Turkish League Round 3 October 22nd-23rd

Another round of games started on Saturday with Cukurova getting closer to a full complement of options and a good debut from Jonquel Jones, but they still had to rally to win 73-70 against Jantel Lavender and the recently promoted upstarts. Neither team was at full strength when Bursa edged Reshanda Gray and Orman 65-62. Feyonda Fitzgerald led Antalya, which finally had their foreigner spots filled, in a 78-71 win over Tan White and Cankaya University. Kamile Nacickaite fired Galatasaray past their city rivals Besiktas 72-58. Jessica Thomas had a good game for Nesibe Aydin in an 83-68 win over Hatay. On Sunday, Ruth Sherrill and Rize were close to their first win, but Ezinne Kalu and Keyona Hayes helped Kayseri prevail 80-78. Fenerbahce found themselves completely surprised by Botas, losing 71-65 as they are starting to have to make decisions about how to deploy their lineup domestically.

October 22

Emlak Konut [70]: Lavender 22/12r Walker 17 Fields 14/6r/6a
Cukurova [73]: Jones 26/13r Fitik 14/6a Hayes 12 Fagbenle 9/7r

Bursa [65]: Davis 18/6r Cannon 17/11r Gultekin 14
Orman [62]: Gray 28/8r Gezgin 12 Ozelci 5/8r

Antalya [78]: Fitzgerald 30 Wallace 16/10r Nyingifa 13/8r
Cankaya Universitesi [71]: White 24/11r Harris 15 Turk 11 Ugur 10 Yalcinkaya 4/7r Turner 0/11r

Galatasaray [72]: Nacickaite 23/9r Bilgic 17 Stevens 12/13r Coates 11/9r
Besiktas [58]: Bayram 14 Reimer 12 Evans 11 Tasar 10

Nesibe Aydin [83]: Thomas 24/8a Egbo 18/14r Nelson 17 Akalan 13/7r
Hatay [68]: A. Prince 17/8r Gatling 16/10r E. Prince 12 Canitez 2

October 23

Kayseri [80]: Kalu 27/7s Hayes 21/12r Weaver 16/8r Tonguc 11
Rize [78]: Sherrill 22/14r Ozdemir 18/6r/8a Zohnova 18 Ozcan 13/9a Hollivay 2

Botas [71]: Uzun 18/6r/7a Cidal 14 Macaulay 12/6r Sventoraite 11 Slocum 2
Fenerbahce [65]: Howard 16/6r McBride 15/6r Iagupova 11 Onar 11 Cakir 2 Stokes 0/6r

1. Nesibe Aydin 3-0
2. Galatasaray 3-0
3. Fenerbahce 2-1
4. Emlak Konut 2-1
5. Hatay 2-1
6. Cukurova 2-1
7. Botas 2-1
8. Bursa 2-1
9. Kayseri 2-1
10. Antalya 1-2
11. Orman 0-3
12. Cankaya Universitesi 0-3
13. Rize 0-3
14. Besiktas 0-3


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