EuroCup Round 2 November 2nd-3rd

Group A:

The game on Wednesday in this group saw Crvena zvezda take an early lead only for Nia Clouden and Lublin to control the rest of the proceedings for an 83-57 win. On Thursday, Panathinaikos tweaked their lineup and gave Pinelopi Pavlopoulou a backcourt running mate to help them win 76-62 at Ramat Hasharon.|tab=boxscore
Lublin [83]: Clouden 22 Mack 17/17r Kosla 13 Paulsson Glantz 0
Crvena zvezda [57]: Hall 17/6r Jakovina 10 Aifuwa 3/6r|tab=boxscore
Ramat Hasharon [62]: Ivanovic 16 Collier 15/10r Karsh 14 Jenkins 8/11r Saar 4
Panathinaikos [76]: Pavlopoulou 24 Carter 19 Reed 14/6a Sotiriou 14

Group B:

On Wednesday, Sierra Calhoun and PEAC surged out of halftime to win 78-58 over Elitzur Ramla. Beroe challenged Hatay early in the first game on Thursday, but Alexis Prince and Markeisha Gatling led the hosts to a 93-73 win.|tab=boxscore
PEAC [78]: Calhoun 22/7r Kiss 15/10r Wentzel 13 Burdick 12/21r Katanic 12
Elitzur Ramla [58]: Austin 14/8r Babkina 13 Mosby 12/10r Lisowa Mbaka 10/6r Baron 2 Fleischer 0 Danan 0|tab=boxscore
Hatay [93]: A. Prince 24/11r Gatling 23/9r Cora 18/8r E. Prince 13/8a/6s Kepenc 3 Canitez 1
Beroe [73]: Ivanova 19 Kocheva 16/10a Dineva 15 Rosten 10/6r

Group C:

Both games in this group were on Thursday, starting with Lindsay Allen taking on a bigger scoring role than usual to lead Gorzow past Azura Stevens and Galatasaray. The battle of Slovakian teams was an easy 85-51 win for Ke’Shunan James and Piestanske Cajky against Banska Bystrica.|tab=boxscore
Gorzow [78]: Allen 24/6a Smith 16/13r Senyurek 16/12r Horvat 12 Wadoux 10
Galatasaray [71]: Stevens 26 Nacickaite 18 Coates 11 Alben 10 Jurjane 2|tab=boxscore
Banska Bystrica [51]: Allen 15/7r Deura 14 Mandic 9/7r Striesova 4
Piestanske Cajky [85]: James 29/6r Andelova 17 Mandic 10/9r Moracikova 10/6r

Group D:

Wednesday started in this group as Riquna Williams paced Orman in a 69-61 win over Arka Gdynia. Sparkle Taylor and Bydgoszcz built a big lead early on Thursday for an 89-53 win over Arad.|tab=boxscore
Orman [69]: Williams 26/11r Gray 16/10r Ozelci 3
Arka Gdynia [61]: Fontaine 12 Kastanek 12 Borkowska 10 Thomas 7/6a Higgins 0|tab=boxscore
Bydgoszcz [89]: Taylor 23 Evans 15/8r Michalek 15 Miljkovic 14 Marginean 5 Kostowicz 4/9r
Arad [53]: Baptiste 16/9r Madden 13/8r Racic 12/7r Akathiotou 5

Group E:

A good game from Jessica Thomas was not enough for Nesibe on Wednesday as Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe pulled away from a 70-56 win. On Thursday, Elitzur Holon decided to further strengthen their lineup for this competition and Jennie Simms had a triple-double in a game she could play in as Daniel Raber and Courtney Hurt helped them win 86-74 over Emma Cannon, Ferda Yildiz, and Bursa.|tab=boxscore
Nesibe Aydin [56]: Thomas 22 Akalan 10 Egbo 9/13r
Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe [70]: Jespersen 17 Jones 16 Hristova 14 Mununga 9/21r Cave 8 Kmetovska 0|tab=boxscore
Elitzur Holon [86]: Raber 21/6r Hurt 20/7r Simms 17/17r/12a Gorsic 12/6r Harden 11/7a
Bursa [74]: Cannon 25/15r Yildiz 23 Davis 14/7a

Group F:

Gyor continued their roll on Wednesday with a 72-65 win over Sevgi Uzun and Botas. Thursday’s game was in Vilnius as Kalani Brown and Maccabi Ashdod left with a 76-64 win over Laura Juskaite and Kibirkstis.|tab=boxscore
Gyor [72]: Mompremier 19/17r Dubei 18 Dombai 10/6r Ellenberg-Wiley 7 Oroszova 6/8r Williams 2
Botas [65]: Uzun 23/6a Macaulay 15/15r Sventoraite 12 Slocum 4|tab=boxscore
Kibirkstis [64]: Juskaite 20/6r Petronyte 18/17r Mazionyte 0
Maccabi Ashdod [76]: Brown 26/8r Cohen 12 Walker-Kimbrough 11/11r/6a/6s Sahar 11 Jakobsone 11 Dayan 3

Group G:

Both games in this group were on Thursday as each team relied on their starters in the first contest with Courtney Range firing Fribourg to a 94-84 win over Diddeleng. The week ended with Benfica’s 63-51 win over Aaliyah Wilson and Namur.|tab=boxscore
Diddeleng [84]: Winton 19/7r/9a Compton 18/6r Etute 12/10r Geniets 12 Mossong 6
Fribourg [94]: Range 33/10r Fora 18/7r Reynolds 17/9r/8a Nikitinaite 10/7r/6a|tab=boxscore
Benfica [63]: Monteiro 17/7r Warley 11/7r Rodrigues 11 Alves 6 Soeiro 5/6a
Namur [51]: Wilson 22 Vaughn 13/11r Asoro 7 Kjartansdottir 0

Group H:

Both games in this group were on Wednesday as Reyer won 76-59 at Gernika and Estudiantes defeated Keltern 67-53.|tab=boxscore
Gernika [59]: Williams 12/7r Wojta 11/7r Spreafico 11 Silva 10 Cvitkovic 4
Reyer Venezia [76]: Kuier 17/6r Shepard 14/6r Delaere 13 Villa 10 Santucci 7 Cubaj 0|tab=boxscore
Estudiantes [67]: Be. Massey 13/6r Fingall 12 De Santiago 12 Mollenhauer 9 Pulliam 8
Keltern [53]: Mayombo 14 Wilke 13 Kiss-Rusk 10 Hartmann 5 Brown 4/10r Webb 0

Group I:

Both games in this group were on Wednesday as Braine won 76-52 over Grengewald Hueschtert. A battle of league rivals in Spain went to Zaragoza 56-55 over Laura Pena and Sedis.|tab=boxscore
Grengewald Hueschtert [52]: James 18/7r Logic 14/6r Vuckovic 6 Hetting 0
Braine [76]: Lelik 17/7r Lindstrom 13/9r Uro-Nile 12 Fogg 11/6r Devos 4|tab=boxscore
Zaragoza [56]: Fiebich 19 Ortiz 12/8r Tate 8/6r Geldof 4 Grande 3 Alonso de Armino 2
Sedis [55]: Pena 20 Tunstull 13 Brotons 5 Raventos 4 Pujol 0/7r Strautmane 0 Kostourkova 0 Koenen 0

Group J:

This game had both games on Thursday as Villeneuve-d’Ascq left Sassari with a 77-56 win over Dinamo. London Lions took the lead for good after the break to win 90-79 against Roche.|tab=boxscore
Dinamo Sassari [56]: Gustavsson 12 Holmes 11/11r Makurat 9 Thomas 7
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [77]: Smalls 18/6r Salaun 16/9r Diaby 11/11r Ben Abdelkader 11/6r|tab=boxscore
London Lions [90]: Winterburn 19/7r/9a Herbert Harrigan 18 Battle 14/8r Snytsina 14 Murray 12 Leonard 7 Norton 6 Charles 0
Roche [79]: Suarez 17 Geiselsoder 14 Pouye 13/12r Mosqueda-Lewis 13 Clarke 4 Mbandu 0

Group K:

Joy Brown and Mariam Coulibaly led Ibaeta past Brno 91-80 on Wednesday. The two French teams met on Thursday and it was Haley Peters helping Lattes Montpellier past Alexia Chartereau and Lyon 80-74.|tab=boxscore
Ibaeta [91]: Brown 21/14r Coulibaly 21/7r Almendro 19 Diaz 12 Lass 7/6r Esnal 2 Cardano-Hillary 2 Soriano 0
Brno [80]: Holmes 14 Zaplatova 13/6a Cunane 11/6r Stoupalova 11 Knezevic 10|tab=boxscore
Lattes Montpellier [80]: Peters 22/7r Vanloo 18/7a Toure 12 Badiane 10/9r
Lyon [74]: Chartereau 20/10r Johannes 18 Quevedo 16 Malonga 10 Dietrick 4/9a Jocyte 4

Group L:

Brianna Fraser and Charleville-Mezieres took the lead early in the first game on Wednesday and rolled past Ragusa 78-47. Later, Leila Lacan announced her presence on the club scene in Angers’s 89-64 win over KP Brno.|tab=boxscore
Ragusa [47]: Hajdin 11 Miloglav 6
Charleville-Mezieres [78]: Fraser 20/8r Milic 18/11r Tanqueray 11 Engstler 4 Konig 4 Tahane 2/6r|tab=boxscore
Angers [89]: Lacan 22 Peterson 17/7a Elenga 15 Cornelie-Sigmundova 8/9r Bailey 6 Jakubcova 6
KP Brno [64]: Galickova 16/6a Malikova 13 Kopecka 10 Fadrhonsova 4


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