Overseas League Coverage November 7th

Turkish League Round 5 November 5th-7th

Most of the games in this round were on Saturday, starting with Feyonda Fitzgerald and Antalya keeping Taya Reimer and Besiktas winless 73-52. Down a foreign player, Lyndra Weaver and Kayseri put up a credible effort against Cukurova, but lost 83-65. Botas won 65-60 while Riquna Williams helped Orman hand Nesibe Aydin their first loss 69-62. Kayla McBride and Serife Onar helped fire Fenerbahce past Emma Cannon and Botas 98-62 on Sunday. Tweaking the lineup made things a little bit closer than expected for undefeated Galatasaray against Sumeyya Ozcan and winless Rize, but they still prevailed 75-70. A fantastic game by Tyasha Harris was not enough for Cankaya University on Monday as Alexis Prince and Hatay won 76-71.

November 5

Antalya [73]: Fitzgerald 25/10r Nyingifa 16/6r Wallace 15/9r
Besiktas [52]: Reimer 20/18r Bayram 11/9r Topuz 11 Evans 2

Kayseri [65]: Weaver 21/7r Hayes 18/9r Sonmez 16
Cukurova [83]: Fagbenle 16/9r Fitik 13 Jones 12/10r/6a Atas 11 Bonner 7/8r/8a

Emlak Konut [60]: Fields 16 Walker 14/7r Lavender 12/9r
Botas [65]: Uzun 19/6s Macaulay 18/16r Slocum 12 Gulcan 10

Nesibe Aydin [62]: Egbo 17/8r Duman 12 Nelson 11/9r Thomas 8
Orman [69]: Williams 24/9r Gray 17/9r Gezgin 14 Ozelci 3

November 6

Bursa [62]: Cannon 20/8r Yildiz 16 Davis 10
Fenerbahce [98]: McBride 26/8r Onar 21/6a Howard 19/11r Stokes 6 Cakir 6

Galatasaray [75]: Coates 19/15r Bilgic 15 Nacickaite 13/9a Alben 12/7a Jurjane 6
Rize [70]: Ozcan 21/7r Sherrill 17/7r Benson 14

November 7

Cankaya Universitesi [71]: Harris 33/6a White 18/7r Turner 2/14r Turk 3 Yalcinkaya 2
Hatay [76]: A. Prince 21/8r Prince 16 Akbas 15 Basaran 13/11r Gatling 8/12r Canitez 0

1. Galatasaray 5-0
2. Nesibe Aydin 4-1
3. Fenerbahce 4-1
4. Cukurova 4-1
5. Botas 4-1
6. Hatay 3-2
7. Emlak Konut 2-3
8. Orman 2-3
9. Kayseri 2-3
10. Bursa 2-3
11. Antalya 2-3
12. Cankaya Universitesi 1-4
13. Rize 0-5
14. Besiktas 0-5

Israeli League Round 4 November 7th

This round was played fully on the traditional Monday, starting with Kaila Charles and Hapoel Rishon Lezion playing down an import, but still rallying late to nearly surprise undefeated Maccabi Ashdod, which edged proceedings 79-78 behind Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Kalani Brown. Brittany Brown has already put up some pretty impressive statlines and got the elusive triple-double with Jillian Alleyne scoring plenty for Maccabi Ramat Gan in their 90-77 win over Hapoel Petah Tikva. ASA Jerusalem is just relying on Taylor Wurtz and Danielle Adams right now while Elitzur Holon is having to shuffle lineups by competition and it was Courtney Hurt who paced the visitors in an 86-66 win. Ramat Hasharon finally picked up their first league win 78-58 over a Herzliya team that at least got Briana Day in the lineup and looking strong. Amy Okonkwo and Tal Lev led a Maccabi Haifa team that was impressive in handing Shakira Austin and Elitzur Ramla their first loss 97-75.

Maccabi Ashdod [79]: Walker-Kimbrough 25/7r Brown 24/10r Cohen 13/8r Sahar 9 Dayan 6/7a Edelman 2
Hapoel Rishon Lezion [78]: Charles 20/11r Hooper 18/9r Zipel 18 Karsh 11

Maccabi Ramat Gan [90]: Alleyne 32/13r Brown 19/10r/15a Caldwell 17/8r Vaturi 11
Hapoel Petah Tikva [77]: Bell 15/7r Bellock 12 Cowling 12 Roth 12/6a Purvis 8

ASA Jerusalem [66]: Wurtz 24/10r Adams 23/15r
Elitzur Holon [86]: Hurt 21/9r Raber 15/7r Tolefree 14 Harden 12/12a Kabada 11/6r Presley 6/6a

Ramat Hasharon [78]: Jones 19/9r/6a Jenkins 16/11r Saar 9 Collier 8/7r Deluty 6
Bnot Herzliya [58]: Day 21/14r Richardson 11/8r Zambrotta 8 Goodwin 4 Shea 0

Elitzur Ramla [75]: Austin 24/12r Baron 17 Mosby 16/12r Babkina 7 Danan 6 Fleischer 1
Maccabi Haifa [97]: Okonkwo 26/12r Lev 22 Bulgak 15/13r Eisner 15/6r Hopkins 10/6r

1. Maccabi Ashdod 4-0
2. Maccabi Ramat Gan 3-1
3. Elitzur Ramla 3-1
4. Hapoel Rishon Lezion 2-2
5. Maccabi Haifa 2-2
6. Elitzur Holon 2-2
7. Ramat Hasharon 1-3
8. Hapoel Petah Tikva 1-3
9. Bnot Herzliya 1-3
10. ASA Jerusalem 1-3


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