Women’s College Basketball Player Rankings – Week 7! *shortened version* – Class by Class!

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays and with that being said, it’s time for another weekly rankings update! This week was quite short as teams were off until Dec. 27th, and hence why this will be the last week that the rankings are shortened to top 20 seniors, the top 15 juniors, the top 10 sophomores and the top 5 freshmen.

*Note: *Before we jump into Week 7 rankings, I just thought I would clear some confusion regarding the rankings. These are weekly rankings, based on games played from the week before. These are NOT overall rankings. If a player’s team did not play that week or was injured, they will NOT be on the list that week. These player rankings were designed to see which players were consistently playing well, week to week. I am checking in and on around 52(!!!) schools each week to get a fair assessment on top players. There’s no bias in these rankings, so if your player is moved around, that just means another player had a better week against stronger competition, or was not the best player on their team during that week. I always check and give credit to players who perform well vs top 25 teams, top 10 teams, etc. I also look into the blowouts and assess the players fairly there as well. I hope this clears some confusion*

If you would like to check out the previous week, you can do so by clicking HERE. If you have any questions, please check out my FAQ page HERE.

Listed below are the top 20 seniors, the top 15 juniors, the top 10 sophomores and the top 5 freshmen for the week of December 19th to 23rd.


  1. Kelsey Plum – Washington
  2. Brionna Jones – Maryland
  3. Chantel Osahor – Washington
  4. Shatori Walker-Kimbrough – Maryland
  5. Sydney Wiese – Oregon State
  6. Alexis Peterson – Syracuse
  7. Nia Coffey – Northwestern
  8. Leticia Romero – Florida State
  9. Adrienne Motley – Miami
  10. Tori Jankoska – Michigan State
  11. Lanay Montgomery – West Virginia
  12. Kelsey Lang – Texas
  13. Ally Disterhoft – Iowa
  14. Ivey Slaughter – Florida State
  15. Mehryn Kraker – Green Bay
  16. Paige Crozon – Utah
  17. Brittney Sykes – Syracuse
  18. Brianna Day – Syracuse
  19. Sophie Brunner – Arizona State
  20. Kiara Kudron – Gonzaga


  1. A’ja Wilson – South Carolina
  2. Brianna Turner – Notre Dame
  3. Myisha Hines-Allen-Louisville
  4. Stephanie Mavunga – Ohio State
  5. Rebecca Greenwell – Duke
  6. Lexie Brown – Duke
  7. Victoria Vivians – Mississippi State
  8. Jordin Canada – UCLA
  9. Kelsey Mitchell – Ohio State
  10. Emily Potter – Utah
  11. Monique Billings – UCLA
  12. Tyra Buss – Indiana
  13. Jackie Kemph – Saint Louis
  14. Gabby Williams – Connecticut
  15. Kaylee Jensen – Oklahoma State


  1. Napheesa Collier – Connecticut
  2. Kristine Anigwe – California
  3. Katie Lou Samuelson – Connecticut
  4. Kitija Laksa – South Florida
  5. Chanette Hicks – Virginia Tech
  6. Marina Mabrey – Notre Dame
  7. Megan Gustafson – Iowa
  8. Hallie Thome – Michigan
  9. Jill Barta – Gonzaga
  10. Danni Williams – Texas A&M


  1. Kayla Overbeck – Vanderbilt
  2. Kysre Gondrezick – Michigan
  3. Tori McCoy – Ohio State
  4. Crystal Dangerfield – Connecticut
  5. Mikayla Pivec – Oregon State


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