Wrapping up the 2016 WNBA season with a nod to the Los Angeles Sparks #wnba

It’s now been six days since Game 5 ended, and I’m still in shock. It was such a great game, intense series and to see the Sparks take the championship on the road was very fitting. I am so glad the WNBA decided to do this format because this wouldn’t have happened in previous years. Unless you are a Minnesota Lynx fan, you could not be any more happier for all the first time champions on the Sparks. The stories, the journeys, the injuries all made this Sparks team very special. Congrats to the LA Sparks, they fought with the Minnesota Lynx every step of the way and now can enjoy being the WNBA champion!

Moving along, this WNBA season was very unique and to me personally, it had shades of 2008 written all over it. The superstar rookie, really great legends and great games. Also, it was also interesting because many players retired this season, more than ever before. We said goodbye to Tamika Catchings, Lauren Jackson, Swin Cash, Delisha Milton Jones, Penny Taylor and Jayne Appel. That’s a LOT of greatness leaving the game. It’s bitter sweet to see that happen, but in a good sense, it means that young stars will now become the stars to watch for future seasons.

The only major gripe I had for the WNBA this year was the Olympics. I am totally on board with saying the US Olympic committee made a mistake leaving off both Parker and Oguwmike off the roster, but it got pretty tiring hearing about it in every story. I’m sure both Candace Parker and Nneka Oguwmike were upset, but they both moved on and focused on the season unlike the media. Also as a neutral observer, it got pretty annoying to deal with UCONN vs Tennessee when they’re hasn’t been any rivalry for a while now. But I guess that helps some fans deal with it, but for the rest of us it gets pretty old.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how this season went. The WNBA has a LONG way to go before we can reach NBA standards, but this season showed progress and just how much talent there is in the league and that if your not watching it, you are missing out.  With that, we say goodbye to the 2016 season and look forward to the 2017 season!

*Also for me on a personal level this season, there was more Twitter chatter over the season, I had way more followers and responses to this season than ever before. Sometimes my notifications would fill up and I couldn’t respond to anyone on time. So thank you to everyone who followed me, engaged with me via Twitter, etc. This season was by far the most interest I’ve had from my followers and others, so THANK YOU! I appreciate the support as a blogger and as a fellow tweeter.


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