2022 WNBA Draft Version 1.0

Rhyne Howard - Kentucky.

Since I’ve released the 2021 WNBA Mock Draft, I’ve thought about releasing future WNBA Mock Drafts as well. There are just so many good and talented college as well as international players over the next few years, it’s hard not to think about them being on WNBA teams. So, I did a poll on Twitter and most of my Twitter followers said it was a good idea. So, here it is!

There is a BRAND NEW version of this WNBA Mock Draft that has the correct teams order. You can view it here.

I will also have a 2023 WNBA Mock Draft that will come out on Monday, followed by the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy these mock drafts. It’s fun to see the future of the WNBA and it is in great hands. Now, we just need expansion!



  1. Rhyne Howard – Kentucky
  2. Jessika Carter – Mississippi State
  3. Naz Hillmon – Michigan
  4. Christyn Williams – Connecticut
  5. Ashley Joens – Iowa State
  6. NaLyssa Smith – Baylor
  7. Elissa Cunane – NC State
  8. Cate Reese – Arizona
  9. Rae Burrell – Tennessee
  10. Destanni Henderson – South Carolina
  11. Olivia Nelson-Ododa – Connecticut
  12. Dorka Juhasz


  1. Sam Haiby – Nebraska
  2. Evina Westbrook – Connecticut
  3. Grace Berger – Indiana
  4. Veronica Burton – Northwestern
  5. Nia Clouden – Michigan State
  6. Queen Egbo – Baylor
  7. Lexi Hull – Stanford
  8. Sonya Morris – DePaul
  9. Joanne-Allen-Taylor – Texas
  10. Dara Mabrey – Notre Dame
  11. Monika Czinano – Iowa
  12. Lexi Held – DePaul


  1. Morgan Jones – Florida State
  2. Kourtney Weber – Florida State
  3. Victaria Saxton – South Carolina
  4. Sydney Wood – Northwestern
  5. Lotta Maj Lahtinen – Georgia Tech
  6. Kianna Smith – Louisville
  7. Blair Green – Kentucky
  8. Myah Selland – South Dakota State
  9. Leigha Brown – Michigan
  10. Taya Hanson – Arizona State
  11. Kayana Traylor – Purdue
  12. Elizabeth Dixon – Louisville


  1. Andra Espinoza Hunter should be in your draft she is a far better talent then alot of players on this

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