EuroLeague Round 2 November 2nd-3rd

Group A:

Another full slate of games was played on Wednesday in this group, starting with Megan Gustafson’s latest big game for Olympiacos not being enough in their 83-70 loss to Artemis Spanou and Polkowice. The game of the day by far went into double overtime before Cyesha Goree and Victoria Vivians were able to help Szekszard spring a 103-101 upset with Fenerbahce not having their ideal roster, but still getting plenty of scoring from Natasha Howard and Kayla McBride. Neither team had all their players available, but Valeriane Vukosavljevic provided scoring alongside Alyssa Thomas’s usual contributions for USK Praha in an 83-76 win over Valencia. A good game from Cecilia Zandalasini was not enough for Virtus Bologna to fend off Bourges, which left with a 64-61 win.–BC-Polkowice#|tab=boxscore
Olympiacos [70]: Gustafson 30/7r Ayuso 15/6a Shook 9 Strautamane 9 Stamolamprou 1
Polkowice [83]: Spanou 27/11r Mavunga 12/10r Telenga 10/7r Friskovec 10 Gertchen 10 Turner 9/6r|tab=boxscore
Szekszard [103]: Goree 30 Vivivans 25/7r/8a Studer 16/9a Wallace 16 Hebard 11/12r
Fenerbahce [101]: Howard 28/10r McBride 28/6r Cakir 15 Raca 9 Stokes 6/8r|tab=boxscore
Valencia [76]: Gulich 18 Cox 12/10r Salvadores 12 Romero 8 Carrera 7 Christinaki 0
USK Praha [83]: Vukosavljevic 33 Thomas 22/10r/7a Conde 12/10r|tab=boxscore
Virtus Bologna [61]: Zandalasini 22/8r Dojkic 13 Rupert 10/13r Parker 6/6r Laksa 5
Bourges [64]: Anderson 13 Steinberga 13 Astier 11 Alexander 10/12r

Group B:

This group’s first game was in Mersin as Cukurova got closer to full strength and had Jonquel Jones back and at her best, but Sopron showed that they are still the defending champions by using a dominant second half to win 75-50. The second half was also the storyline in Salamanca with Julia Reisingerova helping Avenida roll to an 81-57 win over Landes. Girona looked strong in an 83-63 win over Schio. The lone Thursday game saw Ziomara Morrison and Mechelen jump out to an early lead in Miskolc only to give it up and nearly win dramatically before falling 79-78 to DVTK.|tab=boxscore
Cukurova [50]: Jones 20/10r Bonner 10/8r Hollingsworth 9 January 5 Fagbenle 4
Sopron [75]: Brooks 19/6r/6a Sykes 18/8r/12a Kunek 12 Magbegor 10 Stankovic 0/7r|tab=boxscore
Avenida [81]: Reisingerova 21/9r Fasoula 18/7r Crvendakic 13/12r Cazorla 13/6a Rodriguez 9/6r Vilaro 4/6r Gulbe 3 Nogic 0
Landes [57]: Roumy 11 Magarity 10 Paget 10 Fauthoux 6 Mann 5 Akhator 4|tab=boxscore
Girona [83]: Gardner 14 Murphy 11 Araujo 10/8r Drammeh 10 Flores 9 Cornelius 9 Bradford 5 Tolo 4/8r
Schio [63]: Mabrey 13/7r Howard 12/7r Ndour-Fall 11/10r Mestdagh 8 Penna 6 Zahui B 2|tab=boxscore
DVTK [79]: Guirantes 18/6r Jovanovic 15/6r Bernath 13 Green 10 Aho 6
Mechelen [78]: Morrison 21/6r Bertsch 15 Berkani 14 Rembiszewska 11


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