Overseas League Updates January 19th

EuroLeague Round 10 January 17th-19th

Group A:

This round started on Tuesday and Erica Wheeler led Polkowice, but they will have to keep battling to hold their position as they lost to Kitija Laksa and Virtus Bologna 89-76. On Wednesday, Breanna Stewart and Fenerbahce moved into sole possession of first place and kept Olympiacos winless with a 92-58 win. Lauren Cox and Valencia slammed the door on Szekszard 75-54. Bourges had a golden chance to stay firmly in the picture, but their path to cracking the quarterfinals got tougher after USK Praha rallied for a 65-57 win.

Virtus Bologna [89]: Laksa 25 Zandalasini 15/8r Rupert 15/7a Dojkic 15
Polkowice [76]: Wheeler 30 Mavunga 15/14r Spanou 13/6r

Olympiacos [58]: Gustafson 17/8r Stamati 13 Stamolamprou 10/7r Ayuso 9/7r Shook 0
Fenerbahce [92]: Stewart 22/6r McBride 16/8a Meesseman 11/9r Sabally 10/9r Djordjevic 10 Cakir 7 Iagupova 6/6r Raca 2

Szekszard [54]: Hebard 14/13r Wallace 14 Goree 13/8r Vivians 5/7r Krnjic 0
Valencia [75]: Cox 26 Romero 11 Gulich 10 Buenavida 10 Carrera 3/7r

USK Praha [65]: Thomas 15/14r Vyoralova 12 Vukosavljevic 9 Conde 8 Jones 7/10r Vorackova 5 Fagbenle 2/6r
Bourges [57]: Anderson 17 Steinberga 16 Alexander 6

1. Fenerbahce 8-2
2. Polkowice 7-3
3. USK Praha 7-3
4. Valencia 7-3
5. Bourges 5-5
6. Szekszard 3-7
7. Bologna 3-7
8. Olympiacos 0-10

Group B:

Most of the game in this group were on Wednesday as Tiffany Hayes was back at her best for Cukurova in a 75-59 win over Landes. Schio moved into a safer position and made it harder for Avenida by going to Salamanca and winning 72-61. Brittney Sykes and Girona made sure that they would win one of the games against Mechelen, prevailing 71-59. An extra period was needed in the lone Thursday game and the combination of Arella Guirantes and Cheridene Green helped DVTK force overtime and then edge to a 77-75 win over Jelena Brooks and Sopron, putting themselves in much better position in the group and sending a message to their domestic league competitor.

Cukurova [75]: Hayes 21 Gray 16/8a Williams 12/7r Bonner 10/8r Hollingsworth 9
Landes [59]: Magarity 14/11r Dumerc 14 Paget 11 Fauthoux 8 Mann 6 Harmon 2

Avenida [61]: Fasoula 16/7r Reisingerova 10/6r Carleton 8 Cazorla 7 Rodriguez 7 Vilaro 6 Onyenwere 5
Schio [72]: Zahui B 16/6r Howard 16 Keys 14/6r Mabrey 10 Ndour-Fall 2 Mestdagh 2 Penna 0

Girona [71]: Sykes 24/8r Flores 13 Murphy 7 Tolo 7
Mechelen [59]: Bertsch 17 Nauwelaers 10 Morrison 8/16r Berkani 7

DVTK [77]: Guirantes 23/16r Green 22/11r Aho 6
Sopron [75]: Brooks 21/7r Magbegor 15/7r Turner 10/9r/9a/6s Stankovic 8

1. Sopron 7-3
2. Schio 7-3
3. Cukurova 6-4
4. DVTK 6-4
5. Girona 6-4
6. Avenida 5-5
7. Landes 2-8
8. Mechelen 1-9

Israeli Cup Final 4

The semifinals were played on Monday at a single site with the trophy awarded on Thursday. Courtney Hurt was tremendous for Elitzur Holon in the first game, but Alex Cohen and Maccabi Ashdod won 84-69. Amy Okonkwo led Maccabi Haifa in scoring and Chelsea Hopkins had another triple-double in their 81-73 win over Herzliya. The final was a fantastic game as it took overtime for Kalani Brown and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough to help Maccabi Ashdod win 84-78 over Adut Bulgak, Chelsea Hopkins and Maccabi Haifa.

January 16

Elitzur Holon [69]: Hurt 31 Simms 13/6r/10a Raber 11 Harden 8/10r Presley 6
Maccabi Ashdod [84]: Cohen 22 Brown 18/14r Hiedeman 18 Walker-Kimbrough 14/9a Sahar 9/8r Dayan 3 Edelman 0

Bnot Herzliya [73]: Richardson 25/14r Zambrotta 14 Day 13/11r Amukamara 12/8a Shea 2
Maccabi Haifa [81]: Okonkwo 27/13r Lev 14 Bulgak 12 Hopkins 10/15r/11a

January 19

Maccabi Ashdod [84]: Brown 25/10r Walker-Kimbrough 24/10r Hiedeman 19/7r/8a Cohen 7 Edelman 6 Sahar 3 Dayan 0
Maccabi Haifa [78]: Bulgak 26/12r Hopkins 20/9r/11a Okonkwo 16/10r Lev 16

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