Italian League Round 2 October 5th

With leagues looking to compact their schedules this season, there are more instances of scheduled rounds where not every team can play, meaning Wednesday featured six games instead of seven. Jessica Shepard and Venezia built a big lead by halftime and Robyn Parks and Campobasso had their rally fall short 80-68. Schio was one piece closer to their planned roster in a 67-38 win over Sesto San Giovanni. Brooke Johnson had a strong game for Brixia, but Kristine Anigwe controlled the paint and Ragusa left 83-65 winners. An excellent game between last year’s newcomers saw Marzia Tagliamento have a tremendous effort with some help from Kathryn Westbeld to get Moncalieri past Pallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah and Faenza 88-85. Giulia Natali paced Lucca in a 75-60 win over Jasmine Dickey and Crema. In the absence of their usual offensive force, Bologna had a strong outside-inside duo with Kitija Laksa and Cheyenne Parker leading them past Ilaria Milazzo and San Martino di Lupari 85-72.
Venezia [80]: Shepard 22/9r Villa 18 Madera 16/8r Santucci 8/8a Kuier 6/7r Cubaj 6
Campobasso [68]: Parks 20/7r Kacerik 12 Milapie 12 Perry 11
Schio [67]: Bestagno 13/9r Ndour-Fall 11/7r Howard 11 Keys 10/7r Zahui B 6 Penna 5 Mestdagh 0
Sesto San Giovanni [38]: Begic 8/9r
Brixia [65]: Johnson 23 Zanardi 12/7a Valli 11 Miller-McCray 4/10r
Ragusa [83]: Anigwe 24/19r Hampton 19 Vitola 14/9r Romeo 14/6a Attura 7 Ostarello 4
Moncalieri [88]: Tagliamento 35 Westbeld 24/9r Mitchell 15 Sagerer 6
Faenza [85]: Kunaiyi-Akpanah 21/18r Davis 16 Hinriksdottir 14 Policari 13
Lucca [75]: Natali 23 Morrison 15/9r/7a Treffers 11/10r Tulonen 7 Agnew 2
Crema [60]: Dickey 22/6r Kaba 16/11r
Bologna [85]: Laksa 27 Parker 25/14r Zandalasini 18/7r
San Martino di Lupari [72]: Milazzo 24 Washington 16/7r Dedic 16


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