2020 WNBA Mock Draft Version 3.0

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We are now in March and normally around this time, the NCAA Tournament would be kicking off. Unfortunately due to the corona virus spreading across the world, the tournament was cancelled. It was for good reasons, although I, like many others were crushed since the NCAA tourney brings so many good memories and great performances. It also allows seniors to raise their stock and for the WNBA general managers to see what certain players are made of.

It also makes junior Megan Walker’s decision to join the draft early somewhat intriguing because there is still no word on whether or not the WNBA season will be cancelled and how they will deal with the draft which is happening in less than a month

I debated on whether or not to publish this latest version of the WNBA Mock Draft, but I thought my subscribers deserved a treat since I am not releasing it on Twitter and Instagram, so if you are viewing this post, it means you are viewing my blog and for that, I appreciate it. If you would like to view past versions (Version 1.0 and Version 2.0) you may do so here for Version 1.0 and here for Version 2.0. Thanks for your continued support!


  1. New York  Liberty- Sabrina Ionescu
  2. Dallas Wings – Satou Sabally
  3. Indiana Fever – Chennedy Carter**
  4. Atlanta Dream – Lauren Cox
  5. Dallas Wings – Megan Walker
  6. Minnesota Lynx – Tyasha Harris
  7. Dallas Wings – Ruthy Hebard
  8. Chicago Sky – Beatrice Mompremier
  9. Dallas Wings – Kiah Gillespie
  10. Phoenix – Mikiah Herbert Harrigan
  11. Seattle Storm -Crystal Dangerfield
  12. Washington –  Bella Alarie


  1. New York Liberty – Te’a Cooper
  2. Indiana Fever – Joyner Holmes
  3. Dallas Wings – Kathleen Doyle
  4. Minnesota Lynx – Nicki Ekhomu
  5. Atlanta Dream – Kaila Charles
  6. Phoenix Mercury – Mikayla Pivec
  7. Seattle Storm – Nausia Woolfolk
  8. Los Angeles Sparks – Haley Gorecki
  9. Dallas Wings – Leaonna Odom
  10. Los Angeles Sparks – Japreece Dean
  11. Connecticut Sun – Stephanie Jones
  12. Washington Mystics – Jocelyn Willoughby


  1. Atlanta Dream – Sara Rhine
  2. New York Liberty – Ciara Duffy
  3. Atlanta Dream – Becca Hittner
  4. Indiana Fever – Taryn McCutcheon
  5. Phoenix Mercury – Ja’Tavia Tapley
  6. Chicago Sky – Reili Richardson
  7. Seattle Storm – Katie Campbell
  8. Chicago Sky – Kylee Shook
  9. Las Vegas Aces – Jazmine Jones
  10. Los Angeles – Nadia Fingall
  11. Connecticut – Jordan Danberry
  12. Washington – Juicy Landrum


It is now the month of April and we are now officially two days away from the 2019 WNBA Draft. The WNBA Draft will be held in New York City and will be televised live on ESPN2. This is the final WNBA Mock Draft I will release on the blog. You can read the previous version here. Some players have gone up or down since the previous mock draft thanks to their play in the NCAA tournament. There’s a lot to look forward to in this coming week so without any further ado, listed below are the three rounds.

Round One

  1. Asia Durr – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Teaira McCowan – New York Liberty
  3. Kalani Brown – Indiana Fever
  4. Jackie Young** – Chicago Sky
  5. Napheesa Collier – Dallas Wings
  6. Arike Ogunbowale – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Kristine Anigwe – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Megan Gustafson – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Katie Lou Samuelson – Connecticut Sun
  10. Xu Han – Washington Mystics
  11. Alanna Smith – Atlanta Dream
  12. Bridget Carleton – Seattle Storm

Round Two

  1. Sophie Cunningham – Phoenix Mercury
  2. Brianna Turner – New York Liberty
  3. Maite Cazorla – Chicago Sky
  4. Jessica Shepard – Minnesota Lynx
  5. Eziyoda Magbegor – Dallas Wings
  6. Cierra Dillard – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Sam Fuehring – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Anriel Howard – Minnesota Lynx
  9. Hallie Thome – Connecticut Sun
  10. Kiara Leslie – Dallas Wings
  11. Kennedy Burke – Atlanta Dream
  12. Allazia Blockton – Seattle Storm

Round Three

  1. Paris Kea – Indiana Fever
  2. Kayla Goth – New York Liberty
  3. Marina Mabrey – Chicago Sky
  4. Kianna Ibis – Indiana Fever
  5. Amy Okonkwo – Dallas Wings
  6. Caliya Robinson – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Maci Morris – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Li Yueru – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Teniya Page – Connecticut Sun
  10. Kennedy Leonard – Washington Mystics
  11. Natisha Hiedeman – Atlanta
  12. Emese Hof – Seattle Storm

2019 WNBA Mock Draft Version 3.0

March Madness is officially underway, with the Sweet 16 games set to tip off on Friday. This also means that we have gotten another month plus some NCAA tourney games to watch certain draft prospects play. It also means since last month, the mock draft rankings have changed quite a bit since the last updated one. I will have a final WNBA Mock Draft which will be released next Thursday, so make sure to look out for that one.

First Round

  1. Sabrina Ionescu** – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Asia Durr – New York Liberty
  3. Teaira McCowan – Indiana Fever
  4. Jackie Young** – Chicago Sky
  5. Kalani Brown – Dallas Wings
  6. Napheesa Collier – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Arike Ogunbowale – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Katie Lou Samuelson – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Xu Han – Connecticut Sun
  10. Alanna Smith – Washington Mystics
  11. Megan Gustafson – Atlanta Dream
  12. Bridget Carleton – Seattle Storm

Second Round

  1. Sophie Cunningham – Phoenix Mercury
  2. Marina Mabrey – New York Liberty
  3. Kristine Anigwe – Chicago Sky
  4. Jessica Shepard – Minnesota Lynx
  5. Eziyoda Magbegor – Dallas Wings
  6. Cierra Dillard – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Maci Morris – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Anriel Howard – Minnesota Lynx
  9. Tynice Martin** – Connecticut Sun
  10. Kennedy Burke – Dallas Wings
  11. Brianna Turner – Atlanta Dream
  12. Kiara Leslie – Seattle Storm

Third Round

  1. Paris Kea – Indiana Fever
  2. Kayla Goth – New York Liberty
  3. Allazia Blockton – Chicago Sky
  4. Kitija Laksa – Indiana Fever
  5. Amy Okonkwo – Dallas Wings
  6. Hallie Thome – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Laura Stockton – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Morgan Bertsch – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Teniya Page – Connecticut Sun
  10. Kennedy Leonard – Washington Mystics
  11. Maite Cazorla – Atlanta Dream
  12. Zykera Rice – Seattle Storm

** – indicates that the player still has one year of college eligibility left.

2019 WNBA Mock Draft Version 2.0

The 2019 WNBA Draft is less than two months away from now and it’s starting to get really exciting as March and April are very busy for the women’s college basketball world and the WNBA world. Now that we are near the end of February, it’s time to release my second version of the WNBA Mock Draft. You can read the first version here. I will release another updated version next month in March, during the time of the NCAA Tournament. From now on, I have also listed college eligible juniors and international players.


  1. Las Vegas Aces – Sabrina Ionescu**
  2. New York Liberty – Asia Durr
  3. Indiana Fever – Kalani Brown
  4. Chicago Sky – Napheesa Collier
  5. Dallas Wings – Teaira McCowan
  6. Minnesota Lynx – Arike Ogunbowale
  7. Los Angeles Sparks – Katie Lou Samuelson
  8. Phoenix Mercury – Megan Gustafson
  9. Connecticut Sun – Jessica Shepard
  10. Washington Mystics – Jackie Young**
  11. Atlanta Dream – Kristine Anigwe
  12. Seattle Storm – Brianna Turner


  1. Phoenix Mercury – Sophie Cunningham
  2. New York Liberty – Marina Mabrey
  3. Chicago Sky – Natisha Hiedeman
  4. Minnesota Lynx – Anriel Howard
  5. Dallas Wings – Eziyoda Magbegor
  6. Minnesota Lynx – Tynice Martin
  7. Los Angeles Sparks – Alanna Smith
  8. Minnesota Lynx – Hallie Thome
  9. Connecticut Sun – Maci Morris
  10. Dallas Wings – Kennedy Burke
  11. Atlanta Dream – Bridget Carleton
  12. Seattle Storm – Kianna Ibis


  1. Indiana Fever – Maite Cazorla
  2. New York Liberty – Kayla Goth
  3. Chicago Sky – Allazia Blockton
  4. Indiana Fever – Kitija Laksa
  5. Dallas Wings – Amy Okonkwo
  6. Minnesota Lynx – Cierra Dillard
  7. Los Angeles Sparks – Laura Stockton
  8. Phoenix Mercury – Morgan Bertsch
  9. Connecticut Sun – Teniya Page
  10. Washington Mystics – Kiara Leslie
  11. Atlanta Dream – Kennedy Leonard
  12. Seattle Storm – Zykera Rice




2019 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0

The WNBA Draft is coming up in three months and with that in mind, I have released the first version of my WNBA Mock Draft. These versions of the mock draft will be updated monthly. Also, after the NCAA Tournament, the mock drafts will be updated weekly until the actual WNBA Draft.

NOTE:**This first version of the draft does not include international players and will be included in the next version. It also does not include possible early declaration players and possible WNBA Free Agency movement which impacts the draft. That will be in the later versions of the draft which will be out in March or April.


  1. Kalani Brown – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Asia Durr – New York Liberty
  3. Katie Lou Samuelson – Indiana Fever
  4. Napheesa Collier – Chicago Sky
  5. Teaira McCowan – Dallas Wings
  6. Jessica Shepard – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Arike Ogunbowale – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Megan Gustafson – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Sophie Cunningham – Connecticut Sun
  10. Alanna Smith – Washington Mystics
  11. Kristine Anigwe – Atlanta Dream
  12. Brianna Turner – Seattle Storm


  1. Natisha Hiedeman – Phoenix Mercury
  2. Marina Mabrey – New York Liberty
  3. Kianna Ibis – Chicago Sky
  4. Anriel Howard – Minnesota Lynx
  5. Maci Morris – Washington Mystics
  6. Kenisha Bell – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Danni Williams – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Hallie Thome – Minnesota Lynx
  9. Jenna Allen – Michigan State
  10. Kennedy Burke – Washington Mystics
  11. Bridget Carleton – Atlanta Dream
  12. Kennedy Leonard – Seattle Storm


  1. Kayla Goth – Indiana Fever
  2. Maite Cazorla – New York Liberty
  3. Allazia Blockton – Chicago Sky
  4. Kitjia Laksa – Indiana Fever
  5. Amy Okonkwo – Dallas Wings
  6. Ciara Duffy – Minnesota Lynx
  7. Morgan Bertsch – Los Angeles Sparks
  8. Laura Stockton – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Teniya Page – Connecticut Sun
  10. Kiara Leslie – Washington Mystics
  11. Rosemarie Julien – Atlanta Dream
  12. Zykera Rice – Seattle Storm

FINAL 2018 WNBA Mock Draft

Diamond DeShields. Photo courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

Well, this is it. We have reached the final week. The WNBA Draft tips off THIS Thursday at 7 pm on ESPN2. Make sure you tune in and watch. As for me, this is the final 2018 WNBA Mock Draft you will get from this blog. Thank you everyone for your constant support through out all of these WNBA mock drafts. I have received over 2,500+ views on all three previous versions which is mind blowing. So again, THANK YOU! And I am wishing all those draftees good luck as well as to the draft invitees and may your future be forever changed.


  1. A’ja Wilson (F) – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Kelsey Mitchell (G) – Indiana Fever
  3. Diamond DeShields (G/F) – Chicago Sky
  4. Azura Stevens (F) – Chicago Sky
  5. Jordin Canada (G) – Seattle Storm
  6. Gabby Williams (F) – Dallas Wings
  7. Victoria Vivians (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Lexie Brown (G) – Indiana Fever
  9. Kia Nurse (G) – Connecticut Sun
  10. Maria Vadeeva (C) – New York Liberty
  11. Monique Billings (F) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Marie Gulich (C) – Phoenix Mercury


  1. Stephanie Mavunga (C) – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Jaime Nared (F) – Indiana Fever
  3. Myisha Hines-Allen (F) – Connecticut Sun
  4. Jill Barta (F) – Atlanta Dream
  5. Ariel Atkins (G) – Minnesota Lynx
  6. Mercedes Russell (C) – Dallas Wings
  7. Tyler Scaife (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Loryn Goodwin (G) – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Roshunda Johnson (F) – Phoenix Mercury
  10. Shakayla Thomas (G) – New York Liberty
  11. Tyra Buss (G) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Katelynn Flaherty (G) – Minnesota Lynx


  1. Brooke McCarty (G) – Phoenix Mercury
  2. Natalie Butler (C) – Indiana Fever
  3. Vionise Pierre – Louis (C) – Atlanta Dream
  4. Morgan William (G) – Chicago Sky
  5. Rebecca Greenwell (G) – Seattle Storm
  6. Lexi Bando (G) – Dallas Wings
  7. Carlie Wagner (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Gabbi Ortiz (G) – Las Vegas Aces
  9. Linnae Harper (G) – Connecticut Sun
  10. Maria Jespersen (F) – New York Liberty
  11. Kaylee Jensen (C) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Raisa Musina (C) – Minnesota Lynx

WNBA Draft 2018: Your handy TV viewing guide to watching the draft.

The WNBA Draft is upon us. In just a couple of days, we will get to learn of new names, new faces who will become future stars of the WNBA. As an avid WNBA watcher for 10 years now, I think it’s time to unveil my TV viewing guide to those watching the WNBA Draft for the very first time.


  1. The WNBA Draft is a big event for the WNBA and for all the 12 teams. The draft invitees get treated like superstars that day. By the time the draft starts, the anxiety and nerves set in.
  2. There will be an ESPN crew to handle the draft. Usually it’s Rebecca Lobo + another analyst, Holly Rowe and Ryan Rucco plus LaChina Robinson. Their job is to moderate and comment on all of the draft picks immediately, especially in the first round.
  3. The WNBA commissioner will come out onto the stage and declare that the draft is now underway. The timer then sets to 3:00 minutes for the first round.
  4. The first round is made for TV so those 3 minutes between picks for talking EVEN when the draft pick is in.
  5. The ESPN crew will then discuss who the top prospects are. EX: A’ja Wilson, Azura Stevens, Jordin Canada.
  6. Expect LOTS of camera shots of A’ja Wilson. And on her coach Dawn Staley
  7. If Wilson goes as #1 pick, expect Holly Rowe to interview head coach Dawn Staley as well as presumed pick A’ja Wilson.
  8. When it’s time for the #2 pick, expect lots of camera shots of Kelsey Mitchell, Azura Stevens, Gabby Williams, etc.
  9. When that #2 player is announced, look at the other players faces. That’s always fun. Or look at the parents/families faces.
  10. Expect lots of words such as “potential”, “raw talent”, “can be a contributor right away” to be used.
  11. When Holly Rowe is interviewing players, expect her to ask these two questions, 1) Congratulations! How do you feel right now? and 2) What do  you feel like you can bring to Team X?
  12. We may or may not get war room shots of teams in the first round.
  13. The first round can be dramatic occasionally. Or it can go as planned. They usually finish the first round by the alloted time, however if it goes late, you have to quickly turn to ESPNU. Which most people don’t have. It’s usually the 11th or 12th pick that ends up in that situation.
  14. Trades. For whatever reason, everyone always thinks there’s so many TRADES that will happen. NO. I’m here to set the record straight. Yes, there may be trades, but expect only 1 or 2 in the first round. The rest can be done in the second or third round but it may not have an impact.
  15. Also, if there is a trade, the ESPN crew will acknowledge it and analyze the trade on the spot. You will get the analysts opinion right away.
  16. If you want constant updates on the draft order selection, do not trust the WNBA Twitter page. It can be slow and a bit behind. ESPN on TV for the first round is reliable. After that, they are barely announced. It’s on the score ticker below the screen.
  17. If you do want constant updates, trust one of the bloggers or reporters that are there live. They will be your best source that day.
  18. When that second round starts, usually ESPN does announce the first couple of picks. But after the 15th or 16th pick, they start interviewing coaches. Or players from the first round. Expect them to interview A’ja Wilson during this time. As well as head coach Bill Laimbeer of the Las Vegas Aces.
  19. More war room shots.
  20. The second and third rounds go by so fast. Like a blur. The draft is done in the alloted time.
  21. When it’s done and completed with, expect the next ESPN program to start immediately.
  22. For the most part, ESPN does do a great job of televising the WNBA Draft. But as an avid WNBA watcher & part time blogger I would love more. I would love for the second round picks to be announced. The same with the third round.