EuroLeague Qualifiers Leg 2 October 19th

The last spot in the EuroLeague regular season was on the line on Wednesday. Girona had a deficit from the first game in France, but only cut into it slightly by halftime. They cut into it further in the third quarter and then completely controlled the final frame to win 66-43, flipping the final margin to 123-112 in their favor. Villeneuve-d’Ascq now drops in the last vacancy in EuroCup.|tab=boxscore
Girona [66]: Drammeh 14 Gardner 12 Tolo 7/6r Murphy 6 Bradford 5 Flores 4 Cornelius 3
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [43]: Diaby 12/7r Ben Abdelkader 7 Smalls 5
Girona advances 123-112


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