SuperCup October 18th

The game between the last winners of EuroLeague and EuroCup was played Tuesday in France. Bourges was trying to make it two trophies in a row for the winner of the less prestigious competition while Sopron was trying to show that roster changes should not affect the perception of their chances at a repeat. The hosts were playing their first competitive game of the season, just starting to get healthier, while the visitors have been playing domestic league games for nearly a month. The game ended up being a battle between post players and it was Kayla Alexander who helped Bourges extend their lead in the second half for a 65-44 win over Jelena Brooks and company.
Bourges [65]: Alexander 20/11r Guapo 16/6r Steinberga 7 Anderson 7/7a
Sopron [44]: Brooks 20/6r Sykes 10 Magbegor 8/6r Stankovic 0


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