ACTIVE WNBA PLAYER DATABASE – Who is Playing and who is not?

Washington Mystics, 2019 WNBA Champs.

This year, the WNBA season will be much different. All 12 teams will be housed in one location and all of the WNBA players and involved personnel will have to stay within one area. With all of that in mind, I decided to create an active WNBA Player Database to track every single signed player. I will update it every time we hear of a WNBA player that will not play until the day the WNBA officially tips off.

There are some notes within this document. For example, active players are marked in green and listed below, in the notes section, are listed players who chose not to play or are injured. They are marked in red. Every single time a WNBA player chooses not to play, I will move them down into the notes section and mark them with red.

Share and spread this document around to help those who want to write team previews (like myself!) or fans who want to know who will play this season. Bookmark this page and you will be able to view it at anytime. Remember, this document is ever changing. It may look different from week to week.




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