Polish League Round 5 October 26th-30th

The last game from the last round was played on Wednesday and Pruszkow’s struggles continued with an 88-56 loss to Poznan. This round started on Saturday with Sleza Wroclaw’s 76-70 win in Poznan as Julia Drop dropped 16 dimes with only 2 turnovers. Pruszkow got closer to a win on Sunday, but Sparkle Taylor and Stephanie Kostowicz helped Bydgoszcz prevail 85-80. Alexis Jones continued to pace Torun, but Arka Gdynia rolled to a 78-51 win. Polkowice looked to establish themselves as the league favorite again, but Alanna Smith and Gorzow rallied in the second half to win 72-69. Batabe Zempare led Zaglebie Sosnowiec past Aleksandra Stanacev and Lublin 79-71.

October 26

Pruszkow [56]: Parysek-Bochniak 14
Poznan [88]: Dodson 19/8r Sutton 16/8a Popovic 16 Skobel 13 Marciniak 11/10r Rymarenko 10/12r

October 29

Poznan [70]: Dodson 18/17r Skobel 14 Sutton 10/7a Popovic 10
Sleza Wroclaw [76]: Drop 17/16a Jones 15/9r Kurach 13/8r Jakubiuk 12 Stefanczyk 10 Small 4/6r Jaworska 0

October 30

Bydgoszcz [85]: Taylor 31/6r/6a Kostowicz 23/20r Michalek 10 Evans 8 Marginean 2
Pruszkow [80]: Parysek-Bochniak 18 Papiernik 15/8a Marciniak 12/11r

Torun [51]: Jones 21/7r Stankiewicz 12 Grays 3
Arka Gdynia [78]: Borkowska 18/6r Gorecki 13 Higgins 10/6r Thomas 7 Kastanek 5 Fontaine 3

Gorzow [72]: Smith 20/12r Allen 17/10r/7a Keller 11 Horvat 10
Polkowice [69]: Mavunga 19/15r Spanou 14 Turner 10

Lublin [71]: Stanacev 23/6a Clouden 19 Mack 13/14r Zietara 10 Paulsson Glantz 0
Zaglebie Sosnowiec [79]: Zempare 26/12r Dornstauder 16/15r Mistinova 14/6r


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