WNIT Day 1 Results/Mini Recaps

California Baptist Women's Basketball Team

The WNIT started play with 16 teams across 4 different regions. At the end of the day, 8 teams advanced to the WNIT second round and the rest moved onto the consolation round.

Charlotte Regional

Delaware vs Fordham

Delaware was strong in this game, they did not let Fordham get close and won easily to advance.

Ohio vs Clemson

This was a very close game, both teams fought all game but it was Clemson who sealed the deal and went onto advance. They will face Delaware in the second round.

Charlotte vs Florida

Charlotte vs Florida was quite interesting. It went back and forth all game long, the coaches got into a heated battle and it was very intense. Florida escaped with a win to advance.

Villanova vs UMass

Villanova came out firing in the last game of the Charlotte regional and never looked back versus UMass. Maddy Siegrist scored 20 points in the first half. They made it look so easy. Villanova advanced to face Florida in the second round

Fort Worth Regional

Rice vs Arizona State

This game was UGLY. Very brutal to watch. Both teams defended very well but struggled to score and Rice was able to advance.

Fresno State vs Missouri

This game was a very good game. Missouri was ahead in the beginning, at one point, they lead by 20. But, the Cavinder sisters would not go away. With Fresno State’s ability to score in a variety of ways, they were able to overcome Missouri’s lead and advance to the second round where they will face Rice.

Houston vs San Francisco

This game was very close throughout. No team was able to get much seperation until the 4th quarter. San Francisco was able to take the lead late vs Houston and never relinquished it to advance to the second round.

California Baptist vs New Mexico

In the last game of the Fort Worth regional, California Baptist was coming into this game undefeated. They would have been an NCAA tournament team but they are still transitioning to Division 1. This game was very good. It went back and forth all game long. Jaedyn De La Cerda for New Mexico and Ane Olaeta for California Baptist battled all game long. Brittney Thomas was excellent too. California Baptist was able to edge New Mexico in the last couple of minutes and grinded out a win to remain undefeated. They will face San Francisco in the second round.

Rockford Regional

Northern Iowa vs Dayton

Northern Iowa controlled this game from the start and Dayton was never really able to break through over Northern Iowa despite being down by single digits for a majority of the game. Northern Iowa advanced to the second round.

Creighton vs Bowling Green

You know the saying, where it’s just a difference between conferences? That sometimes, the bigger conferences prevail over the smaller ones? Well, that happened in this game. Creighton was just a bit better than Bowling Green. Bowling Green did try to make it a contest, but they couldn’t break through and Creighton advanced to face Northern Iowa in the second round.

DePaul vs Saint Louis

Saint Louis came prepared. DePaul did not. Despite only losing by 2 points in this game, DePaul could’ve played much better. This is not an insult to St. Louis who played very well and deserve to advance, but DePaul has been disappointing lately. They started off the season well and fell off the wagon in March.

Milawaukee vs Drake

This game was surprising. This was the last game in the Rockford regional and Milwaukee came out firing against Drake. They were up 30+ at one point in the game. Drake did not have any answers for Milawaukee. Milawaukee advances to the second round to face St. Louis.

Memphis Regional

Nebraska vs UTM

Nebraska started off slowly and it was a competitive game in the beginning, but all that changed after halftime. Nebraska got hot and were able to gain a big lead that allowed them to cruise the rest of the game. Nebraska advanced to the second round.

Colorado vs Louisiana

Colorado had an easy time with Louisiana and were able to win easily. Louisiana was never able to score enough to try to come back in this game. Colorado advances to face Nebraska in the second round.

Ole Miss vs Samford

Ole Miss looked ready for this game. Samford stood no chance. Ole Miss was faster, stronger and better. Ole Miss’s players were also taller than some of the Samford players so it was an easy win for Ole Miss. They advance to the second round.

Illinois State vs Tulane

In the last game of the Memphis regional, it was very close throughout the game between Illinois State and Tulane. However, late 3rd quarter, Tulane was able to create just a bit of seperation from Illinois State and were able to hold on for the rest of the game to win. Tulane advances to face Ole Miss in the second round.



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