EuroCup Round 1 October 26th-27th

The EuroCup regular season started on Wednesday with four teams in each of the twelve groups ready to play six games. Groups A through F contain the eastern half of the teams and Groups G through L contain the western half of the teams. Each group will send the top two teams through automatically and will be joined by the four third place teams in each half that perform the best in their games.

Group A:

This group had one game on Wednesday and it was fantastic as it went to overtime before Crvena zvezda prevailed 88-87 in Belgrade despite Alisia Jenkins and Charli Collier both playing well for Ramat Hasharon. Scoring was not as plentiful in the game on Thursday, as Chastity Reed helped Greek runners up Panathinaikos leave Lublin with a 51-38 win.|tab=boxscore
Crvena zvezda [88]: Hall 16 Bojovic 15 Jakovina 15 Naumcev 11 Aifuwa 2
Ramat Hasharon [87]: Jenkins 31/17r Collier 23/12r Ivanovic 11/6a Saar 11|tab=boxscore
Lublin [38]: Mack 12/14r Clouden 11
Panathinaikos [51]: Reed 21 Alexandri 10 Pavlopoulou 9/6r Potter 4

Group B:

Both games in this group were on Thursday with Beroe representing Bulgaria, but they had trouble with Nora Wentzel and PEAC, losing 94-59. Eden Rotberg took on a bigger scoring role for Elitzur Ramla in a 66-48 win over Hatay.|tab=boxscore
Beroe [59]: Sharenkapova 13 Ivanova 11 Rosten 2
PEAC [94]: Wentzel 24 Calhoun 16/6r Kiss 15/11r Burdick 14/13r Katanic 11/6r/9a|tab=boxscore
Elitzur Ramla [66]: Rotberg 21 Austin 17/9r Babkina 10 Baron 9/9r Mosby 6/10r Fleischer 0
Hatay [48]: Cora 9 Canitez 7/10r Gatling 6/7r A. Prince 5/8r E. Prince 2 Kepenc 0

Group C:

Both games in this group were on Wednesday and Alanna Smith and Gorzow got an unexpected test in Slovakia, but escaped Ke’Shunan James and Piestanske Cajky 70-68. Alaina Coates and Galatasaray jumped out to an early lead on Banska Bystrica and rolled 94-52.|tab=boxscore
Piestanske Cajky [68]: James 22/7r Mujovic 14
Gorzow [70]: Smith 26/9r Senyurek 16/7r Wadoux 13 Horvat 8/7r Allen 2|tab=boxscore
Galatasaray [94]: Coates 25/9r Stevens 15 Nacickaite 14 Pulvere 11/8r/6a Jurjane 9/6r Tanacan 5
Banska Bystrica [52]: Allen 16 Janstova 12/6r Mandic 10

Group D:

Games in this group were on Wednesday with Reshanda Gray and Orman looking set to cruise in Romania before Veatriki Akathiotou and Arad made it close late in falling 68-64. The two Polish teams met in the other game and it took overtime for Kristina Higgins and Haley Gorecki to get Arka Gdynia the 86-78 win over Sparkle Taylor and Bydgoszcz.|tab=boxscore
Arad [68]: Akathiotou 22/6a Baptiste 12 Madden 8
Orman [64]: Gray 20/15r Erat 16/6r/8a Gezgin 11 Ozelci 6|tab=boxscore
Arka Gdynia [86]: Higgins 25 Gorecki 22 Thomas 7/8r/7a Fontaine 4 Kastanek 3
Bydgoszcz [78]: Taylor 27/11r Kostowicz 16/9r Evans 14/7r Marginean 7

Group E:

Elitzur Holon has to be wondering if they will be able to field their full roster in any game this season with Jennie Simms entering the lineup for their game in Sfantu Gheorghe on Wednesday, but Maria Jespersen and Borislava Hristova helped Sepsi edge them out 76-75. The two Turkish teams played on Thursday and it was Nesibe Aydin that won 67-49 over Emma Cannon and Bursa.|tab=boxscore
Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe [76]: Jespersen 26/8r Hristova 22 Jones 15 Mununga 6 Cave 4/8r Kmetovska 0
Elitzur Holon [75]: Simms 28/6a Hurt 18/7r Harden 13|tab=boxscore
Bursa [49]: Cannon 20/11r Davis 11/6r Colakoglu 11
Nesibe Aydin [67]: Akalan 13/6r Guner 13 Egbo 12/9r Thomas 10/8r/7a

Group F:

Both games in this group were on Thursday as Kibirkstis assembled a strong roster of Lithuanian talent, including Gintare Petronyte to win 69-64 over Victoria Macaulay and Botas. Shatori Walker-Kimbrough’s tremendous effort was almost enough for Maccabi Ashdod, but the impressive start continued for Aaryn Ellenberg-Wiley and Gyor as they left with a 73-72 win.|tab=boxscore
Botas [64]: Macaulay 20 Slocum 12 Uzun 10/6a
Kibirkstis [69]: Petronyte 28/10r Juskaite 19/11r Mazionyte 0|tab=boxscore
Maccabi Ashdod [72]: Walker-Kimbrough 29/7r/6a Brown 15/17r Cohen 10 Sahar 6 Dayan 3
Gyor [73]: Ellenberg-Wiley 21/8a Dombai 13/6r Oroszova 7 Mompremier 6/14r Williams 6/7r

Group G:

This group started on Thursday with a pretty wide open path for any team to advance. Portuguese champions Benfica edged Swiss champions Fribourg in one game. Shalonda Winton helped Luxembourg’s Diddeleng start well with a 72-60 win over Belgium’s Namur.|tab=boxscore
Fribourg [65]: Fora 21/6r Nikitinaite 18 Range 15/10r/7a Reynolds 4/6r
Benfica [67]: Monteiro 14/8r Soeiro 12/7a Cruz 11 Trehub 10/9r Alves 4 Warley 4|tab=boxscore
Namur [60]: Rupnik 18 Wilson 15/8r Vaughn 14/14r Kjartansdottir 4/10r Asoro 3
Diddeleng [72]: Winton 25/8r Geniets 14 Mreches 11/6r Mossong 9/7r Compton 4

Group H:

Games in this group were on Thursday, including lone German team Keltern losing to Julie Wojta and Gernika 73-69 despite a great game from Osh Brown. Reyer Venezia had good balance in an 85-69 win over Estudiantes.|tab=boxscore
Keltern [69]: Brown 28/15r Kiss-Rusk 14/8r Wilke 10 Webb 4 Hartmann 2
Gernika [73]: Wojta 20 Ygueravide 13/12r/6a Williams 12 Cvitkovic 10 Silva 9|tab=boxscore
Reyer Venezia [85]: Yasuma 16/6a Fassina 15 Shepard 14/11r Kuier 13 Madera 12 Cubaj 7 Santucci 0
Estudiantes [69]: Pulliam 19 Bi. Massey 13/6r Fingall 8 Mollenhauer 4/6r

Group I:

Both games in this group were on Wednesday and Grengewald Hueschtert found that not having depth was a major issue at this level as they got a good game from Dejza James, but lost to Sedis 71-47. In Belgium, Braine started well, but Leonie Fiebich was incredibly efficient in leading Zaragoza to the 81-67 win.|tab=boxscore
Sedis [71]: Koenen 15/12r Tunstull 8 Brotons 8 Raventos 5 Kostourkova 2/6r Strautmane 2 Pujol 1
Grengewald Hueschtert [47]: James 22/6r Vuckovic 11/9r Logic 7/7r/6a Hetting 0|tab=boxscore
Braine [67]: Sarr 15/6r Tadic 15/6a Lelik 15 Fogg 9 Lindstrom 8/10r Devos 0
Zaragoza [81]: Fiebich 29 Gimeno 16/6r Tate 14 Alonso de Armino 2 Geldof 1 Grande 0

Group J:

A pair of Wednesday games in this group included London Lions bringing another strong team to this competition, but finding the step up tough in an 80-59 loss to Hind Ben Abdelkader and Villeneuve-d’Ascq. Tima Pouye lifted Roche past Dinamo Sassari 79-71.|tab=boxscore
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [80]: Ben Abdelkader 21/6r Smalls 18 Heriaud 13 Salaun 11/6r
London Lions [59]: Snytsina 16/6r Stewart 9 Herbert Harrigan 8/9r Winterburn 8 Norton 6 Murray 5 Leonard 3 Battle 2 Robinson-Miller 2 Charles 0 Joseph 0|tab=boxscore
Roche [79]: Pouye 23 Clarke 13/7r Mbandu 11/7r Mosqueda-Lewis 6/7r
Dinamo Sassari [71]: Holmes 18/12r Makurat 17/7a Gustavsson 16/6r Thomas 12/6r

Group K:

The game of Wednesday might have been the first one as two overtimes were needed before Haley Peters and Lattes Montpellier could leave Brno with a 90-87 win over Natalie Stoupalova and company. Lyon only had seven players from their senior roster on Thursday, but still started the season with a 76-64 win over Ibaeta behind Alexia Chartereau.|tab=boxscore
Brno [87]: Stoupalova 20 Cunane 17/10r Holmes 17 Zaplatova 11/9r/8a
Lattes Montpellier [90]: Peters 34/14r Toure 16 Badiane 10|tab=boxscore
Lyon [76]: Chartereau 22/8r Johannes 18/6r Dietrick 12 Quevedo 5 Jocyte 3
Ibaeta [64]: Almendro 15 Brown 12/8r Cardano-Hillary 6 Soriano 5/10r Lass 5 Esnal 0

Group L:

The two teams playing on Wednesday were both from France so neither had played another competitive game and Charleville-Mezieres got on the board first 89-60 against Angers. A good game on Thursday had KP Brno get a challenge from Croatian champions Ragusa, which got a triple-double from Iva Todoric, but still win 71-68.|tab=boxscore
Charleville-Mezieres [89]: Milic 19 Chevaugeon 17 Engstler 16/11r Bouderra 10/9a Fraser 8 Konig 5 Hruscakova 4/6r Tahane 2
Angers [60]: Peterson 18 Bailey 10 Jakubcova 6 Cornelie-Sigmundova 5|tab=boxscore
KP Brno [71]: Zitkova 17 E. Kopecka 12 A. Kopecka 10/9r Sotolova 10/10a Fadrhonsova 0
Ragusa [68]: Stojanovic 19 Todoric 16/11r/10a Strilic 12 Miloglav 6/6a/7s


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