Spanish Supercup October 8th-9th

The event that usually opens the season was played over the weekend. The more intriguing of the matchups was first on Saturday and it ended being Angela Salvadores who torched her former team Avenida to get Valencia the 83-71 win. Hosts Araski were the last team in the league to play a competitive game and they kept it close against Girona, but lost 76-69. Sunday’s final was a rematch of an opening league game and it ended up being fantastic as there were several dramatic swings, but Girona did enough in the end to repeat the midweek result and win 70-65 over Valencia.

October 8
Valencia [83]: Salvadores 31 Romero 13 Casas 11 Carrera 9/6r Gulich 9 Cox 5 Christinaki 0
Avenida [71]: Reisingerova 17 Rodriguez 11 McCall 9/11r Fasoula 9 Cazorla 9 Jefferson 5 Gulbe 3 Nogic 3 Vilaro 0
Araski [69]: Chagas 18 Holopainen 18 Atkinson 16/6r Asurmendi 10 Diarra 2 Van Den Adel 2
Girona [76]: Gardner 16 Labuckiene 12 Tolo 12 Drammeh 12 Murphy 5 Bradford 3 Flores 2/8a Cornelius 0

October 9
Girona [70]: Murphy 15 Gardner 13 Flores 12 Tolo 6 Cornelius 3 Bradford 2
Valencia [65]: Carrera 18/8r Salvadores 8 Gulich 7 Romero 7 Cox 6/7r Christinaki 0


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