Overseas League Updates March 30th

Turkish League Round 26

The last round of the regular season was played on Thursday with simultaneous tipoffs. Jaelyn Brown and Rize certainly had the chance to secure their own safety against Botas, which was locked into their seed, but they fell short against Sevgi Uzun and company 74-69. Emma Meesseman and Fenerbahce prevented Reshanda Gray and Orman from grabbing the last playoff spot after a 106-66 win. Tiffany Hayes and Cukurova will continue to have a crowded schedule with the playoffs pushing them to a 7 games in 13 days stretch after their 94-82 win over Antalya, which got great production from their foreign trio of Feyonda Fitzgerald, Khaalia Hillsman, and Kayla Wells as they steered clear of the drop. Galatasaray was able to rest key players and still win 64-62 over Nesibe Aydin. Lyndra Weaver and Juicy Landrum helped Kayseri to get the 76-66 win to keep them above danger while Tan White and Cankaya University still held on to the last playoff spot. Elif Bayram and Kubra Imren were able to lead Besiktas to an 86-70 win even with Chennedy Carter and Channon Fluker putting on one more show for Bursa.

Botas [74]: Uzun 24/12r/8a Gulcan 12/6r Cidal 11 Macaulay 9/6r Doyle 7
Rize [69]: Brown 25/16r Benson 18/12r Morgan 14

Fenerbahce [106]: Meesseman 28/12r/7a McBride 20 Onar 17 Iagupova 14/7r/8a Aydin 13 Stokes 4
Orman [66]: Gray 25 Gezgin 14 Jones 10 Ozelci 5/7r Thomas 5

Cukurova [94]: Hayes 24 Williams 14/7r Takmaz 13 Ozisik 11/8a Gray 10/11a
Antalya [82]: Fitzgerald 34/9a Hillsman 25/13r Wells 21

Nesibe Aydin [62]: Thomas 15 Yaya 10/6r Hempe 9
Galatasaray [64]: Jurjane 15/12r Akbas 11 Yildizhan 10/7r Bilgic 10 Canitez 8

Kayseri [76]: Weaver 32/14r Landrum 22/8a Mokango 13/7r
Cankaya Universitesi [66]: White 20/12r Cora 19 Zellous 11/6r Turk 2 Yalcinkaya 1

Bursa [70]: Carter 30/8r Fluker 15/27r Kavurmacioglu 12/11r
Besiktas [86]: Bayram 21/14r Imren 21/7a Topuz 16 Uzunoglu 12/12r/6a Billings 3

1. Cukurova 24-2
2. Fenerbahce 23-3
3. Galatasaray 20-6
4. Botas 18-8
5. Emlak Konut 16-10
6. Nesibe Aydin 15-11
7. Besiktas 12-14
8. Cankaya Universitesi 9-17
9. Orman 9-17
10. Bursa 8-18
11. Kayseri 7-19
12. Antalya 7-19
13. Rize 6-20
14. Hatay 8-18

Israeli League

Semifinals Game 2

Both series swapped venues for the second games on Thursday with the home teams needing wins to avoid falling into a big hole. Maccabi Ramat Gan was competitive, but still lost to Elina Babkina, Shakira Austin, and Elitzur Ramla 75-69. Alex Cohen and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough helped Maccabi Ashdod race past Alisia Jenkins, Jazmine Jones, and Ramat Hasharon to extend their lead.

Maccabi Ramat Gan [69]: Nared 17 Brown 15/7r Alleyne 12/16r Vaturi 10 Abboud 7
Elitzur Ramla [75]: Babkina 22 Austin 18/22r Baron 18 Clark 12 Danan 3 Fleischer 2
Elitzur Ramla leads series 2-0

Ramat Hasharon [80]: Jenkins 28/13r/8a Jones 24/7r Saar 11 Collier 7 Deluty 0
Maccabi Ashdod [104]: Cohen 24/8r Walker-Kimbrough 24/7a Hiedeman 19/7r/8a Cambage 14/7r Dayan 13 Sahar 8/7r Edelman 2
Maccabi Ashdod lead series 2-0

Lower Group Round 5

Even with one set of games left, the key game in this group was on Thursday with relegation at stake and Kelsey Bone and Kenisha Bell made sure that Hapoel Petah Tikva was the last safe team, defeating Promise Amukamara and Herzliya 76-57. Both teams went deeper into their rotations as Jennie Simms led Elitzur Holon to a 106-67 win over Danielle Adams and ASA Jerusalem.

Hapoel Petah Tikva [76]: Bone 23/15r Bell 20/6r/7a Muldrow 10/10r Purvis 10/7
Bnot Herzliya [57]: Amukamara 24/6a Richardson 13 Nyingifa 11/9r Zambrotta 2 Shea 0

ASA Jerusalem [67]: Adams 22/11r Wurtz 16/6r Turudic 10
Elitzur Holon [106]: Simms 30/11r/7a Raber 19/10r Hurt 18/6r Vashdi 15/6a Presley 10 Harden 5

1. Elitzur Holon 9-14
2. ASA Jerusalem 7-16
3. Hapoel Petah Tikva 6-17
4. Bnot Herzliya 5-18

Polish League Semifinals Game 4

After such an impressive start to the regular season, it was a tough exit from championship contention for Gorzow after they lost more key players to injury and lost to Lublin 65-51 on Thursday.

Lublin [65]: Taylor 18 Mack 12/11r Trzeciak 10 Zec 5
Gorzow [51]: Allen 15 Duchnowska 11
Lublin wins series 3-1


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