French League Round 2 November 5th-6th

Only two games were played in the usual Saturday timeslot this round as Laetitia Guapo and Bourges crushed Angers in the first half on the way to a 79-51 win. Toulouse continued their strong start with an 82-66 win over Leia Dongue and Landerneau behind Kalis Loyd. On Sunday, Brianna Fraser was the leading scorer, but the young post player on the other side grabbed more headlines in leading Lyon to a 72-57 win over Charleville-Mezieres. Landes has not had an ideal start, losing to Kamiah Smalls and Villeneuve-d’Ascq 80-74. Roche had the better of the fourth quarter to win 73-65 over Saint-Amand. Lattes Montpellier ended the round with an 87-72 win over Tarbes.

November 5
Bourges [79]: Guapo 21/8r Astier 13/6a Bankole 10/7r Anderson 9 Alexander 6/9r Steinberga 5/7r Abdi 4
Angers [51]: Jakubcova 10 Cornelie-Sigmundova 5 Bailey 5 Peterson 4
Landerneau [66]: Dongue 31/8r Davis 10/6r Nunn 2 Wells 2
Toulouse [82]: Loyd 25 Strunc 13 Lambert 11/6a Brochant 11 Huff 9

November 6
Lyon [72]: Malonga 17/6r Chartereau 14/8r Ciak 13 Johannes 9/8a Jocyte 7 Dietrick 6 Quevedo 2
Charleville-Mezieres [57]: Fraser 22 Milic 13 Tahane 5 Konig 4 Engstler 1/8r
Landes [74]: Fauthoux 12/7a Turcinovic 12 Magarity 11/8r Mann 9 Akhator 6
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [80]: Smalls 20/6r/6a Ben Abdelkader 19 Diaby 11 Diallo 11
Saint-Amand [65]: Chidom 19/6r Kucowski 8/10r Thompson 7
Roche [73]: Mosqueda-Lewis 16/6r Kone 12 Suarez 10 Clarke 10 Geiselsoder 7/9r
Lattes Montpellier [87]: Linskens 17 Peters 16/6r Badiane 14 Toure 13 Vanloo 13
Tarbes [72]: Foppossi 15 Ewodo 13 Yacoubou 11/8r


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