EuroCup Qualifiers Game 2 October 12th-13th

The qualifiers continued on Wednesday with teams earning spots in the regular season or getting eliminated. Grengewald Hueschtert brought home a lead to Luxembourg and Dejza James made sure it was enough as a 72-54 win pushed the final margin to 124-103 over Uniao Sportiva. Sassari already had a comfortable lead from the game in Belgium and just coasted in Italy behind Sam Thomas for a 68-56 win to eliminate Kortrijk 164-107. Gernika did not slow down, having Laura Spreafico lead them to a 92-51 win and a massive 194-113 aggregate score against Boom.

The rest of the series concluded on Thursday, starting in Greece with Elitzur Holon extending their narrow lead by halftime behind Jennie Simms on their way to a 90-80 win and a 168-153 aggregate margin over Esperides Kallitheas. Hatay brought home a substantial lead and had a strong second half to win this game 80-45 and create a 179-103 final margin. The game that had a close starting margin saw Iggy Allen and Banska Bystrica overturn the deficit and then do enough late to hold on to a 61-58 win and flip the aggregate to their favor 132-130. Bydgoszcz was another team with an easy task at home and an 84-54 win left them ahead of Chanion 169-113. After only fielding a few senior pros in the first game, Romane Bernies was joined by players including Haley Peters and Migna Toure and Lattes Montpellier put on a show with a 112-58 win over Jelena Ivezic and Plamen Pozega to advance 180-111. The last game had a close starting margin, but Charli Collier and Ramat Hasharon pushed it to a more comfortable difference and a 71-68 win moved the aggregate to 141-130 over Csata.

October 12|tab=boxscore
Grengewald Hueschtert [72]: James 32/8r Vuckovic 16/7r Logic 10 Hetting 6/7r
Uniao Sportiva [54]: Lovett 18/7r Serranho 9 Cerino 5/6r Murugarren 2 De Oliveira 2
Grengewald Hueschtert advances 124-103|tab=boxscore
Dinamo Sassari [68]: Thomas 20/8s Gustavsson 12/7r Ciavarella 10 Holmes 9
Kortrijk [56]: Joris 11 Mestdagh 11 Juric 10 Stojsavljevic 3
Dinamo Sassari advances 164-107|tab=boxscore
Gernika [92]: Spreafico 20 Buch 18 Silva 17/9r Meskonyte 14 Cvitkovic 9/10r Wojta 6
Boom [51]: Williams 15/8r Bah 11 Herlihy 2/8r Bully 2
Gernika advances 194-113

October 13|tab=boxscore
Esperides Kallitheas [80]: Higgins 18 Loukatou 11 Toeaina 10 Virjoghe 4 Gounari 0
Elitzur Holon [90]: Simms 24/13r/8a Hurt 19/10r Raber 18/11r Harden 17/10r/8a
Elitzur Holon advances 153-168|tab=boxscore
Hatay [80]: Gatling 16 Cora 14 A. Prince 10 Canitez 9/9r E. Prince 9 Kepenc 2
Dafni Agiou Dimitriou [45]: Wells 19/7r Luna-Castro 11
Hatay advances 179-103|tab=boxscore
Eleftheria Moschatou [56]: Calloway 19/6a Brewer 16/15r Karakasidou 10
Banska Bystrica [61]: Allen 28/13r Mandic 11/11r Deura 11/7r/10a
Banska Bystrica advances 132-130|tab=boxscore
Bydgoszcz [84]: Pyka 19/6a Marginean 15 Kostowicz 14/10r Taylor 7
Chanion [54]: Coleman 14/7r Johnson 14/6r C. Gerostergiou 5 M. Gerostergiou 0
Bydgoszcz advances 169-113|tab=boxscore
Lattes Montpellier [112]: Bernies 23/14a Peters 22/6r/6a Toure 21 Badiane 19 Zemoura 11
Plamen Pozega [58]: Ivezic 22 Muslim 12 Marshall 2
Lattes Montpellier advances 180-111|tab=boxscore
Csata [68]: Fuehring 19/7r Czank 13 Horvath 12 Szabo 5 Brown 3
Ramat Hasharon [71]: Collier 24/9r Ivanovic 14/8a Jenkins 12/14r Saar 10
Ramat Hasharon advances 141-130


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