Hungarian League Round 5 October 11th-17th

A game from Round 13 was moved forward to Tuesday as Sopron brought in another one of their offseason signings and was led by Brittney Sykes in a 90-62 win over Khaalia Hillsman and MTK. This round started on Friday as Sopron had released the news that they were not making all of their planned additions and won 61-41 over Szigetszentmiklos with one eye on trying to pick up the first trophy of their season next week. On Saturday, MTK won 68-61 over Samantha Cooper and Cegled. Virag Kiss led PEAC past Vasas 74-62. The day ended with Ana Vojtulek and Morgan Green firing BEAC to an 82-56 win over Pecsi. Gyor continues to look strong as Peyton Williams paced them in an 87-54 win over Timea Czank and Csata on Sunday. The round ended on Monday in Miskolc with DVTK coming off of their EuroLeague qualification and continuing their momentum after Arella Guirantes lifted them past Szekszard 75-74.

October 11
Sopron [90]: Sykes 20/8a Kunek 18/7r Stankovic 14/10r Brooks 14
MTK [62]: Hillsman 27/11r P. Dul 13 Marshall 7 Hegedus 6

October 14
Sopron [61]: Brooks 16 Sykes 15/7r Magbegor 12 Stankovic 5
Szigetszentmiklos [41]: Katona 17 Degbeon 10/14r Jones 5/12r Perez 0

October 15
MTK [68]: Hegedus 19 Hillsman 13/18r Marshall 12 Pusztai 10
Cegled [61]: Cooper 24/6r Turudic 18 Williams 13
Vasas [62]: Pardee 16 Szerencses 10 Nunn 8
PEAC [74]: Kiss 21/11r Katanic 12/6a Wentzel 12 Burdick 9/12r/8a Calhoun 8
Pecsi [56]: Zivaljevic 19 Williams 11
BEAC [82]: Vojtulek 28/15r Green 26/9r Angyal 13

October 16
Csata [54]: Czank 21/6r Fuehring 8/11r Szabo 3
Gyor [87]: Williams 20 Ellenberg-Wiley 17 Dubei 10 Mompremier 9/13r/6a Oroszova 2

October 17
DVTK [75]: Guirantes 27/7r Kanyasi 16 Green 10/11r Aho 6
Szekszard [74]: Vivians 16 Studer 14 Wallace 11 Goree 10/10r Hebard 10/7r


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