Hungarian League Round 6 October 21st-22nd

The round started with a pair of games on Friday. Virag Kiss and PEAC remained undefeated with a 78-67 win to keep Szigetszentmiklos searching for their first victory. Pecsi is also winless as Cegled pulled away late for an 82-56 win behind Samantha Cooper and Kiana Williams. Sopron bounced back from disappointment with a 78-44 win over Vasas on Saturday. Gyor got great games from Reka Dombai, Aaryn Ellenberg-Wiley, and Beatrice Mompremier to win 88-79 over Arella Guirantes and DVTK. Sam Fuehring had a good game for Csata, but Szekszard used two dominant quarters to win 84-63. The trio of Ana Vojtulek, Morgan Green, and Barbara Angyal did just enough to help BEAC edge past Panka Dul and MTK 83-82.

October 21
PEAC [78]: Kiss 25/8r Calhoun 18/6r Burdick 6/8r
Szigetszentmiklos [67]: Katona 18 Jones 14/13r Degbeon 13/6r Perez 5/6a
Cegled [82]: Cooper 26/10r Williams 20/6r/6a Turudic 16/9r
Pecsi [56]: Tenyer 12 Zsilinszki 11 Zivaljevic 11/6a

October 22
Sopron [78]: Brooks 16/7r Kunek 16 Sykes 13 Magbegor 8 Stankovic 6/7r
Vasas [44]: Smailbegovic 9 Pardee 6 Nunn 0
Gyor [88]: Dombai 24/7s Ellenberg-Wiley 22 Mompremier 21/9r Williams 7 Oroszova 2
DVTK [79]: Guirantes 23 Green 13/6r Garbin 11 Aho 5
Szekszard [84]: Vivians 18/8r Miklos 17 Hebard 16/7r Wallace 14 Goree 8/8r
Csata [63]: Fuehring 21 Horvath 16 Szabo 7/7r
BEAC [83]: Vojtulek 25/11r Green 25/6r/6a Angyal 24/8a
MTK [82]: P. Dul 20 Pusztai 19/8a Hillsman 15/10r Marshall 14/9r Hegedus 9


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