Upcoming WNBA coverage/International coverage for the 2021 season/Tokyo Olympics

2021 WNBA Season

The WNBA season is ONE week away now and that means that my WNBA coverage will begin. My WNBA coverage for the 2021 WNBA season will be in a few places. It can be hard to track it all down so I wrote this post to keep tabs of it all.

First of all, the WNBA weekly power rankings will be back at Hashtag Basketball. This will be the third year that I am contributing to Hashtag Basketball. Me and Eric Nemchock are dividing the WNBA teams and writing up weekly WNBA weekly rankings that will be published every Monday, so make sure you follow the Twitter account so you can get notified when they go live every Monday.

Second, I’m helping contribute to the New York Liberty coverage for NetsRepublic. This is my first year contributing to this site and I have written a few New York Liberty articles already for them. Expect that to continue as I will write articles, game previews, post game recaps, etc. It should be an interesting 2021 season for the Liberty and I look forward to helping the NetsRepublic team this season. Follow them on Twitter to stay updated on the New York Liberty this summer.

Third, I’m helping contribute WNBA articles/features for Her Hoop Stats. I’ve already started contributing articles for them and I look forward to continuing that this WNBA season. The articles will be posted biweekly (2x a month). I will also write features/articles on the Canadian Senior Women’s National Team that will be written in July and August when the Olympics take place.

Fourth, I will be posting WNBA weekly awards watch on my blog every week. I’ll keep track of all of the awards and who stood out every week during the WNBA season. This is new as I’ve never done this before. I think it’s unique and a neat idea to see who was the top performers during the WNBA season. Make sure to check back every Monday for the blog post.

Fifth, I will post about the Canadian Senior Women’s National Team on my blog by writing the game previews, game recaps and one or two features about the team. I plan on covering the team on what could be a historic Olympic year for the Canadian women. I plan on being here for every minute of it.

Sixth, I have a special project coming up that involves the WNBA and once the details are finalized, I will reveal more about it.

This is where you can find my WNBA and Tokyo 2020 Olympic coverage for this summer. Make sure you continue to tune in and help support the WNBA to new heights!



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