WNBA Players Scoring/Rebounds/Assists Milestones for the 2020 Season

diana taurasi and brittney griner

Another WNBA season is just days away now and with that said, it’s time to look at which WNBA players will hit scoring/rebounding/assists milestones this season. I have done this for many years now as I find it fascinating. My inspiration to start tracking these sites came from Kevin Brown, an avid WNBA fan’s website. He was the original in tracking these milestones. Then, Across the Timeline popped up. Kurtis, the owner also does a phenomenal job at tracking these milestones as well. He also focuses on other milestones too.

I, on the other hand, just track the big three milestones. Scoring, Rebounding and Assists. This season is a bit different. Instead of 34 games, the WNBA season is shortened to 22 games this year. This allows less time for players to hit their milestones, so there will be less players that will hit the milestones this season. Another note is that certain WNBA players have either elected to opt out or are medically exempt from playing this season, so their names will not be mentioned. You can view which WNBA players are playing at my ACTIVE WNBA PLAYER Database here.

In getting this information, I also looked at how viable the WNBA player’s chances were at reaching the milestone by looking at their past stats and weighed out their averages and chances that they could hit the milestone. For some players, I put them on the watch list which is below the milestones, so that if they are very close or close enough to reach the milestone, I will add them there. I plan on continuously updating this post, so be sure to check back every month or so to see the progress and see what WNBA players hit their milestones.




Diana Taurasi needs 69 points to reach 9000 points this season.


Amanda Zahui B needs 47 points to reach 1000 points this season.


Aerial Powers – 1000 points (7/30)

Elizabeth Williams – 1000 rebounds (7/31)

Riquna Williams – 2000 rebounds (8/1)

Kelsey Mitchell – 1000 points (8/7)

Chelsea Gray – 1000 points (8/7)

Cheyenne Parker – 1000 points (8/10)

Emma Meeseman – 1000 rebounds (8/11)
Kahleah Copper – 1000 points (8/12)
Candice Dupree – 3000 rebounds (8/13)
Dewanna Bonner – 5000 points (8/14)
Jasmine Thomas – 3000 points (8/14)

Kia Vaughn – 2000 points (8/24)

Stefanie Dolson – 2000 points (8/25)

Breanna Stewart – 1000 rebounds (8/25)

Allie Quigley – 3000 points (9/2)

Natasha Howard – 1000 rebounds (9/2)

Arike Ogunbowale – 1000 points (9/4)

Skylar Diggins-Smith – 3000 points (9/5)

Nneka Ogwumike – 2000 rebounds (9/6)

Kia Nurse – 1000 points (9/10)

Seimone Augustus – 6000 points (9/10)

Kayla Thornton – 1000 points (9/11)

Natasha Howard – 2000 points (9/11)


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