Turkish League Round 12 December 23rd-25th

This round started on Friday with Victoria Macaulay and Sevgi Uzun leading Botas to an 86-75 win over Hatay and the trio of Epiphanny Prince, Alexis Prince, and Gizem Basaran. On Saturday, Kayla McBride and Fenerbahce cruised past Marie Benson and Rize 98-50. Ozge Kavurmacioglu tried to carry struggling Bursa, but Cankaya University looks much more in rhythm now with a full foreigner complement of Shavonte Zellous, Tyasha Harris, and Queen Egbo all firing in their 95-61 win that would push their opponents into the danger zone. Dana Evans and Taya Reimer helped Besiktas send a message that they were not ready to cede their share of Istanbul to another team yet in a 77-56 win. On Sunday, Nesibe Aydin had a surprisingly easy 97-36 win over Antalya behind Feride Akalan and Chelsea Nelson. Kamile Nacickaite paced Galatasaray in a 100-61 win over Kayseri. Cukurova did not even bother to use up all their foreign player spots in an 81-53 win over Orman.

December 23

Botas [86]: Macaulay 28/11r Uzun 23/8r/12a McCall 15/10r Slocum 0
Hatay [75]: E. Prince 25/8a A. Prince 25 Basaran 20/8r

December 24

Fenerbahce [98]: McBride 24 Meesseman 18/9r Aydin 14/6a Sacalir 12 Kurtulmus 10 Iagupova 5/8a Stokes 2/9r
Rize [50]: Benson 23/8r Ozcan 10 Morgan 6 Sherrill 0

Bursa [61]: Kavurmacioglu 25 Yildiz 16/6r Karatas 10
Cankaya Universitesi [95]: Zellous 22/11r Harris 28/8r/11a Egbo 22/8r Oral 18 Yalcinkaya 1 Turk 0

Emlak Konut [56]: Lavender 16/12r Fields 15 Caglar 10/6r Walker 0/6r
Besiktas [77]: Evans 23/8a Reimer 20/8r Billings 12/16r

December 25

Nesibe Aydin [97]: Akalan 24 Nelson 20/11r/7s Hempe 19/7r Thomas 11/12a
Antalya [36]: Hillsman 11/9r Fitzgerald 11

Kayseri [61]: Landrum 13/6r Weaver 10
Galatasaray [100]: Nacickaite 21 McCowan 18/12r Stevens 17 Canitez 7/6r Tanacan 4

Cukurova [81]: Gray 18/6r/7a Takmaz 16 Hollingsworth 10/8r Fitik 10 Hayes 7
Orman [53]: Williams 13/6r Gray 9 Ozelci 4/6r

1. Cukurova 11-1
2. Fenerbahce 10-2
3. Nesibe Aydin 9-3
4. Galatasaray 9-3
5. Emlak Konut 8-4
6. Botas 7-5
7. Hatay 5-7
8. Cankaya Universitesi 4-8
9. Orman 4-8
10. Besiktas 4-8
11. Kayseri 4-8
12. Antalya 4-8
13. Bursa 4-8
14. Rize 1-11

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