EuroCup Qualifiers Game 1 October 5th-7th

The qualifiers for EuroCup started with three series opening on Wednesday. Each pairing will play two games, one at each team’s home, with the combined scores determining which team advances to group play and which team has their continental adventure end. The first game saw Lattes Montpellier figure that a young squad would get the job done in Croatia and they won 68-53 over Jelena Ivezic and Plamen Pozega to bring home a solid lead to France. Debora Carangelo and Sassari were scoring so much early that live stats were not working in Kortrijk as they won 96-51 to put themselves in good position when they play in Italy next week. Sam Van Buggenhout had a good game for Boom, but another Belgian team looks to be on the brink after their 102-62 loss to Julie Wojta, Gabija Meskonyte, and Gernika, which will host the next game in Spain.

Four more series started on Thursday. Jacqueline Luna-Castro had a good game for Dafni Agiou Dimitriou, but they could not come close to Hatay in a 99-58 loss in Greece. The first close game came in Slovakia as KeKe Calloway and Eleftheria Moschatou bring back a 72-71 lead to Greece after edging Iggy Allen and Banska Bystrica. Nobody knew quite what to expect when Chanion forfeited their Greek Cup game over the weekend, but they did host Bydgoszcz and head to Poland having lost 85-59. The day finished in the Azores with Dejza James and Grengewald Hueschtert holding a slight advantage for the next game in Luxembourg with a 52-49 win over Uniao Sportiva as they rode their starters hard.

Two series started on Friday afternoon in Israel to finish before sunset. Jennie Simms recorded a triple-double, and Courtney Hurt led Elitzur Holon in scoring to edge Anamaria Virjoghe and Esperides Kallitheas 78-73 to hold the advantage when they have to play on the road in Greece. Jaelyn’s good game for Csata was not enough as they will start trailing 70-62 when they host Ramat Hasharon in Hungary.

October 5|tab=boxscore
Plamen Pozega [53]: Ivezic 23 Marshall 9/8r/6a Muslim 8
Lattes Montpellier [68]: Marmillod 15/10r Zemoura 11/7r Tissot 11 Niang 10/8r Rabot 10|tab=boxscore
Kortrijk [51]: Juric 11 Mestdagh 8 Stojsavljevic 2
Sassari [96]: Carangelo 23/9r Holmes 17/7r Makurat 15 Thomas 13 Ciavarella 11 Gustavsson 8/6r|tab=boxscore
Boom [62]: Van Buggenhout 22/7a Williams 10/6r Bully 5 Herlihy 4/7r
Gernika [102]: Wojta 21/13r Meskonyte 21 Cvitkovic 13 Silva 12 Ygueravide 12 Buch 11/6a

October 6|tab=boxscore
Dafni Agiou Dimitriou [58]: Luna-Castro 27 Wells 17
Hatay [99]: Gatling 19/8r Canitez 19/7r Prince 12/10r/8a Akbas 11 Cora 11 Prince 9 Kepenc 0|tab=boxscore
Banska Bystrica [71]: Allen 22 Deura 16 Mandic 14/6r Janstova 13/10r
Eleftheria Moschatou [72]: Calloway 24/6r Brewer 18/7r|tab=boxscore
Chanion [59]: Coleman 17/6r Johnson 10/6r
Bydgoszcz [85]: Taylor 18/11r Marginean 15/7r Pyka 12 Kostowicz 8/10r Evans 6|tab=boxscore
Uniao Sportiva [49]: De Oliveira 18/8r Cerino 12/9r Lovett 2 Serranho 2 Murugarren 0
Grengewald Hueschtert [52]: James 21/8r Vuckovic 15/7r Logic 10/11r/7a

October 7|tab=boxscore
Elitzur Holon [78]: Hurt 21/10r Simms 17/12r/10a Harden 14/6r/7a Vashdi 11 Raber 10
Esperides Kallitheas [73]: Virjoghe 20/10r Higgins 19 Toeaina 19/9r Gounari 0|tab=boxscore
Ramat Hasharon [70]: Jenkins 17/16r Collier 15/10r Saar 15 Ivanovic 9
Csata [62]: Brown 23/9r Czank 15 Fuehring 7/10r Szabo 5


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