FIBA Europe Competitions January 4th-5th

EuroLeague Round 8

Group A:

All of the games in this group were on Wednesday, starting with Fenerbahce adding two key players in time for Emma Meesseman to lead them to a 111-61 win and take over the group lead from Polkowice. Megan Gustafson and Olympiacos remained winless after an 81-66 loss to Bourges. Alyssa Thomas was the driving force again for USK Praha in a 95-56 win over Szekszard. Cheyenne Parker led a Bologna team that is closer to full strength, but Valencia’s late comeback let them escape 75-73.–BC-Polkowice#|tab=boxscore
Fenerbahce [111]: Meesseman 25/7r McBride 17/7a Sabally 17 Stewart 14 Iagupova 13/8a Raca 8 Cakir 4/6a
Polkowice [61]: Friskovec 16 Wheeler 13/6r/9a Mavunga 11 Spanou 7–Tango-Bourges#|tab=boxscore
Olympiacos [66]: Gustafson 21/10r Nikolopoulou 12/6r/6a Stamolamprou 7 Ayuso 5
Bourges [81]: Miyem 16/6r Anderson 15/8r Steinberga 14 Alexander 12/8r|tab=boxscore
Szekszard [56]: Vivians 18/6r Studer 12/6a Goree 8/8r Hebard 8 Krnjic 6
USK Praha [95]: Thomas 20/7r/10a Jones 19/10r Fagbenle 13/6r Vyoralova 13 Vukosavljevic 11/8r Conde 7 Vorackova 7|tab=boxscore
Virtus Bologna [73]: Parker 24/8r Laksa 14 Zandalasini 11/8r/8a Rupert 6
Valencia [75]: Carrera 19 Gulich 17/7r Ouvina 12 Cox 7 Romero 4/7r Torrens 3/7r Salvadores 2

1. Fenerbahce 6-2
2. Polkowice 6-2
3. USK Praha 6-2
4. Valencia 5-3
5. Bourges 4-4
6. Szekszard 3-5
7. Virtus Bologna 2-6
8. Olympiacos 0-8

Group B:

Wednesday started with a good game in this group as Cukurova is in the middle of tweaking their roster, but DeWanna Bonner returned from a break to pace them in an 85-80 win over Mariella Fasoula and Avenida. Marianna Tolo and Girona eventually took care of business and won 65-54 over Landes. Morgan Bertsch and Mechelen fought back multiple times from a slow start on Thursday, but Jelena Brooks and Sopron won 71-64 and sits alone in first place after the day’s other game. In Miskolc, DVTK edged Schio late 65-63 to avoid falling too far out of contention.|tab=boxscore
Cukurova [85]: Bonner 21 Gray 19/9a Hayes 17/9r/6a Hollingsworth 10/9r January 7
Avenida [80]: Fasoula 22/8r Carleton 13 Onyenwere 12 Crvendakic 10/8a Cazorla 9 Rodriguez 6 Reisingerova 5 Gulbe 2 Vilaro 0|tab=boxscore
Girona [65]: Tolo 22 Gardner 15 Sykes 7 Flores 5 Murphy 0 Cornelius 0
Landes [54]: Magarity 12 Paget 10 Mann 5 Dumerc 2|tab=boxscore
Sopron [71]: Brooks 21/6r Turner 13/6r Fegyverneky 11 Magbegor 10/9r Kunek 10 Stankovic 2
Mechelen [64]: Bertsch 21/7r Morrison 18/7r Nauwelaers 11 Berkani 5/6r/8a|tab=boxscore
DVTK [65]: Garbin 17 Kanyasi 10 Guirantes 9/7a Aho 9 Green 8/10r
Schio [63]: Ndour-Fall 13 Mestdagh 11 Verona 10 Sottana 10 Mabrey 6 Zahui B 4 Howard 3/6r

1. Sopron 6-2
2. Cukurova 5-3
3. Girona 5-3
4. Schio 5-3
5. Avenida 5-3
6. DVTK 4-4
7. Landes 1-7
8. Mechelen 1-7

EuroCup Round of 32 Game 1

The playoffs started on Wednesday with 12 of the 32 teams in action. The team that had the worse regular season outcome in each pairing hosted the first game this week and the other team will host next week with the scores of the two games combined to determine which team advances and overtime is only played if the totals are equal at the end of the second game. Nesibe Aydin barely made it into this round as the 31 seed, but played Leonie Fiebich and 2 seed Zaragoza close led by Merritt Hempe playing against the team where she started her season before losing 67-66. 23 seed Piestanske Cajky started well, but Sierra Calhoun got 10 seed PEAC the lead for good in a 68-62 win. 13 seed Galatasaray further strengthened their roster in pursuit of this competition and they built a solid cushion in the second half for a 78-61 win over 20 seed Gyor, which started the campaign well behind Aaryn Ellenberg-Wiley, but now look to be on the brink of elimination. Aleksandra Kroselj and 22 seed Braine took advantage of Orman not being at the strength that they were at in earning the 11 seed, building what could be an insurmountable 90-62 lead on Reshanda Gray and company. 27 seed Estudiantes also had an eye on a seed upset in the first half, but Angers had the better second half to build a 65-55 lead for the 6 seed. Sandra Ygueravide and 25 seed Gernika hold a narrow 79-78 lead on Alanna Smith and 8 seed Gorzow after the last game of the day.

Thursday’s action started in Athens with 16 seed Elitzur Holon winning 67-60 over the 17 seed Panathinaikos. Laura Juskaite and 28 seed Kibirkstis had the lead in Vilnius heading into the last quarter, but Brianna Fraser and 5 seed Charleville-Mezieres did bring home a 68-65 lead. The two teams in Israel that figure to battle it out in the domestic league also ended up facing each other here and each made further additions, but a triple-double from Shatori Walker-Kimbrough was not enough for 24 seed Maccabi Ashdod and Shakira Austin led 9 seed Elitzur Ramla to a 92-80 win. There were some questions about the competition that 12 seed Benfica faced in their group to earn their seed and their game went back and forth before 21 seed Sedis won 62-53. Aleksandra Katanic and 29 seed Crvena zvezda started out strong to get a 79-63 win over 4 seed Lattes Montpellier. Gabby Nikitinaite’s big game was not enough for 18 seed Fribourg with Natasha Mack and 15 seed Lublin leaving with a 73-68 win. 19 seed Lyon had to battle shorthanded again, but Marine Johannes led them past 14 seed Arka Gdynia, which was at full strength, 86-62. Sassari may have been the last team in the field, but they had the top seed on the ropes thanks to Joyner Holmes and Debora Carangelo before Awak Kuier and Reyer narrowed the deficit to a more manageable 89-82. Khadijiah Cave and Borislava Hristova led 3 seed Sepsi to a 93-74 win over Aaliyah Wilson and 30 seed Namur. After having met twice in the last stage, 26 seed London Lions had a late rally behind Mikiah Herbert Harrigan and won 77-71 over 7 seed Villeneuve-d’Ascq.

January 4|tab=boxscore
(31) Nesibe Aydin [66]: Hempe 17/6r Thomas 15/10a Duman 14 Diallo 12/6r
(2) Zaragoza [67]: Fiebich 21/10r Gimeno 10/8r Gatling 10/7r Oma 10 Tate 8 Geldof 4 Alonso de Armino 2 Grande 0|tab=boxscore
(23) Piestanske Cajky [62]: James 17 Andelova 16 Mujovic 14
(10) PEAC [68]: Calhoun 22/7r Wentzel 10 Burdick 7/12r|tab=boxscore
(20) Gyor [61]: Ellenberg-Wiley 27/7r Mompremier 12/7r Oroszova 5 Williams 2
(13) Galatasaray [78]: Nacickaite 19 McCowan 17/18r Stevens 16/11r Prince 12 Jurjane 5|tab=boxscore
(22) Braine [90]: Kroselj 23/7r Uro-Nile 14 Sarr 13 Lelik 12/8r/6a Lindstrom 10/9r Fogg 9 Devos 0
(11) Orman [62]: Gray 22/10r Dubljevic 8 Ozelci 6|tab=boxscore
(27) Estudiantes [55]: Fingall 11/12r Mollenhauer 6 Pulliam 1
(6) Angers [65]: Peterson 18/6r Cornelie-Sigmundova 14/8r Bailey 14/7r Elenga 14/7r Jakubcova 0|tab=boxscore
(25) Gernika [79]: Ygueravide 29 Meskonyte 11 Cvitkovic 9 Williams 6 Silva 4/7r
(8) Gorzow [78]: Smith 23/7r Horvat 17/6r Senyurek 16/11r Allen 12

January 5–Elitzur-Holon#|tab=boxscore
(17) Panathinaikos [60]: Reed 17/7r/10a Pavlopoulou 12 Potter 9/9r
(16) Elitzur Holon [67]: Hurt 18/8r Simms 15/11r/8a Ivanovic 9 Harden 6/6a Lucet 5|tab=boxscore
(28) Kibirkstis [65]: Juskaite 25/9r Petronyte 13/11r Miknaite 10 Mazionyte 0 Theriot 0
(5) Charleville-Mezieres [68]: Fraser 26/6r Tahane 6 Milic 5 Leslie 0|tab=boxscore
(24) Maccabi Ashdod [80]: Brown 18/11r Walker-Kimbrough 18/10r/10a Cohen 15 Jakobsone 10 Sahar 8 Antic 8 Dayan 3
(9) Elitzur Ramla [92]: Austin 23/16r Clark 18/8r/6a Rotberg 17 Babkina 13/8a Malashenko 12 Baron 3 Fleischer 2|tab=boxscore
(21) Sedis [62]: Watts 19 Tunstull 10 Brotons 4 Strautmane 3 Raventos 2 Pujol 0
(12) Benfica [53]: Soeiro 11 Rodrigues 11 Monteiro 10/12r Warley 3|tab=boxscore
(29) Crvena zvezda [79]: Katanic 22/7a Hall 17 Jakovina 12/6r Bojovic 11/9r
(4) Lattes Montpellier [63]: Badiane 15/7r Toure 13/6r Bernies 12 Peters 4/6r|tab=boxscore
(18) Fribourg [68]: Nikitinaite 31/13r Range 14/8r Giroud 12/10r Redmond 2
(15) Lublin [73]: Mack 20/9r Taylor 17/8r Zec 17 Stanacev 13/6r/9a|tab=boxscore
(19) Lyon [86]: Johannes 26/6r Williams 19 Allemand 16 Ciak 11/13r Jocyte 6 Quevedo 3
(14) Arka Gdynia [62]: Kastanek 19 Vuckovic 16/8r Fontaine 7 Gorecki 6 Thomas 3 Higgins 2/7r|tab=boxscore
(32) Sassari [89]: Holmes 22/8r Carangelo 21 Gustavsson 17/8r Makurat 13/6a Thomas 6
(1) Reyer Venezia [82]: Kuier 21/6r Shepard 19/14r Delaere 19 Pan 0|tab=boxscore
(30) Namur [74]: Wilson 26 Zelnyte 14/8r Whitted 11/7r
(3) Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe [93]: Cave 29/10r Hristova 21/10r/7a Mununga 15/17r Jespersen 12/6r Jones 12|tab=boxscore
(26) London Lions [77]: Herbert Harrigan 21/6r/6a Snytsina 13 Murray 13 Winterburn 11/9a Hersler 8 Norton 5 Battle 4 Stewart 2 Joseph 0
(7) Villeneuve-d’Ascq [71]: Smalls 18 Burke 12 Ben Abdelkader 8


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