2026 WNBA Mock Draft 1.0

Ta'Niya Latson of Florida State

Today, we conclude the WNBA Mock Drafts with the first ever version of the 2026 WNBA Mock Draft. I released 2024 WNBA Mock Draft 3.0 & 2025 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0 last week.

These players are just freshmen. They are adjusting and still getting used to playing on a college team. Some of them play big minutes while others do not. Due to the fact these are just freshmen, there will be three more versions that will be released in the coming years. One that will be released next year when they are sophomores, one version that will be released two years from now when they are juniors and the final version to be released when they are seniors and are draft-eligible in the coming spring.

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  1. Ta’Niya Latson – Florida State
  2. Grace VanSlooten – Oregon
  3. Flau’jae Johnson – LSU
  4. Raegan Beers – Oregon State
  5. Yarden Garzon – Indiana
  6. Cotie McMahon – Ohio State
  7. Kiki Rice – UCLA
  8. Shay Ciezki – Penn State
  9. Taina Mair – Boston College
  10. Ruby Whitehorn – Clemson
  11. Tess Heal – Santa Clara
  12. Denim DeShields – UAB


  1. Mara Braun – Minnesota
  2. Janiah Barker – Texas A&M
  3. Jordan Harrison – Stephen F. Austin
  4. Bailey Maupin – Texas Tech
  5. Chance Gray – Oregon
  6. Mallory Heyer – Minnesota
  7. Bella Fontleroy – Baylor
  8. Darianna Littlepage-Buggs – Baylor
  9. Tonie Morgan – Baylor
  10. Serah Williams – Wisconsin
  11. Matyson Wilke – Wisconsin
  12. Laura Ziegler – Saint Joseph


  1. Avery O’Connor – New Hampshire
  2. Acacia Hayes – Western Kentucky
  3. Saylor Poffenbarger – Arkansas
  4. Kailyn Gilbert – Arizona
  5. Nyamer Diew – Iowa State
  6. KK Bransford – Notre Dame
  7. Hannah Stuelke – Iowa
  8. Christina Dalce – Villanova
  9. Ashlyn Watkins – South Carolina
  10. Paulina Paris – North Carolina
  11. Kyla Deck – Stephen F. Austin
  12. Grace O’Neill – Drexel


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