World Cup Semifinals September 30th

Both of the semifinals on Friday were matchups from the same region. In the battle of the Americas, the United States made it clear early that Canada still has work to do, winning 83-43. The merger of Asia and Oceania was supposed to be an opportunity for Australia to dominate a new area, but that has not proven to be the case. They had a chance to take a step towards that at home against a new threat, but China managed to escape with a 61-59 win to mark their own ascendency, though they had to play without their most consistent player this tournament.|tab=boxscore
Canada [43]: Amihere 8 Nurse 7 Carleton 6 Gilles 6 Kyei 4 Fields 3 Colley 3 Achonwa 2 Hill 2 Konig 2 Alexander 0 Hanson 0
United States [83]: Stewart 17/8r Wilson 15/12r Plum 14 Thomas 10 Jones 6/8r Atkins 6 Austin 4 Gray 4/8a Loyd 4 Ionescu 3 Laney 0 Copper DNP|tab=boxscore
Australia [59]: Whitcomb 15 Talbot 12/10r Magbegor 12/6r George 10 Tolo 6/8r Jackson 2 Wallace 2 Allen 0 Madgen 0 Blicavs 0 Garbin 0 Maley DNP
China [61]: Han 19/11r Yang 18 Wang 14 Li YR 4 Huang 4 Jin 2 Pan 0 Wu 0 Li Y 0 Zhang 0 Li M DNP Dilana DNP


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