Polish League Round 2 October 15th

The first full round of games was played on Saturday. Zaglebie Sosowniec started their season with a 74-51 win over Pruszkow behind Jessica January. Polkowice was not at full strength, but Arka Gdynia showed that they are still going to be tough this season with a 53-50 win over Weronika Telenga and company. In a battle of two teams playing their first game, Andreona Keys led Polonia Warszawa to a 73-68 win over Poznan. Lublin got a big game from Natasha Mack, but Gorzow had better balance in a 68-67 win with both teams looking to be considered the leader in the chase pack. Stephanie Jones tried to carry Sleza Wroclaw, but Torun’s duo of Marte Grays and Alexis Jones got them a 79-60 win as the last team to start their season.

Zaglebie Sosnowiec [74]: January 22/9a Zempare 16/17r Dornstauder 14/6r Wojtala 11/8r
Pruszkow [51]: Berezowska 18 Papiernik 12/7a

Arka Gdynia [53]: Gorecki 16 Kastanek 11 Thomas 6 Higgins 4 Fontaine 3
Polkowice [50]: Telenga 22/14r Turner 9/6r Spanou 5/12r

Poznan [68]: Sutton 18/7r Popovic 14/6a Marciniak 12/6r Dodson 8
Polonia Warszawa [73]: Keys 25/9r Pawlowska 13 Vintsilaiou 10/6a Jackson 8/6r

Lublin [67]: Mack 25/12r Stanacev 14/6r/9a Clouden 9 Paulsson Glantz 3
Gorzow [68]: Bazan 13 Horvat 12/7r Smith 10/9r Fiszer 10 Wadouz 10 Allen 5

Sleza Wroclaw [60]: Jones 22/14r Jakubiuk 11/7r Jaworska 7 Small 4
Torun [79]: Grays 25/7r Jones 23/10r/7a Stankiewicz 16


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