Polish League Round 1 October 8th-11th

The start of the season was a little scattered with only three out of five games scheduled for the first week. On Saturday, Gdynia welcomed Pruszkow to the top division with an 86-57 pasting. On Sunday, Natasha Mack and Lublin used a strong second half to win 72-68 over Sparkle Taylor and Bydgoszcz. Gorzow chose an interesting lineup composition this season and started well on Tuesday with Alanna Smith and Tilbe Senyurek firing them past Sleza Wroclaw 83-62.

October 8

Arka Gdynia [86]: Fontaine 16/6r Higgins 12/7r Kastanek 12 Thomas 11/8r Zytkowksa 10
Pruszkow [57]: Parysek-Bochniak 10/7r Berezowska 10

October 9

Lublin [72]: Mack 20/7r Stanacev 19/9r/9a Clouden 14 Palsson Glantz 0
Bydgoszcz [68]: Taylor 25 Kostowicz 16/9r Evans 8 Marginean 6

October 11

Gorzow [83]: Smith 27/9r Senyurek 26/9r Wadoux 15 Horvat 8 Allen 5
Sleza Wroclaw [62]: Small 17 Kurach 11 Jones 10/6r Jaworska 9


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