
  10. Mackenzie Holmes – Indiana
  11. Jacy Sheldon – Ohio State
  12. Aubrey Griffin – Connecticut


  1. Haley Frank – Missouri
  2. McKenna Warnock – Iowa
  3. Kierstan Bell – FGCU
  4. Brynna Maxwell – Utah
  5. Shaylee Gonzales – BYU
  6. Elena Tsinke – South Florida
  7. Ayoka Lee – Kansas State
  8. Alyza Winston – Michigan State
  9. Sedona Prince – Oregon
  10. Koi Love – Vanderbilt
  11. Dyaisha Fair – Buffalo
  12. Katia Gallegos – UTEP


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