2025 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0

Olivia Miles of Notre Dame.

It’s been one year since I released the first ever version of the 2025 WNBA Mock Draft. These players are in their sophomore season and much has changed since their freshmen season. Some players have improved, some have stayed the same and some have gone down.

Because this draft will take place three years from now, we don’t know the correct order of WNBA teams who will be picking the draft picks. We also don’t know who will have the #1 overall pick. This draft will take place three years from now, so I will do a yearly update next year. Then in 2024. Then, I will update it again in 2025, when their draft takes place.

Yesterday, I released the third version of the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft. On Jan. 25th, I will release the first ever version of the 2026 WNBA Mock Draft and that will conclude the yearly updates to the WNBA Mock Drafts.

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  1. Aneesah Morrow – DePaul
  2. Olivia Miles – Notre Dame
  3. Azzi Fudd – UConn
  4. Gianna Kneepkens – Utah
  5. Laila Phelia – Michigan
  6. Rori Harmon – Texas
  7. Shyanne Sellers – Maryland
  8. Jenna Johnson – Utah
  9. Taylor Thierry – Ohio State
  10. Sonia Citron – Notre Dame
  11. JJ Quinerly – West Virginia
  12. Caroline Ducharme – UConn


  1. Talia von Oelhoffen – Oregon State
  2. Makayla Timpson – Florida State
  3. Rayah Marshall – USC
  4. Alexis Markowski – Nebraska
  5. Jada Walker – Kentucky
  6. Samara Spencer – Arkansas
  7. Kiki Iriafen – Stanford
  8. Adalia McKenzie – Illinois
  9. Serena Sundell – Kansas State
  10. Leilani Kapinus – Penn State
  11. Phillipina Kyei – Oregon
  12. Aaronette Vonleh – Colorado


  1. Maria Gakdeng – Boston College
  2. Alanna Micheaux – Minnesota
  3. Saniya Rivers – NC State
  4. Alberte Rimdal – Florida
  5. Shayeann Day-Wilson – Duke
  6. Sania Feagin – South Carolina
  7. Emily Bessoir – UCLA
  8. Kemery Martin – California
  9. Rhyle McKinney – Texas Tech
  10. Dalayah Daniels – Washington
  11. Lucy Olsen – Villanova
  12. Saylor Poffenbarger – Arkansas



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