Turkish League Round 1 October 8th-9th

The season started with four games on Saturday. Shaqwedia Wallace had a good game for Antalya, but their roster was overmatched in a 78-49 loss to Pelin Bilgic and Galatasaray. Orman had the edge in foreigner production, leaning on Reshanda Gray and Riquna Williams, but Sevgi Uzun and Melis Gulcan got Botas the 89-79 win. Feride Akalan was fantastic from deep and that was just enough for Nesibe to edge Tyasha Harris, Tan White, and Cankaya University 83-81. The two league newcomers were matched up and Megan Walker helped the hosts send an early message with an 87-58 win over Rize.

On Sunday, Hatay had just a little more firepower as Markeisha Gatling led them past Emma Cannon and Bursa 75-62. Ezinne Kalu and Kayseri edged Besiktas 71-69 despite a strong game from Dana Evans. The weekend closed with a game that the federation probably assumed would be a good one with a finals rematch and an expected finals preview happening, but neither team was anywhere close to full strength. Cukurova had the better start with Fenerbahce only dressing seven players, but the hosts fought back and forced overtime to prevail 71-63.

October 8

Antalya [49]: Wallace 22 Boybeyi 15/8r
Galatasaray [78]: Bilgic 20 Nacickaite 15 Jurjane 8 Tanacan 4

Botas [89]: Uzun 25/7r/7a Gulcan 20/6r Slocum 14/10a Sventoraite 12 Gulcelik 11
Orman [79]: Gray 24/8r Williams 21/7r Dubljevic 14 Ozelci 5

Nesibe Aydin [83]: Akalan 24 Thomas 15/8a Yaya 13 Egbo 6/14r Nelson 4
Cankaya Universitesi [81]: Harris 30/6r White 21 Turk 6 Yalcinkaya 4 Turner 2/9r/7a

Emlak Konut [87]: Walker 21 Lavender 14/10r Ari 13 Fields 11
Rize [58]: Sherrill 18/16r Ozdemir 13 Hollivay 12

October 9

Bursa [62]: Cannon 27/9r Uca 12 Davis 10/6a Gultekin 10
Hatay [75]: Gatling 21/9r A. Prince 19/9r Canitez 8/8r E. Prince 6 Kepenc 2

Kayseri [71]: Kalu 20 Weaver 18/12r Sarauskaite 10/9r Yagan 10
Besiktas [69]: Evans 28/7a Reimer 13

Fenerbahce [71]: Onar 17 Howard 16/6r Cakir 11 Iagupova 9/7s Stokes 4
Cukurova [63]: Fitik 17 Fagbenle 12/11r Hayes 12/6r


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