EuroLeague Quarterfinals Game 1 March 14th

All of the quarterfinals series opened on Tuesday, starting with a rematch of last year’s championship game and it was close for most of the contest until Breanna Stewart and Fenerbahce controlled the final quarter to win 82-62 over Sopron. After an even first quarter, Cukurova had a recent lineup change and built a solid lead on their way to an 84-56 win over Bourges. USK Praha started well with a 77-56 win over Avenida. Astou Ndour-Fall and Marina Mabrey were putting Schio in position to make it a perfect day for the home teams, but Valencia stormed back to take the lead only to fade in the final frame and lost 75-63.|tab=boxscore
Fenerbahce [82]: Stewart 20/10r Meesseman 15/6r Sabally 13 Iagupova 13 McBride 12 Vandersloot 4/8a Cakir 2 Stokes 0/7r Raca 0
Sopron [62]: Magbegor 17 Brooks 9/8r Turner 9 Stankovic 0|tab=boxscore
Cukurova [84]: Hayes 19 Crvendakic 15/6r Cornelius 11 Gray 10/7a Williams 8/10r Dubljevic 8 Hollingsworth 2
Bourges [56]: Anderson 12 Miyem 10 Alexander 7 Steinberga 2|tab=boxscore
USK Praha [77]: Jones 18/13r Vukosavljevic 16 Thomas 13/8r Conde 13 Vorackova 3 Fagbenle 2/6r
Avenida [56]: Cazorla 12 Reisingerova 11/6r Rodriguez 11 Carleton 8/7r Fasoula 4 Onyenwere 4 Vilaro 2 Gulbe 0 Nogic 0|tab=boxscore
Schio [75]: Ndour-Fall 21/8r Mabrey 20 Mestdagh 5 Howard 4/7r
Valencia [63]: Romero 15 Cox 14 Salvadores 10 Carrera 5 Gulich 4 Burdick 3


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