EuroLeague Qualifiers Day 2 October 12th

The qualifiers continued on Wednesday, starting in Miskolc with DVTK’s big 75-54 win giving them a spot in the regular season. Botas will play Elitzur Ramla with EuroCup placement on the line on Thursday. One team dropping out elevated one team from the western qualifiers so the format was changed to a two-game series at each home site. Girona took the lead early in France, but Villeneuve-d’Ascq controlled the rest of the game to win 69-57 and carry a nice lead for their road game next week. Red Star is the host in Belgrade and made their debut, but fell to Khadijiah Cave and Sepsi 83-63. They now need a large win on Thursday to advance while their foes have to sit back and see what the result is to find out their destination.|tab=boxscore
DVTK [75]: Green 17 Garbin 14 Jovanovic 13/6r Guirantes 8 Aho 5
Botas [54]: Sventoraite 14/11r Slocum 12/6r Uzun 11/8a|tab=boxscore
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [69]: Burke 17/6r Salaun 15/6r Smalls 7 Ben Abdelkader 4
Girona [57]: Gardner 15 Tolo 14/6r Murphy 7 Cornelius 2 Bradford 0 Flores 0|tab=boxscore
Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe [83]: Cave 20 Jones 19 Jespersen 18/6r Mununga 9/10r Hristova 8 Kmetovska 0
Crvena zvezda [63]: Hall 13 Katanic 12 Jakovina 11 Aifuwa 4


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