French League Round 1 October 29th-30th

The regular season started with a number of games in the traditional Saturday night timeslot. Alexis Peterson looks to lead Angers again, but Lattes Montpellier left with a 70-64 win. Bourges started their title defense with an 84-68 win over Roche. Oderah Chidom had a fantastic debut for Saint-Amand to lead them past Brianna Fraser and Charleville-Mezieres 76-73. Newly-promoted Toulouse is projected to struggle, but that did not look to be the case in the opener when they recorded an impressive 81-69 win over Regan Magarity and Landes. Both teams were playing their first competitive games as Tarbes managed to grind out a 54-49 win over Landerneau. The Sunday game was a good one with Janelle Salaun playing well for Villeneuve-d’Ascq, but Lyon still left with the 76-72 win.

October 29
Angers [64]: Peterson 24 Lacan 15 Bailey 9/7r Cornelie-Sigmundova 5/10r Jakubcova 0
Lattes Montpellier [70]: Toure 17 Badiane 14/8r Peters 12/8r
Roche [68]: Pouye 16/6r Clarke 12 Suarez 12/6a Mosqueda-Lewis 4
Bourges [84]: Astier 15 Anderson 14/6r Alexander 11/6r Guapo 10
Charleville-Mezieres [73]: Fraser 21 Milic 16 Chevaugeon 14 Konig 10 Engstler 5 Hruscakova 0
Saint-Amand [76]: Chidom 27 Thompson 11 Limouzin 10/6r Kucowski 5/6r
Toulouse [81]: Loyd 17/8r Strunc 15 Gueye 14 Huff 12 Lambert 11/6a
Landes [69]: Magarity 20/6r Paget 19 Akahator 8 Mann 7 Fauthoux 4/6a Dumerc 3
Tarbes [54]: Isabelle Yacoubou 14/17r Leite 13 Ewodo 10 Foppossi 5
Landerneau [49]: Davis 13/10r Nunn 8/8r Wells 1/7a

October 30
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [72]: Salaun 21/6r Diaby 16/9r Ben Abdelkader 14 Diallo 10 Small 7/6r
Lyon [76]: Quevedo 19 Dietrick 15 Chartereau 12/9r Jocyte 10 Johannes 5/7r


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