2021 WNBA Free Agency – Speculation on where WNBA Free Agents will Go

Alysha Clark - Seattle Storm.

It’s WNBA Free Agency time! With still a week or so left before signings can be announced, I thought it would be a neat idea to speculate on where cored players and unrestricted free agents could end up this summer. I did this in 2020 (you can look back to see which ones I was right about and which ones I was very wrong about) and in 2019.

I did not include restricted free agents, reserved players and suspended “contract expired” players. For the full list and explanation of the types of free agents, Richard Cohen of Her Hoop Stats wrote all about in the Her Hoop Stats newsletter here.

Cored Players

Liz Cambage – Las Vegas – The Las Vegas Aces have a new owner and with so much uncertainty around the Olympics, I’m not sure exactly what Liz Cambage will want to do. I don’t think she wants to move and I do think she likes the Aces, but when it comes to the WNBA and Liz Cambage over the years, I think this is a wait and see what happens transaction. I just don’t know.

Natasha Howard – Seattle – I think that Natasha Howard re-signs with the Seattle Storm.

Nneka Ogwumike – Los Angeles – I am pretty sure Nneka will re-sign with the Los Angeles Sparks. There’s no way she would want to move out of Los Angeles with her sister being on the team and she’s made her home in LA.

Unrestricted Free Agents

Natalie Achonwa – Indiana – Natalie Achonwa may get some interest from other teams, but ultimately, I can see her re-signing back with the Indiana Fever. There’s just so much history there for her, going to Notre Dame for her college career and then being drafted by the Fever.

Kayla Alexander – Minnesota – She will most likely get offers from other teams, it’s just not known what team that could be at this time.

Seimone Augustus – Los Angeles – It is very weird to say the least to see Seimone’s name associated with the Sparks even after she moved teams last season. I can see Los Angeles offering another deal to Seimone, but ultimately it is her decision. I’m not sure where she will end up.

Alex Bentley – Alex Bentley is an interesting case. I think some teams will offer her a deal, but I don’t know which ones, exactly. I think she’s worth taking a one year deal with a team. She can still play and ultimately it will come down to a team that is willing to take the risk.

Sue Bird – Seattle – This is easily a no brainer. I think Sue Bird signs a one year deal and retires at the end of the season. Keep in mind, she turned 40 in October and with the uncertainty of the Olympics, Bird will will want to move on. She’s had a long career, she does not need to prove herself and she has a long list of accomplishments to look back on. Plus, she can now focus more on her ESPN analyst role/other projects.

Jessica Breland – Phoenix – I’m not too sure about Jessica Breland. I could see Phoenix giving her another deal, but she may want to move on. I’m not sure where she will end up.

Essence Carson – Connecticut – I think Essence Carson re-signs with Connecticut.

Tina Charles – Washington – Tina Charles will re-sign with Washington and I think Mike Thibault will give her a longer deal. I could see them signing her for 3 years.

Karima Christmas – Kelly – Karima Christmas-Kelly can still play and I can see her on a team, but it would have to be a team that has the cap space to sign her as her salary level is a bit higher than previously.

Alysha Clark – Seattle – Good luck to the Seattle Storm on this. Alysha Clark is going to get a ton of offers and good money too. They are going to have a hard time keeping her, so I can see her landing on another team, possibly to a team that will give her a higher salary.

Sydney Colson – Chicago – I think Sydney Colson re-signs with Chicago.

Jamierra Faulkner – Chicago – Jamierra Faulkner has retired.

Cierra Burdick – Las Vegas – I can see Cierra Burdick re-signing with Las Vegas.

Alaina Coates – Washington – I can see Alaina Coates re-signing with Washington.

Candice Dupree – Indiana – I strongly believe that Candice Dupree will re-sign with Indiana and it may be for three to four years because Dupree will turn 37 in August and so this will most likely be her final contract.

Chelsea Gray – Los Angeles – The Sparks should do everything they can to keep Chelsea Gray. She’s one of the best free agents out there and WNBA teams know it. I do think there’s a strong chance she will end up re-signing with the LA Sparks, but I would not be a bit surprised if she lands somewhere else.

Reshanda Gray – Los Angeles – I’m not sure where Reshanda Gray will sign. Most likely it will be Los Angeles, but I’m not too sure.

Tianna Hawkins – Washington – I strongly believe that Tianna Hawkins will re-sign with the Washington Mystics.

Bria Holmes – Connecticut – I strongly believe that Bria Holmes will re-sign with the Connecticut Sun.

Megan Huff – I don’t think she ends up on a WNBA team this summer. I could be wrong, however, but at this moment, I don’t see it.

Alisia Jenkins – Phoenix – I also don’t see her on a WNBA team this summer.

Glory Johnson – Atlanta – I think she re-signs with the Atlanta Dream.

Shenise Johnson – Minnesota – She will most likely end up on another team.

Alexis Jones – I think a WNBA team may pick her up, I’m just not sure which one yet, but I can see her on a WNBA team this summer.

Betnijah Laney – Atlanta – I think she re-signs with the Atlanta Dream.

Jantel Lavender – Indiana – I could see her getting some interest from other teams, but ultimately, I think she will re-sign with the Indiana Fever.

Kayla McBride – Las Vegas – Good luck to the Las Vegas organization with this free agent. Kayla McBridge is going to garner a lot of interest after Chelsea Gray and the Aces better come with some good money otherwise I could see Kayla McBridge going to another team.

Emma Meeseman – Washington – I strongly believe Emma Meeseman will re-sign with the Washington Mystics.

Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis – I think she will re-sign with the Connecticut Sun.

Candace Parker – Los Angeles – Candace Parker has built her entire home in LA, she has TV analysts roles and other projects going on that would suggest that she will re-sign with the Los Angeles Sparks.

Cheyenne Parker – Chicago – I think she will re-sign with the Chicago Sky.

Theresa Plaisance – Connecticut – I think that she will re-sign with the Connecticut Sun.

Aerial Powers – Washington – I think that she will re-sign with the Washington Mystics.

Epiphanny Prince – Seattle – I don’t know about this one. I could see her back again with Seattle or another team. I’m not sure.

Danielle Robinson – Las Vegas – I think she re-signs with Las Vegas.

Sugar Rodgers – Las Vegas – I think she re-signs with Las Vegas.

Kamiah Smalls – Indiana – I’m not sure where she will end up. She could be back with Indiana or not on a team at all this summer.

Carolyn Swords – Las Vegas – I think she will re-sign with the Las Vegas Aces.

Diana Taurasi – Phoenix – This is another no brainer. Diana Taurasi will re-sign with Phoenix and it may be for two years as Taurasi will turn 39 this summer. With the uncertainty of the Olympics, like Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi will also want to move on.

Alyssa Thomas – Connecticut – With Alyssa Thomas’s recent injury, the Sun may suspend her for this upcoming season and sign her next season to a longer deal. I don’t see Alyssa Thomas leaving the Connecticut Sun.

Jasmine Thomas – Connecticut – I think she will re-sign with the Connecticut Sun.

Kia Vaughn – Phoenix – I think there’s a 50% chance of her re-signing with Phoenix, but I could see another team snatching her up. I’m not sure.

Avery-Warley – Talbert – I think she lands on a team, but I don’t know which one.

Riquna Williams – Los Angeles Sparks – I think she may end up re-signing with the Sparks but there’s a chance she may go elsewhere.

Amanda Zahui B – I think she will re-sign with the New York Liberty.

2024 WNBA Draft Version 1.0

Caitlin Clark of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Since releasing WNBA Draft Version 1.0, I’ve gotten to thinking about future WNBA Mock Drafts as well. I asked my Twitter followers via a Twitter poll and a large majority of my Twitter followers agreed. So, here it is! I’ve released the 2022 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0 two days ago and the 2023 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0 yesterday. I conclude this WNBA Mock Draft exercise with the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft.

Currently, the players who are going to be involved in the 2024 WNBA Draft are freshmen. They have just started playing college basketball and in a season unlike any other with many cancellations and postponements. Some teams have also stopped playing altogether. But, this freshmen class is very good. Loaded actually. There are some potentially franchise altering stars in this class.

Since these players are just freshmen, they will grow and get better over the next three years. Since it is the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft, I will update this draft next year, then in 2023 and then in 2024 when their draft will take place. We will see which players increased their stock or fell to the bottom.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these future WNBA Mock Drafts. They are designed to help think about the WNBA’s future and to see the potential in these young college basketball players.

2024 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0


  1. Caitlin Clark – Iowa
  2. Paige Bueckers – Connecticut
  3. Hailey Van Lith – Louisville
  4. Olivia Cochran – Louisville
  5. Angel Reese – Maryland
  6. Cameron Brink – Stanford
  7. Kamilla Cardoso – Syracuse
  8. Deja Kelly – North Carolina
  9. Diamond Johnson – Rutgers
  10. Charlisse Leger -Walker – Washington State
  11. Maddy Westbeld – Notre Dame
  12. Lexi Fleming – Bowling Green


  1. Lexi Donarski – Iowa State
  2. Katie Scott – Grand Canyon
  3. JerKaila Jordan – Tulane
  4. Te-Hina Paopao – Oregon
  5. Emily Ryan – Iowa State
  6. Aaliyah Edwards – Connecticut
  7. Priscilla Williams – Syracuse
  8. Darrione Rogers – DePaul
  9. Jaddan Simmons – Arizona State
  10. Sydney Parrish – Oregon
  11. Gabby Elliot – Clemson
  12. Madison Scott – Ole Miss


  1. Sydney Gandy – Idaho
  2. Sammi Mikonwicz – Toledo
  3. Alexis Mark – Boise State
  4. Vanessa de Jesus – Duke
  5. D’Mya Tucker – North Carolina A&T
  6. Anya Poole – North Carolina
  7. Sasha Goforth – Oregon State
  8. Hannah Gusters – Baylor
  9. DeYona Gaston – Texas
  10. Tameiya Sadler – Washington
  11. Tuti Jones – Belmont
  12. Destinee Wells – Belmont

2023 WNBA Draft Version 1.0

aliyah boston of south carolina

Since releasing the 2021 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0, I’ve gotten to thinking about looking at future WNBA Mock Drafts just because there is is simply so much talent coming out these next few years. I released the 2022 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0 yesterday and now we move onto the year 2023.

These players are currently sophomores and have a year under their belt. There are many talented sophomores currently in college and some of them have started to play really well. Since they are just sophomores, they have a chance to keep growing and getting better.

I thought it would be fun to see right now just where certain players would be taken in a WNBA Draft. Obviously, since this draft will take place two years from now, we don’t know the draft order or what teams will be on the clock. Just like the 2022 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0, I plan on releasing an updated version next year so we can see which players fell or increased their stock. Since it is 2023, I will release another updated version in 2023 as well.

I will have the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft come out tomorrow and will conclude this fun WNBA Mock Draft exercise. I hope you enjoy these since the talent of these college players keep getting better every year.

2023 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0


  1. Aliyah Boston – South Carolina
  2. Haley Jones – Stanford
  3. Lavender Briggs – Florida
  4. Ashley Owusu – Maryland
  5. Diamond Miller – Maryland
  6. Nyara Sabally – Oregon
  7. Charisma Osborne – UCLA
  8. Francesca Belibi – Stanford
  9. Maddy Siegrist – Villanova
  10. Rickea Jackson – Mississippi State
  11. Elizabeth Kitley – Virginia Tech
  12. Jakia Brown-Turner – NC State


  1. Zia Cooke – South Carolina
  2. Dre’una Edwards – Kentucky
  3. Laeticia Amihere – South Carolina
  4. Samantha Brunelle – Notre Dame
  5. Ajha Blackwell – Missouri
  6. Taylor Jones – Oregon State
  7. Madison Greene – Ohio State
  8. Jordan Nixon – Texas A&M
  9. Jada Boyd – NC State
  10. Mackenzie Holmes – Indiana
  11. Jacy Sheldon – Ohio State
  12. Aubrey Griffin – Connecticut


  1. Haley Frank – Missouri
  2. McKenna Warnock – Iowa
  3. Kierstan Bell – FGCU
  4. Brynna Maxwell – Utah
  5. Shaylee Gonzales – BYU
  6. Elena Tsinke – South Florida
  7. Ayoka Lee – Kansas State
  8. Alyza Winston – Michigan State
  9. Sedona Prince – Oregon
  10. Koi Love – Vanderbilt
  11. Dyaisha Fair – Buffalo
  12. Katia Gallegos – UTEP

2022 WNBA Draft Version 1.0

Rhyne Howard - Kentucky.

Since I’ve released the 2021 WNBA Mock Draft, I’ve thought about releasing future WNBA Mock Drafts as well. There are just so many good and talented college as well as international players over the next few years, it’s hard not to think about them being on WNBA teams. So, I did a poll on Twitter and most of my Twitter followers said it was a good idea. So, here it is!

Keep in mind we have NO CLUE on who or what the draft order will look like, we don’t know who will be in this draft exactly so I will update this draft next year and link it to this one so we can see how certain players either updated their stock or fell to the bottom.

I will also have a 2023 WNBA Mock Draft that will come out on Monday, followed by the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy these mock drafts. It’s fun to see the future of the WNBA and it is in great hands. Now, we just need expansion!



  1. Rhyne Howard – Kentucky
  2. Jessika Carter – Mississippi State
  3. Naz Hillmon – Michigan
  4. Christyn Williams – Connecticut
  5. Ashley Joens – Iowa State
  6. NaLyssa Smith – Baylor
  7. Elissa Cunane – NC State
  8. Cate Reese – Arizona
  9. Rae Burrell – Tennessee
  10. Destanni Henderson – South Carolina
  11. Olivia Nelson-Ododa – Connecticut
  12. Dorka Juhasz


  1. Sam Haiby – Nebraska
  2. Evina Westbrook – Connecticut
  3. Grace Berger – Indiana
  4. Veronica Burton – Northwestern
  5. Nia Clouden – Michigan State
  6. Queen Egbo – Baylor
  7. Lexi Hull – Stanford
  8. Sonya Morris – DePaul
  9. Joanne-Allen-Taylor – Texas
  10. Dara Mabrey – Notre Dame
  11. Monika Czinano – Iowa
  12. Lexi Held – DePaul


  1. Morgan Jones – Florida State
  2. Kourtney Weber – Florida State
  3. Victaria Saxton – South Carolina
  4. Sydney Wood – Northwestern
  5. Lotta Maj Lahtinen – Georgia Tech
  6. Kianna Smith – Louisville
  7. Blair Green – Kentucky
  8. Myah Selland – South Dakota State
  9. Leigha Brown – Michigan
  10. Taya Hanson – Arizona State
  11. Kayana Traylor – Purdue
  12. Elizabeth Dixon – Louisville

2021 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0

Charli Collier - Texas women's basketball

It’s that time of year again! The WNBA Draft is in three months, which means it’s time to start releasing my version of the WNBA Mock Drafts. This draft class is not as deep or strong as last year’s class and some players may or may not change their mind about staying an extra year so there’s a layer of uncertainty surrounding the draft this year. It’s not as clear cut as it was in previous years. With a ton of cancellations/postponements in the women’s college basketball season, a lot of coaches/GM’s can’t evaluate players as well as they would like, so it shall be interesting on how they draft players this year.

I have put explanations for the top 5 picks and left the rest in ranking form. Keep in mind, I will have three more versions of this draft before a final WNBA Mock Draft that will come out one week before the actual draft. As always, I look forward to reading your comments / disagreements on my WNBA Mock Draft, so comment away and let me know what you think of my first version of the WNBA Mock Draft.



  1. New York Liberty – Charli Collier – Texas

The New York Liberty have the first pick for the second straight year after they selected Sabrina Ionescu with the first pick last year. For the first overall pick, teams should select the best player available regardless of position. This year, that player is Charli Collier from Texas. She’s got a ton of potential to be really great and a future star player. She will not be as pro ready as Sabrina Ionescu or some other former No. 1 overall picks, but she is, in my opinion, the best player to be taken overall and the Liberty should pick her.

2. Dallas Wings – Aari McDonald – Arizona

The Dallas Wings are loaded with so many talented young players and are a team on the rise. They’ve got promising young stars in Bella Alarie, Arike Ogunbowale, Satou Sabally, just to name a few. As the team that will pick second, it’s hard to ignore the talent of Aari McDonald and is just too hard to pass up. Aari McDonald is a great scorer and has become better every year and has helped Arizona reach top 10 in the AP rankings and put Arizona on the map. Aari McDonald won’t be asked for a lot as the Wings already have a loaded roster, but she can help the bench and give them a good guard off the bench. She may or may not get minutes right away, but is absolutely deserving of the second overall pick.

3. Atlanta Dream – Rennia Davis – Tennessee

The Atlanta Dream have a mix of a ton of great veteran forwards in Elizabeth Williams, Glory Johnson as well as young forwards/centers in Monique Billings and Kalani Brown. However, they could still use some great back up off the bench and for the third overall pick, that belongs to Rennia Davis of Tennessee. She has gotten better over the years and has been a consistent and steady player for the Lady Vols this season. The Dream could always use some help in the center/forward position off the bench and Rennia Davis is the perfect player for it.

4. Indiana Fever – Dana Evans – Louisville

The Indiana Fever have some great young star guards in Kelsey Mitchell, Tiffany Mitchell, Julie Allemand and veteran star Erica Wheeler. However, they could use a point guard off the bench to help lead the bench and this where Dana Evans comes in. Dana Evans has been on a tear lately to help lead Louisville and she’s been the leading guard off some very promising young future star freshmen in Hailey Van Lith and Oliva Cochran. She’s been a great leader for them and she can help do the same for the Indiana Fever. She may or may not get minutes right away and she may struggle early as some rookies do, but she is a great fit for the Indiana Fever.

5. Dallas Wings (via the Washington Mystics) – Awak Kuier – Finland

The Dallas Wings already have the second pick and now are selecting fifth overall. Awak Kuier of Finland is just 19 years old and has already garnered so much attention overseas in international competition. She has just got some potential that it’s hard to see her not drafted top 5. She may or may not go earlier than fifth overall but if the Wings get lucky, they definitely should draft her despite being already loaded at the forward/center position. Since this season be filled with uncertainty, there’s a chance she may not show up at all and the Wings could have her next season. We just don’t know yet. But we do know that, there have been great international picks in the past (Liz Cambage and Lauren Jackson) come to mind and Awak Kuier seems to be another future great international draft pick.

6. Phoenix Mercury – Michaela Onyen

7. Dallas Wings – Arella Guirantes –

8. Chicago Sky – Destiny Slocum –

9. Minnesota Lynx – N’dea Jones-

10. Los Angeles Sparks – Janelle Bailey –

11. Seattle Storm – Chelsea Dungee –

12. Las Vegas Aces – Kiana Williams –


  1. Dallas Wings – Ciera Johnson – Texas A&M
  2. Indiana Fever – Jenna Staiti – Georgia
  3. Atlanta Dream – Aaliyah Wilson – Texas A&M
  4. Dallas Wings – Natasha Mack – Oklahoma State
  5. New York Liberty – Kysre Gondrezick – West Virginia
  6. Connecticut Sun – Jaelynn Penn – Indiana
  7. Chicago Sky – Erin Boley – Oregon
  8. Connecticut Sun – Chloe Bibby – Maryland
  9. Indiana Fever – Destiny Pitts – Texas A&M
  10. Los Angeles Sparks – Hailey Brown – Michigan
  11. Seattle Storm – Ali Patberg – Indiana
  12. Las Vegas Aces – Kristin Scott – Iowa State


  1. New York Liberty – Kayla Jones – NC State
  2. Indiana Fever – Didi Richards- Baylor
  3. Atlanta Dream – Que Morrison – Georgia
  4. Dallas Wings – Jenn Wirth – Gonzaga
  5. New York Liberty – Nancy Mulkey – Rice
  6. Connecticut – Bethy Mununga – South Florida
  7. Chicago Sky – Lindsey Pulliam – Northwestern
  8. Phoenix Mercury – Jasmine Walker – Alabama
  9. Minnesota Lynx – Lauren Heard – TCU
  10. Los Angeles Sparks – Moon Ursin – Baylor
  11. Seattle Storm – Jill Townsend – Gonzaga
  12. Las Vegas Aces – Lexi Gordon – Texas Tech