Overseas League Updates March 28th

Turkish League Round 25

The penultimate round of games was played on Tuesday, starting with Breanna Stewart leading Fenerbahce to a 110-54 win over Rize. Cukurova continued to rotate their squad as Tiffany Hayes paced them in an 81-68 win over Reshanda Gray and Orman. Antalya could not quite take control of their quest for safety as good games from Khaalia Hillsman and Feyonda Fitzgerald still left them short against Derin Yaya and Nesibe Aydin 97-72. Chennedy Carter, Channon Fluker, and Ozge Kavurmacioglu put on a show for Bursa in a 115-74 win over Ayse Cora and Cankaya University. Kayseri is still in trouble after an 80-61 loss to Galatasaray. Dana Evans and Besiktas fell to the new upstarts of their city and Nirra Fields 75-71.

Rize [54]: Brown 16 Benson 7/11r Morgan 3/6r
Fenerbahce [110]: Stewart 22/6r Onar 15 Sabally 14 Sacalir 13 Basaran 11/11r Stokes 10/14r Vandersloot 10

Orman [68]: Gray 24 Thomas 17/8a Gezgin 11 Jones 5 Ozelci 0
Cukurova [81]: Hayes 26 Williams 14/8r Takmaz 10

Antalya [72]: Hillsman 29/18r Fitzgerald 15/15a Wells 14/6r
Nesibe Aydin [97]: Yaya 20 Thomas 19/7a Hempe 16/6r Guner 13 Akalan 10/6r Duman 10

Cankaya Universitesi [74]: Cora 22/6r Zellous 17/6a White 12 Yalcinkaya 10/7r Oral 10
Bursa [115]: Carter 35/7r/11a Fluker 30/20r Kavurmacioglu 28/9r/6a

Galatasaray [80]: Yildizhan 15/12r McCowan 14/8r Akbas 13 Stevens 10 Canitez 5 Prince 5 Jurjane 4 Tanacan 0
Kayseri [61]: Weaver 18/6r Sonmez 15 Landrum 10/6r/8a Mokango 9

Besiktas [71]: Evans 22/7a Bayram 18/18r Imren 14 Billings 12/9r
Emlak Konut [75]: Fields 23/12r Lavender 19/10r Yavuz 14

1. Cukurova 23-2
2. Fenerbahce 22-3
3. Galatsaray 19-6
4. Botas 19-8
5. Emlak Konut 15-10
6. Nesibe Aydin 15-10
7. Besiktas 11-14
8. Cankaya Universitesi 9-16
9. Orman 9-16
10. Bursa 8-17
11. Antalya 7-18
12. Rize 6-19
13. Kayseri 6-19
14. Hatay 8-17

Hungarian League Quarterfinals Game 1

All four playoff series started on Tuesday with the next games set for Friday and DVTK had an easy 82-58 win over BEAC. PEAC certainly wanted to prove that their season was no fluke, but the more established Szekszard got the first win 69-64 behind Sydney Wallace. Sopron only has one focus now and started with an 84-64 win over Vasas with a big game from Ezi Magbegor. Gyor’s defense was not convincing against Panka Dul and MTK, but Peyton Williams and Debora Dubei gave them enough firepower to win 103-93.

DVTK [82]: Garbin 17 Guirantes 13 Jovanovic 12 Green 10 Aho 8
BEAC [58]: Green 16 Milkovics 10

PEAC [64]: Kiss 17/9r Wentzel 16 Gwathmey 10/9r Calhoun 9/8r
Szekszard [69]: Wallace 25 Goree 18/7r Krnjic 8/8r

Sopron [84]: Magbegor 25/6r Turner 15/8a Varga 13/7r Stankovic 10/6r Kunek 10
Vasas [64]: Pardee 17 Nunn 16/7r

Gyor [103]: Williams 24/6r Dubei 23 Ellenberg-Wiley 19/6a Ruff-Nagy 16/6a Oroszova 10/9r/6a
MTK [93]: Dul 24 Marshall 19/6r Pusztai 15 Hegedus 15 Manis 10



  1. Hi Andrew. Do you happen to know the rules for how many foreign players can play in the domestic Turkish League games? I know the rules just recently changed. It’s looking like it was 3 based upon the box scores. Also, does that number change when they go into the playoffs. Thanks!

    1. Yes, you are correct that it just changed this past offseason from 4 being allowed to suit up per game to 3. The rule extends for the whole season. Teams are also allowed to dress one player who is a naturalized Turkish citizen. The players in the league who meet that description right now are Quanitra Hollingsworth, Kiah Stokes, and Teaira McCowan.

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