Overseas League Coverage December 22nd

Polish League Round 12 December 21st-22nd

A full round was played midweek before the holiday and Katarina Zec and Lublin piled more misery on Bydgoszcz 96-44 in one of four Thursday games. Zaglebie Sosnowiec won 69-57 against Polonia Warszawa. Pruszkow is no closer to a first win after losing to Nathalie Fontaine and Arka Gdynia 98-43. The combination of Sug Sutton and Maya Dodson lifted Poznan past Torun 78-69. Lindsay Allen had an incredible scoring day on Thursday to make sure that Gorzow stayed perfect with a 96-80 win over Stephanie Jones, Karolina Stefanczyk, and Sleza Wroclaw.

December 21

Bydgoszcz [44]: Wieczynska 14 W. Sobiech 11/9r Zmierczak 10
Lublin [96]: Zec 20/6r Ziemborska 18/6r Mack 14 Zietara 10

Zaglebie Sosnowiec [69]: Mistinova 19/10r Dornstauder 10/14r Wojtala 10/6a Zempare 9 January 8/9r/8a
Polonia Warszawa [57]: Keys 11 Radic 11 Leszczynska 10 Jackson 8

Pruszkow [43]: Parysek-Bochniak 12/8r Marciniak 11/9r
Arka Gdynia [98]: Fontaine 20 Gorecki 16/6r Higgins 15/15r Zytkowska 13 Kastanek 13 Thomas 9/6a

Torun [69]: Jones 19/8r/11a Grays 17/6r Adebayo 10/8r
Poznan [78]: Sutton 27/7r/9a Dodson 20/7r

December 22

Sleza Wroclaw [80]: Jones 26/9r Stefanczyk 20/7r Jakubiuk 10/7r Brezinova 10 Jaworska 7/6a
Gorzow [96]: Allen 30/6a Keller 15 Wadoux 15 Smith 14/6r Senyurek 10/6r Horvat 10

Israeli Cup First Round December 22nd

One of the two cup games in this round had to be moved to Thursday and a triple-double from Kaila Charles was not for Hapoel Rishon Lezion as they lost to Elitzur Ramla 63-54.

Elitzur Ramla [63]: Austin 18/17r/6b Baron 15 Babkina 10/6a Cannon 7/11r Danan 3
Hapoel Rishon Lezion [54]: Charles 15/13r/10a Simon 12 Karsh 12 Hooper 6/10r

Israeli League Round 9 December 22nd

The cup game above meant that a full Thursday round could not be played as scheduled, leaving three games on the docket. Maccabi Ramat Gan was down an import and Jillian Alleyne nearly made up for that herself, but they fell short of handing Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Maccabi Ashdod their first loss 80-70. Courtney Hurt led Elitzur Holon, which is still figuring out the right lineup combinations, in an 86-76 win over Mikayla Cowling and Hapoel Petah Tikva. Amy Okonkwo and Maccabi Haifa closed the day with a 99-70 win over ASA Jerusalem.

Maccabi Ashdod [80]: Walker-Kimbrough 20/10r/6a Brown 15/12r Sahar 14 Hiedeman 12/8r/8a Dayan 9 Edelman 6/7r Cohen 2
Maccabi Ramat Gan [70]: Alleyne 31/27r Brown 13/8a

Elitzur Holon [86]: Hurt 27/10r/6a Raber 18/9r Harden 17/6a Lucet 14 Presley 10/7r
Hapoel Petah Tikva [76]: Cowling 24/6r Bellock 18 Purvis 16 Bell 4/8r Snow 2

Maccabi Haifa [99]: Okonkwo 30/9r Hopkins 15/8r/9a Bulgak 13/10r Eisner 10
ASA Jerusalem [70]: Wurtz 17 Turudic 16/6r/6a Mihailetz 14 Adams 12/8r


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