Overseas League Coverage December 1st

Turkish League Round 8 November 30th-December 1st

The first round after the international break started on Wednesday and Marie Benson’s brilliance helped Rize get their first win of the season 82-69 over Alexis Prince and Hatay. Dana Evans did not cool off during the pause, but Jelena Dubljevic led Orman to an 87-79 win over Besiktas. Good games from Keyona Hayes and Lyndra Weaver could not keep Kayseri from losing 87-73. The two new teams from last season met on Thursday and it was a battle of trios with Antalya getting fantastic production from their imports Feyonda Fitzgerald, Khaalia Hillsman, and Shaqwedia Wallace, but Emma Cannon got some help from Jazmine Davis and Ozge Kavurmacioglu to win 83-78. Melis Gulcan led Botas, but Nesibe Aydin had a change over the break and won 70-67. Cukurova will finally get to field their continental roster soon, but they may underestimated their opposition as Tiffany Hayes and Jonquel Jones had good games, but Tyasha Harris and Cankaya University were nearly able to pull off a surprise before losing 77-75. The great rivalry closed out the day as both teams edge closer to full strength and Teaira McCowan had a strong debut for Galatasaray, but Kayla McBride and Fenerbahce maintained their dominance 80-72.

November 30

Rize [82]: Benson 33/6r Ustun 16 Ozcan 15 Ozdemir 11/9a Sherrill 5/8r
Hatay [69]: Prince 22/10r Gatling 14/6r

Orman [87]: Dubljevic 25/12r/6a Williams 15/6r Gray 14 Gezgin 12 Ozelci 3
Besiktas [79]: Evans 33/6a Reimer 19/8r Bayram 14/10r

Emlak Konut [87]: Walker 18/7r Fields 17/7r Lavender 16 Ari 11 Caglar 10/7r
Kayseri [73]: Hayes 20/16r Weaver 20/7r Kalbisagde 14 Sonmez 13/6r

December 1

Bursa [83]: Cannon 26/11r Davis 21 Kavurmacioglu 20/11r/6a
Antalya [78]: Fitzgerald 32/6a Hillsman 25/14r Wallace 21

Botas [67]: Gulcan 20/6r Macaulay 17/7r Uzun 17/9a Slocum 6
Nesibe Aydin [70]: Thomas 18 Hempe 14/9r Nelson 12/6r Akalan 12

Cukurova [77]: Hayes 30/7r Jones 21/16r Grigalauskyte 12/6r
Cankaya Universitesi [75]: Harris 28 Egbo 16/8r Turk 10 Yalcinkaya 6 White 3

Fenerbahce [80]: McBride 20/7r Meesseman 15/6r Stokes 10/6r Iagupova 9 Cakir 8/7a
Galatasaray [72]: McCowan 26/16r Bilgic 13/6r/6a Pulvere 12 Stevens 10/6r Canitez 3 Nacickaite 1

1. Cukurova 7-1
2. Fenerbahce 6-2
3. Nesibe Aydin 6-2
4. Galatasaray 6-2
5. Emlak Konut 5-3
6. Botas 5-3
7. Hatay 4-4
8. Cankaya Universitesi 3-5
9. Orman 3-5
10. Bursa 3-5
11. Kayseri 3-5
12. Besiktas 2-6
13. Antalya 2-6
14. Rize 1-7

Spanish League Round 9 December 1st

A full round of games was played on Thursday after the international break and Ensino won 69-60 over Ibaeta. Valencia comprehensively dismantled Barcelona 91-34. Rebekah Gardner tried to hold down the fort for Girona, but Araski left with a 64-62 win. Tyler Scaife had a good debut for Gran Canaria, but Alexy Mollenhauer and Estudiantes won 85-79. Gernika surprised Julia Reisingerova and Avenida 62-60. Zaragoza edged Sedis 65-61 and were not the only team to bring in a new player over the break as Khayla Pointer and Leganes won 91-80 over Lashann Higgs and Jairis. The day ended with Vanessa Austin and Erin Whalen helping Bembibre leave Tenerife with an 80-71 win over Aisha Sheppard and company.

Ibaeta [60]: Coulibaly 18/8r Almendro 12 Diaz 10 Lass 6/6r Brown 3 Cardano-Hillary 2 Soriano 0
Ensino [69]: Prieto 16 Millan 15 Ginzo 12/11r Castedo 7 Roundtree 6/6r Giomi 3 Olaeta 3 Miller 0 Martianez 0

Valencia [91]: Cox 19/14r Casas 14/7r/7a Salvadores 14 Romero 13 Fam 10/9r Gulich 9 Torrens 8 Carrera 4 Christinaki 0
Barcelona [34]: Hamblin 8/8r Llobet 2 Cruz 0

Girona [62]: Gardner 22/6r Flores 11/6r Tolo 10 Cornelius 4 Murphy 3
Araski [64]: Atkinson 16 Chagas 15 Diarra 8/7r Van Den Adel 5

Estudiantes [85]: Mollenhauer 22/6r Mendez 15 Pulliam 13 Fingall 8/7r
Gran Canaria [79]: Scaife 20/6r Fall 19/12r Kone 15/8r Holesinska 13 Hollivay 4

Gernika [62]: Wojta 15/7r Williams 10 Buch 10 Silva 8/6r Cvitkovic 2 Mokango 0
Avenida [60]: Reisingerova 22/8r Cazorla 18 Nogic 8 Rodriguez 5 Fasoula 0/7r Vilaro 0 McCall 0 Gulbe 0

Zaragoza [65]: Ortiz 15/6r Geldof 12/7r Alonso de Armino 9 Sutherland 6/6r Tate 6 Gimeno 4 Grande 3
Sedis [61]: Strautmane 16/8r Raventos 13 Bahi 11 Tunstull 6 Brotons 2 Pujol 0

Leganes [91]: Pointer 20 Pierre-Louis 19/14r Hermida 17/8a Garcia 12 Muhate 11 Koenen 7/6r Sanchez Ramos 0
Jairis [80]: Higgs 26 Brcaninovic 17/8r Bettencourt 11/7a Seda 10/8r Contell 10/6r De Souza 2 Mack 2 Lizarazu 0

Tenerife [71]: Sheppard 20 Palenikova 14 Montenegro 13 Delic 12 Lopez 4/7r
Bembibre [80]: Austin 21/7r Whalen 21/6r Pirttinen 12 Lacorzana 10/7a Aijanen 4 Silva 2/9r/6a

Israeli League Round 6 December 1st

After a long international break, a full round of games was played on Thursday. Adut Bulgak and Maccabi Haifa could not pull closer to the lead pack and lost to Brittany Brown and Maccabi Ramat Gan 94-78. Herzliya is hoping to have better stability at their import spots and Breanna Richardson led them to an 80-75 win over Kristi Bellock, Kenisha Bell, and Hapoel Petah Tikva. Shay Colley was back and at her best for ASA Jerusalem alongside Taylor Wurtz, which is good news for a team that will have to get maximum production from their imports and they kept it reasonably close against undefeated Maccabi Ashdod, but Shatori Walker-Kimbrough, Kalani Brown, and Alex Cohen helped the visitors win 95-80. Jazmine Jones continues to put up numbers for Ramat Hasharon in domestic league play as they withstood a great game from Kaila Charles to win 79-73 over Hapoel Rishon Lezion. Elitzur Holon continues to shuffle the roster around Courtney Hurt and lost to Shakira Austin, Elina Babkina, and Elitzur Ramla 80-71.

Maccabi Ramat Gan [94]: Brown 29/15r/8a Alleyne 19/19r Caldwell 18 Vaturi 16
Maccabi Haifa [78]: Bulgak 23/11r Hopkins 15/8a/6s Lev 15/7a Okonkwo 12

Hapoel Petah Tikva [75]: Bellock 20/13r Bell 20/6r/6a Cowling 16/6a Purvis 14
Bnot Herzliya [80]: Richardson 28/7r Day 15/19r Amukamara 13/10r Zambrotta 6 Shea 3

ASA Jerusalem [80]: Colley 34/6r Wurtz 22/7r Adams 16/13r
Maccabi Ashdod [95]: Walker-Kimbrough 26/11r Brown 23/10r Cohen 22/12r Sahar 6 Edelman 6 Sahar 5

Ramat Hasharon [79]: Jones 22/6a Jenkins 18/6r Saar 16 Collier 14/8r
Hapoel Rishon Lezion [73]: Charles 34/10r Zipel 18/7r Simon 9/9r Hooper 9/6r

Elitzur Ramla [80]: Austin 21/13r Babkina 20/9a Mosby 17/11r Baron 9 Fleischer 1 Danan 0
Elitzur Holon [71]: Hurt 26/10r/7a Ivanovic 15 Harden 14/7r Presley 8

1. Maccabi Ashdod 6-0
2. Elitzur Ramla 5-1
3. Maccabi Ramat Gan 5-1
4. Maccabi Haifa 3-3
5. Ramat Hasharon 2-4
6. Bnot Herzliya 2-4
7. Hapoel Rishon Lezion 2-4
8. Hapoel Petah Tikva 2-4
9. Elitzur Holon 2-4
10. ASA Jerusalem 1-5

French Cup 3rd Round November 25th-December 1st

This round started on Friday as two teams from lower divisions did not need to deal with the international break. Le Poinconnet was only in the competition still due to a technicality, but the lone third division entrant was looking for a way to get past another second division foe and Strasbourg did not oblige, rolling to an 80-47 win. The teams in EuroCup entered in this round and Charleville-Mezieres looked set to cruise early only to see second division Monaco dominate the fourth quarter and win 77-72. A battle of top division teams had Tarbes looking strong after a tough start to the season as Serena Kessler fired them past Saint-Amand 82-63. There were two first division matchups on Thursday and Angers surprised Lattes Montpellier 77-58. The other game went back and forth before Marine Johannes led Lyon to a 76-73 win over Tiffany Clarke and Roche as the visitors are close to full health and no longer have a bench of only teenagers. Teams from below the first division have their club’s current tier position indicated.

November 25

Le Poinconnet (3) [47]: M’Baikoua 10 Ramos 10
Strasbourg (2) [80]: Harris 18/6r Drame 16/6r Hatchi 12 Saint Juste 11 Mantelin 10

November 30

Monaco (2) [77]: Durant 16 Mosengo-Masa 15/11r Majekodunmi 15/8a Toure 12 Dreano-Trecant 10 Chandler 2
Charleville-Mezieres [72]: Milic 14/8r Chevaugeon 11 Fraser 10/13r/8a Tahane 8/9r Konig 6 Engstler 5/7r

Saint-Amand [63]: Thompson 17 Chidom 13/10r Slonjsak 11 Kucowski 2
Tarbes [82]: Kessler 22 Tadic 14/9r Yacoubou 10 Leite 10 Samson 10 Foppossi 3/10r

December 1

Lattes Montpellier [58]: Peters 19/11r Toure 12 Linskens 11
Angers [77]: Peterson 19/11a Jakubcova 13/11r Bailey 11 Lacan 10 Cornelie-Sigmundova 7

Roche [73]: Clarke 20 Pouye 15 Suarez 10/6r Geiselsoder 10/6r Mosqueda-Lewis 4 Mbandu 0
Lyon [76]: Johannes 22 Ciak 13 Gruda 8/7r Jocyte 7 Allemand 6 Dietrick 5 Quevedo 2/6r


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