Canada ends their FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament with win over Japan

miah-marie langlois

The Canadian Senior Women’s Team ended their FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament 3-0 as they narrowly defeated a fierce opponent in Japan. Japan, who has already qualified for the Olympics due to being the host nation did not make this game easy for the Canadians.

They tested the Canadians and the two sides continued to battle back and forth all game. Team Canada was led in scoring by Kia Nurse who had 19 points and Natalie Achonwa had another strong game in scoring with 18 points and 8 rebounds. Achonwa was named to the All Star 5 after the game. Belgian star and Washington Mystics player Emma Meeseman was named the tournament MVP.

It was a hard fought victory for Team Canada and in previous years, that would have been a loss. Yet, Canada’s resolve to finish undefeated stayed strong and they were able to weather the storm when Japan had a chance to win the game on a three pointer (although it would not count if it did go in). Canada had to earn this victory and they should feel good about themselves because even with nothing on the line, they still managed to win the game.

Japan, should also be credited as they are getting ready to host the Olympic Games. That is a tough squad and with more practice, they should be a dark horse favourite for a possible Olympic medal. The Canadian Senior Women’s National Team will now disperse and go back to their respective overseas teams/colleges/back to Canada.

Canadians should get behind this team as this is possibly the best team Canada has ever assembled with a mix of youth, veterans and defense. They should watch the games and cheer them on when the Tokyo 2020 Olympics begin.


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