Italian League Round 3 October 8th-9th

One game was played on Saturday as Sassari is also juggling continental play and they won 74-57 against Lucca. Sunday’s first game was an easy 96-61 win for Bologna over San Giovanni Valdarno behind Cheyenne Parker and Beatrice Del Pero. Crema continued to find the top division tough after falling to Astou Ndour-Fall and Schio 87-62. Campobasso had Robyn Parks and Chelsey Perry both firing, but Gaia Gorini and Sesto San Giovanni got the 76-75 win as they are finally on the path to being at full strength. Nina Dedic paced San Martino di Lupari in a 72-67 win over Moncalieri. Venezia added another piece to the puzzle, but it was Jessica Shepard leading them again in a 71-68 win over Kristine Anigwe and Ragusa. The league newcomers remain the only winless teams after Brixia’s 82-66 loss to Jori Davis and Faenza.

October 8
Sassari [74]: Holmes 17/8r Gustavsson 15/11r Carangelo 13 Ciavarella 13 Thomas 10 Makurat 6
Lucca [57]: Treffers 14/6r Morrison 13 Miccoli 11/6r Tulonen 3

October 9
Bologna [96]: Parker 23/7r Del Pero 23 Laksa 13 Zandalasini 11/7r/9a Pasa 10/10a Cinili 10
San Giovanni Valdarno [61]: Trasi 19/8r Garrick 17 Whitted 10
Crema [62]: Meresz 14/11r Dickey 14/7r Conte 13 Kaba 8/6r
Schio [87]: Ndour-Fall 21/6r Verona 19 Howard 11 Sottana 10 Penna 7 Mestdagh 3/9r Zahui B 3
Sesto San Giovanni [76]: Gorini 20/9r Dotto 14 Moore 10 Holmes 1
Campobasso [75]: Parks 29/6r Perry 20/6r Togliani 11
San Martino di Lupari [72]: Dedic 21/10r Washington 19/7r/6a Kaczmarczyk 12/10r Milazzo 11
Moncalieri [67]: Tagliamento 16/10r Katshitshi 16/8r Westbeld 15/8r Mitchell 12 Sagerer 2/6r
Ragusa [68]: Anigwe 20/7r Vitola 12 Ostarello 12 Hampton 9/6r Attura 4 Romeo 2
Venezia [71]: Shepard 26/6r Villa 15 Kuier 14/10r Santucci 6/6a Cubaj 2
Faenza [82]: Davis 26/6a Kunaiyi-Akpanah 18/13r Moroni 13 Hinriksdottir 9
Brixia [66]: Johnson 17 Zanardi 13/6a De Cristofaro 10 Miller-McCray 2


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