African Champions Cup December 9th-17th

After three years without the competition due to logistic hurdles, two-time defending champions Ferroviario got to host this edition in Maputo. There were scheduled to be ten teams in Mozambique, but Overdose of Cameroon did not make it. The teams were divided into two groups with the first stage setting up the quarterfinals.

Roster Reference:

Instead of including teams in our main roster reference, we will use the same criteria to list players here:

APR (Rwanda): No players meet criteria
C.N.S.S. (Democratic Republic of Congo): No players meet criteria
Costa do Sol (Mozambique): Bride Kennedy-Hopoate (New Mexico), Vilma Covane (Cumberlands, NAIA), Carla Covane (Cumberlands, NAIA)
Energie (Benin): No players meet criteria
Ferroviario Maputo (Mozamabique): Silvia Veloso (Cumberlands, NAIA), Caitlin Jenkins (Rutgers), Chelsey Shumpert (Union, DII), Stefania Chiziane (Highland, JC)
Inter (Angola): Alexis Tolefree (Arkansas), Sherise Williams (Mississippi State), Italee Lucas (North Carolina)
Kenya Ports Authority (Kenya): Brenda Wasuda (Seattle), Theresa Mac-Dangosu (Montana Western, NAIA)
Sporting Alexandria (Egypt): Reem Moussa (Rice), Shayla Cooper (Ohio State), Cierra Dillard (Buffalo)
Ville de Dakar (Senegal): No players meet criteria

December 9

Play opened on Friday in Group A with Inter, a traditional powerhouse from Luanda starting well with a 76-50 win over Ifunaya Okoro and Kenya Ports Authority. The hosts played the first game in Group B and won 78-45 over Marie Imanizabayo and Rwanda’s army team. It was back to Group A to end the day and the other team from Mozambique, Costa do Sol, won 69-51 over C.N.S.S. to show their strength.|tab=boxscore
Inter [76]: Lucas 18 Matiquite 14/8r Antonio 12 Tolefree 10/6a Williams 4
Kenya Ports Authority [50]: Okoro 20 Omondi 12 Wasuda 7/6r Mac-Dangosu 2|tab=boxscore
Ferroviario Maputo [78]: Mafanela 16 Shumpert 13 Veloso 10 R. Cossa 10 Jenkins 7/7r Chiziane 5
APR [45]: Imanizabayo 21/6r
Costa do Sol [69]: Mucauro 15/8r Chiziane 14/10r Lhavanguane 13 C. Covane 2/8r V. Covane 2 Kennedy-Hopoate 0
C.N.S.S. [51]: Kaba Mayimona 15/7r Ngobeleza 14

December 10

The two teams that did not play in Group B on the first day opened Saturday action and Sporting won 66-50 over Ville de Dakar. Energie played their first game in Group A, but a good effort from Elise Afetse was not enough in a 77-54 loss to C.N.S.S., which was led by Deborah Kaba Mayimona. A good group A matchup closed the day and Inter overcame a slow start to win 72-57 over Costa do Sol and hold the advantage early.|tab=boxscore
Ville de Dakar [50]: Ndao 14 Mbaye 10
Sporting Alexandria [66]: Ahmed 13 Moussa 10 Yasser 10 Dillard 9 Cooper 2|tab=boxscore
Energie [54]: Afetse 21 Agbayizo 19/11r
C.N.S.S. [77]: Kaba Mayimona 21/8r Ngobeleza 17/7s Basiki 12/14r|tab=boxscore
Inter [72]: Matiquite 17/7r Tolefree 13 Malagi 11 Lucas 10 Willimas 0
Costa do Sol [57]: Chiziane 14/8r Mucauro 13/7r Kennedy-Hopoate 11 Covane 4

December 11

Inter won the first game on Sunday 83-49 over Energie. Hagar Amer and Cierra Dillard led Sporting to an 89-68 win over APR in the Group B game. Action returned to Group A to close the day and Ingvild Mucauro led Costa do Sol to a 73-62 win over Kenya Ports Authority.|tab=boxscore
Energie [49]: Afetse 17 Agbayizo 13
Inter [83]: Matiquite 17/7r Tolefree 14 Gabriel 10/6r Lucas 10 Williams 1|tab=boxscore
Sporting Alexandria [89]: Amer 23/7r Dillard 20 Cooper 17/6r Moussa 2
APR [68]: Uwizeye 16/12r M. Umuhoza 13 J. Umuhoza 11|tab=boxscore
Kenya Ports Authority [62]: Okoro 19 Okot 10/14r Mac-Dangosu 10 Wasuda 3
Costa do Sol [73]: Mucauro 22/12r Lhavanguane 12/8a Rafael 10/8r Covane 6 Kennedy-Hopoate 3

December 12

It took unil the fourth quarter to settle, but Inter finished at the top of Group A on Monday as Italee Lucas led them to a 79-68 win over Marlene Ngobeleza and C.N.S.S. as they are only team to not have a game scheduled on Tuesday. The two winless teams in the group played next and Kenya Ports Authority rolled to an 83-45 win over Energie. The Group B game had Ferroviario started strong to win 62-53 over Ville and set up a final day with the two undefeated teams playing and the two winless teams meeting as all the teams will advance, but are playing for seeding.–Inter-Clube#|tab=boxscore
C.N.S.S. [68]: Ngobeleza 23/7r Kabi Mayimoma 14
Inter [79]: Lucas 28/8r Tolefree 16|tab=boxscore
Kenya Ports Authority [83]: Okot 19/9r Okoro 16/8r Okoth 12 Mwangale 11/9r/6a Wasuda 3/8r Mac-Dangosu 0
Energie [45]: Agbayizo 16/13r|tab=boxscore
Ville de Dakar [53]: Traore 14/7r Mbodj 13 Ndao 10
Ferroviario Maputo [62]: Chiziane 13 A. Cossa 11 Mafanela 10/12r Veloso 9 Shumpert 8 Jenkins 7/10r

December 13

The last day of group play was Tuesday and it started in Group A with a game that would determine bracket placement of the bottom teams and Marlene Ngobeleza led C.N.S.S., but Ifunaya Okoro was impressive in getting Kenya Ports Authority the 69-59 win. The winner of Group B was determined next and Cierra Dillard and Hagar Amer were strong for Sporting again, but Ferroviario’s big early lead held up in a 79-70 win. The other two teams in the group played next and looked for their first win with Fatoumata Diango helping Ville prevail 57-37 over APR. Energie knew that they would be the only eliminated team after finishing at the bottom of Group A, but they did want to get a win against Costa do Sol, which would already be focusing on the final three games, and they got good games from Elise Afetse and Ramouziath Agbayizo only to fall short 67-63.–Kenya-Ports-Authority#|tab=boxscore
C.N.S.S. [59]: Ngobeleza 22 Kaba Mayimona 17/9r
Kenya Ports Authority [69]: Okoro 35/9r Mwangale 13/6a Wasuda 2 Mac-Dangosu 1|tab=boxscore
Ferroviario Maputo [79]: Shumpert 19 Henriques 15/8r Chiziane 15 Veloso 11 Jenkins 6/9r
Sporting Alexandria [70]: Dillard 22/6r Amer 20/13r Moussa 13 Cooper 6|tab=boxscore
APR [37]: Umugwaneza 14/18r
Ville de Dakar [57]: Diango 20 Ndao 14/6s|tab=boxscore
Costa do Sol [67]: Mucauro 14/11r/6a Lhavanguane 12 C. Covane 8/6r V. Covane 6 Kennedy-Hopoate 4
Energie [63]: Aketse 29 Agbayizo 21/13r

Group A: Inter 4-0, Costa do Sol 3-1, Kenya Ports Authority 2-2, C.N.S.S. 1-3, Energie 0-4
Group B: Ferroviario Maputo 3-0, Sporting 2-1, Ville de Dakar 1-2, APR 0-4

December 15

All of the quarterfinals were played on Thursday and Inter started well on their way to a 94-53 win over APR. Ifunaya Okoro’s brilliance kept Kenya Ports Authority close, but Cierra Dillard and Shayla Cooper teamed up to get Sporting a 76-70 win. Neither team was at their best, but Costa do Sol advanced with a 53-37 win over Ville de Dakar. Dulce Mabjaia and Ferroviario built a big lead early again at home on their way to a 75-43 win over C.N.S.S. to close the day.|tab=boxscore
APR [53]: Imanizabayo 13/6r Uwizeye 11/9r Umugwaneza 11/8r
Inter [94]: Matiquite 17 Pascoal 16 Tolefree 14/6a Malagi 12/9r Williams 10/6r Lucas 2|tab=boxscore
Kenya Ports Authority [70]: Okoro 31 Okot 10/16r Mac-Dangosu 7 Wasuda 4/6r
Sporting Alexandria [76]: Dillard 22 Cooper 20/7r Bakr 12 Moussa 4|tab=boxscore
Ville de Dakar [37]: Traore 11/6r
Costa do Sol [53]: V. Covane 11 C. Covane 4 Kennedy-Hopoate 3–Ferroviario-Maputo#|tab=boxscore
C.N.S.S. [43]: Kaba Mayimona 10/12r Ngobeleza 10
Ferroviario Maputo [75]: Mabjaia 21 A. Cossa 13 Jenkins 10/13r R. Cossa 10 Shumpert 5 Chiziane 2 Veloso 2

December 16

The consolation bracket started Friday’s games and Kenya Ports Authority had an easy 67-38 win over APR. Fatoumata Diango and Ville stifled C.N.S.S. in the next game for a 74-43 win. Hosts Ferriovario were in the first semifinal against their country rivals and it was Costa do Sol that managed to grind out a 53-49 win to knock out the reigning champions. The other game was more open as Italee Lucas tried to get Inter back to the top, but Cierra Dillard and Alexandria built the lead up on their way to a 100-82 win.|tab=boxscore
APR [38]: M. Umuhoza 14
Kenya Ports Authority [67]: Okoro 16 Mwangale 15/6r Okot 12/8r Mac-Dangosu 5 Wasuda 0–ASC-Ville-de-Dakar#|tab=boxscore
C.N.S.S. [43]: Mbelu 9
Ville de Dakar [74]: Diango 21 Faye 16/6r Sissoko 14/6a|tab=boxscore
Ferroviario Maputo [49]: Shumpert 17 Mabjaia 10 Veloso 6/6r Jenkins 4/8r Chiziane 4
Costa do Sol [53]: Lhavanguane 17 V. Covane 6 Kennedy-Hopoate 3 C. Covane 2|tab=boxscore
Inter [82]: Lucas 23 Malagi 18/8r Tolefree 2
Sporting Alexandria [100]: Dillard 21/6a Amer 19/10r Ahmed 19 Bakr 10 Cooper 8 Moussa 7

December 17

Saturday was the final day of competition and it started with Marie Imanizabayo having a good effort for APR, but they still lost the 7th place game to C.N.S.S. 72-52. Ville won the consolation championship 71-51 over Kenya Ports Authority. Dulce Mabjaia and Ferroviario did win a medal in front of the home fans after edging Inter 71-67. History would be made either way in the championship and it ended up being Cierra Dillard and Sporting winning their first for the country and ending the recent complete domination by the host region after prevailing 65-58 against Costa do Sol.|tab=boxscore
APR [52]: Imanizabayo 26
C.N.S.S. [72]: Ngobeleza 14 Kaba Mayimona 13/8r Mbelu 11|tab=boxscore
Kenya Ports Authority [51]: Okot 16/7r Mac-Dangosu 5 Wasuda 3
Ville de Dakar [71]: Mbodj 15/6r Ndao 13/7r Faye 11|tab=boxscore
Inter [67]: Matiquite 18/6r Tolefree 13 Lucas 11 Manuel 10/11r
Ferroviario Maputo [71]: Mabjaia 20/6r Veloso 14 Shumpert 13 Jenkins 12 Chiziane 0|tab=boxscore
Sporting Alexandria [65]: Dillard 21 Amer 18/7r Cooper 10/6r Moussa 2
Costa do Sol [58]: Mucauro 15/8r Lhavanguane 12 Chiziane 10/6r Kennedy-Hopoate 6 C. Covane 3 V. Covane 0


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