Who is the Greatest WNBA Coach of All Time? Tournament Bracket Challenge!

wnba coaches, tournament bracket challenge

Welcome to the Greatest WNBA Coach of All Time Tournament Bracket Challenge presented by wbasketballblog.com!

There have been many great WNBA Coaches throughout the years, and after the success of our first tournament challenge which featured WNBA players, we thought we would do it again, except this time with coaches.

The tournament is on a smaller scale this time and it only features the top 16 of the greatest WNBA Coaches. Each coach was picked from input from the selection committee. The committee’s members are: Glenn Starkey, Kevin Brown (who both participated in the last bracket challenge), Albert Lee, Tee, Rebecca Wininger and myself (Aneela Khan).

In order to understand who to pick to advance, you need to understand all 16 coaches biographies. The bios have now updated to reflect the eight coaches who have moved onto the Elite 8 as well as the bracket.

Region W — #1st overall seed – Cheryl Reeve

Cheryl Reeve began her coaching career as an assistant coach for her alma mater, La Salle University. After short, but successful stints as an assistant in the WNBA, Reeve got the call. She was named the head coach for the Minnesota Lynx in 2009. Reeve’s hiring has resulted in four championships, the highest winning percentage ever, and two Coach of the Year honors. – Tee

Region N – #2nd overall seed – Van Chancellor(Eliminated in Final Four)

Region B – #3rd overall seed – Bill Laimbeer  (Eliminated in Elite 8)

Region A – #4th overall seed – Mike Thibault

Thibault is the General Manager and Head Coach of the Washington Mystics, where he is entering his eighth season. He has the most regular season wins of all coaches with a 336-242 regular season record which includes a 10-year tenure with the Connecticut Sun from 2003-2012. Thibault won a league championship with the Mystics in 2019 and Eastern Conference championships with the Sun in 2004 and 2005. Before coming to the WNBA, Thibault was an assistant coach and scout for several NBA teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Seattle SuperSonics and Milwaukee Bucks. – Albert

Region N – #5th overall seed – John Whisenant (Eliminated in Elite 8)

Region A – #6th overall seed – Michael Cooper   (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region W – #7th overall seed – Brian Agler   (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region B – #8th overall seed – Linn Dunn (Eliminated in Final Four)

Region N – #9th overall seed – Richie Adubato (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region B – #10th overall seed – Dan Hughes  (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region W – #11th overall seed – Sandy Brondello (Eliminated in Elite 8)

Region A – #12th overall seed – Anne Donovan  (Eliminated in Elite 8)

Region N – #13th overall seed – Marynell Meadors  (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region A – #14th overall seed – Paul Westhead  (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region W – #15th overall seed – Corey Gaines  (Eliminated in Round of 16)

Region B – 16th overall seed – Curt Miller   (Eliminated in Round of 16)

The G.O.A.T WNBA Coaches Bracket is listed below.

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